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Costanzo, L.A. (ed.) (2010) Cases in strategic management, New York, US, McGraw-Hill, 266pp.

Alfes, Kerstin, Truss, Katie, Soane, Emma C., Rees, Chris and Gatenby, Mark (2010) Creating an engaged workforce. London, GB, The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, 64pp.

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Bui, Hong T.M. (2010) Universities as learning organizations in creating a smart response to climate change. International Conference of the Role of University in Smart Response to Climate Change, Hanoi, VN,

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Doherty, Carole, Gatenby, Mark and Hales, Colin (2010) Role of the ward sister: tensions, pressures, opportunities. Nursing Standard, 24, (51), 35-40.

Faik, Isam (2010) Can alternative ontologies open new ways for multilevel research? Proceedings of the Academy of Managemetn Annual Meeting

Farrell, Andrew (2010) Insufficient discriminant validity: A comment on Bove, Pervan, Beatty, and Shiu (2009). Journal of Business Research, 63, (3), 324-327. (doi:10.1016/j.jbusres.2009.05.003).

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Perrini, Francesco, Vurro, Clodia and Costanzo, Laura A. (2010) A process-based view of social entrepreneurship: from opportunity identification to scaling-up social change in the case of San Patrignano. [in special issue: Innovation for Social Enterprise: Interdisciplinary and Cultural Perspectives] Entrepreneurship & Regional Development, 22, (6), 515-534. (doi:10.1080/08985626.2010.488402).

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Soane, Emma, Alfes, Kerstin, Rees, Chris, Gatenby, Mark and Truss, Katie (2010) Managing a positive working environment: engagement, wellbeing, performance and the role of meaningfulness. In, Academy of Management (AoM) Annual Meeting, Montreal, Montréal, CA, 35pp.

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Wu, Y. (2010) A dual-response forwarding approach for containerizing air cargo under uncertainty, based on stochastic mixed 0-1 programming. European Journal of Operational Research, 207, (1), 152-164. (doi:10.1016/j.ejor.2010.03.040).

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