Towards a nanostructured thermoelectric generator using ion-track lithography

Koukharenko, Elena, Li, X., Nandhakumar, Iris, Frety, N., Beeby, Steve, Cox, D., Tudor, John, Schiedt, B., Trautmann, C., Bertcsh, A. and White, Neil (2008) Towards a nanostructured thermoelectric generator using ion-track lithography. Journal of Micromechanics and Microengineering, 18, (10), 104015. (doi:10.1088/0960-1317/18/10/104015).


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This paper presents the process development towards a new generation of nanostructured thermoelectric generators for power harvesting from small temperature gradients by using a combination of traditional silicon microfabrication techniques, electroplating and submicron ion-track nanolithography. Polyimide nanotemplates with pore diameters ranging from 30 nm to 120 nm were fabricated. Preliminary results from the fabrication of poly(methyl methacrylate) (PMMA)-nanostructured templates are reported. Bi2Te3 nanowires (80 and 120 nm diameters) were electroplated into polyimide ion-track nanotemplates. Bi2Te3 nanowires of a R3 m structure, with preferential orientation in (1 1 0) crystallographic plans, were electroplated. The chemical composition of Bi2Te3 with nearly stoichiometric composition (Bi2.31Te3) was obtained. Homogeneity profiles of the chemical composition were obtained. A fine-grained observed microstructure (6–10 nm) and (1 1 0) crystalline orientation were obtained, which is extremely promising for improving the thermoelectric material properties. The thermoelectric properties of the Bi2Te3-electroplated thin films (Seebeck coefficient α) and electrical resistivity of the Bi2Te3 bundle nanowires were found to be −52 μV K−1 and ∼14 M cm, respectively. Polyimide (Kapton foil) and PMMA 950 photoresists were promising materials for the realization of a nanostructured thermoelectric generator on flexible and rigid substrates, respectively

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Highly-efficient thermoelectric power harvesting
Funded by: EPSRC (EP/D076250/1)
Led by: Neil Maurice White
1 November 2006 to 30 April 2010
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