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Abreu, M., Grinevich, V., Kitson, M. and Savona, M. (2011) The changing face of innovation policy: implications for the Northern Ireland economy. , Belfast, GB, Department of Enterprise, Trade and Investment, and University of Cambridge, 113pp.

Alharbi, Mansour (2011) Managing the quality of services in Saudi universities: students, staff and employers perspectives. University of Southampton, School of Management, Doctoral Thesis , 364pp.

Alshaali, Saif (2011) Human-computer interaction: lessons from theory and practice. University of Southampton, School of Management, Doctoral Thesis , 181pp.

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Baxter, D., Goffin, K. and Szwejczewski, M. (2011) Uncovering the “real” customer needs: comparing innovative insights from focus groups and repertory grid technique. In, 18th International Product Development Management Conference, Delft, NL, 05 - 07 Jun 2011.

Baxter, D., Goffin, K., Szwejczewski, M. and van der Hoven, C. (2011) Does prior experience change the learning effect in a new product development simulation? In, 18th International Product Development Management Conference, Delft, NL, 05 - 07 Jun 2011.

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Chughtai, Hameed (2011) Dissection of dependency: a crossdisciplinary review. In, 24th Bled eConference, Bled, SI, 12 - 15 Jun 2011. 14pp.

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Conrad, Lynne and Guven Uslu, Pinar (2011) Investigation of the impact of ‘Payment by Results’ on performance measurement and management in NHS Trusts. [in special issue: Accounting and the State] Management Accounting Research, 22, (1), 46-55. (doi:10.1016/j.mar.2010.10.007).

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Dawson, Ian G.J (2011) Understanding and improving people’s judgments of synergistic risks. University of Southampton, School of Management, Doctoral Thesis , 228pp.

Desai, Mitul. S. (2011) Modelling future demand for long-term care. University Of Southampton, School of Management, Doctoral Thesis , 564pp.

Ding, Rong and Cheng, Peng (2011) Speculative trading, price pressure and overvaluation. Journal of International Financial Markets, Institutions and Money, 21, (3), 419-442. (doi:10.1016/j.intfin.2011.01.003).

Dirani, A., Jamali, D. and Harwood, I.A. (2011) Role of HR in CSR: evidence from Lebanon. In, British Academy of Management Doctoral Symposium, Bath, GB, 23 Jun 2011.

El Dirani, A., Jamali, D. and Harwood, I.A. (2011) Role of HR in CSR: qualitative evidence from the Lebanese context. In, International Conference in Entrepreneurship, Innovation and SMEs, Caen, FR, 04 - 05 Nov 2011.

Fraser-Mackenzie, Peter A.F. and Dror, Itiel E. (2011) Dynamic reasoning and time pressure: transition from analytical operations to experiential responses. Theory and Decision, 71, (2), 211-225. (doi:10.1007/s11238-009-9181-z).

Frost, Thomas (2011) Agamben, the exception and law. University of Southampton, School of Law, Doctoral Thesis , 396pp.

Gatenby, Mark, Doherty, Carole and Hales, Colin (2011) The role of frontline managers in the NHS. In, British Academy of Management (BAM 2011), Birmingham, GB, 13 - 15 Sep 2011.

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Harrigan, Paul, Choudhury, Musfiq Mannan, Harris, Lisa and Alford, Philip (2011) Unknown Title. Journal of Marketing Management

Homberg, Fabian and Bui, Hong T.M. (2011) Top team management diversity. In, European Academy of Management, Tallinn, EE,

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Ibrahim, Shahnaz and Karatas-Ozkan, Mine (2011) Corporate social responsibility in SMEs, a social capital perspective. In, ISBE Conference, Institute for Small Business and Entrepreneurship, Sheffield, GB,

Ibrahim, Shahnaz and Karatas-Ozkan, Mine (2011) A model for communicating CSR in developing countries SMEs. In, The impact of Sustainable Development on Marketing and Communication practice, Agadir, MA,

Ibrahim, Shahnaz and Karatas-Ozkan, Mine (2011) Promoting Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) to Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs): a critical review of the literature and future research agenda. In, BAM conference, British Academy of Management,, Birmingham, GB,

Ibrahim, Shahnaz and Karatas-Ozkan, Mine (2011) Strategic CSR: an opportunity for competitive advantage for social enterprises in developing countries. In, 1st International Conference in Entrepreneurship, Innovation and SMEs, Caen, FR,

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Jaafaripooyan, Ebrahim (2011) Contextual approach to the performance analysis of Iran’s national accreditation programme for healthcare organisations. University of Southampton, School of Management, Doctoral Thesis , 380pp.

Jackson, Stephen (2011) Organizational culture and information systems adoption: a three-perspective approach. Information and Organization, 21 , (2), 57-83. (doi:10.1016/j.infoandorg.2011.03.003).

Jamali, D. (2011) Ruwwad and the genesis of community development in the Arab world. Ontario, CA, Richard Ivey School of Business

Jamali, D. and Dawkins, C. (2011) Sustainability in the Arab world: the Aramex way. London, CA, Richard Ivey School of Business

Jamali, Dima and Neville, Ben (2011) Convergence versus divergence of CSR in developing countries: an embedded multi-layered institutional lens. Journal of Business Ethics, 102, (4), 599-621. (doi:10.1007/s10551-011-0830-0).

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Jory, Surendranath and Boojihawon, D.K. (2011) The economic implications of the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa. African Journal of Business and Economic Research , 6, (1), 7-21.

Jory, Surendranath and Ngo, Thanh N. (2011) The wealth effects of acquiring foreign government-owned corporations: evidence from US-listed acquirers in cross-border mergers and acquisitions. Applied Financial Economics, 21, (24), 1859-1872. (doi:10.1080/09603107.2011.595680).

Jory, Surendranath and Perry, Mark J. (2011) Ponzi schemes: a critical analysis. Journal of Financial Planning

Juan, A., Faulin, J., Bektas, T. and Grasman, S.E. (2011) A hybrid algorithm based on Monte-Carlo simulation for the vehicle routing problem with route length restrictions. In, Montoya-Torres, Jairo R., Juan, Angel A., Huatuco, Luisa Huaccho, Faulin, Javier and Rodriguez-Verjan, Gloria. L. (eds.) Hybrid Algorithms for Service, Computing and Manufacturing Systems: Routing and Scheduling Solutions. Hershey, US, IGI Global, 122-135. (doi:10.4018/978-1-61350-086-6).

Leow, M., Mues, C. and Thomas, L.C. (2011) Competing risks survival model for mortgage loans with simulated loss distributions. In, Credit Scoring and Credit Control XII conference, Edinburgh, GB,

Liu, Gordon and Ko, Wai Wai (2011) An analysis of cause-related marketing implementation strategies through social alliance: partnership conditions and strategic objectives. Journal of Business Ethics, 100, (2), 253-281. (doi:10.1007/s10551-010-0679-7).

Liu, Gordon and Ko, Wai Wai (2011) Organizational learning and marketing capability development in charity retailing sector. In, Academy of Marketing Annual Conference, Liverpool, GB, 05 - 07 Jul 2011.

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Ma, Tiejun and Piezuch, P. (2011) Femtocell coverage optimization using statistical runtime verification. In, 10th International IFIP-TC6 Conference on Networking, Valencia, ES, 09 - 13 May 2011. 12pp.

Mahadi, Nomahaza (2011) The role of emotional intelligence in the quality of leader-follower relationship. University of Southampton, School of Management, Doctoral Thesis , 362pp.

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Martens, David, Vanthienen, Jan, Verbeke, Wouter and Baesens, Bart (2011) Performance of classification models from a user perspective. [in special issue: Recent Advances in Data, Text, and Media Mining & Information Issues in Supply Chain and in Service System Design] Decision Support Systems, 51, (4), 782-793. (doi:10.1016/j.dss.2011.01.013).

Mkasiwa, Tausi (2011) Accounting changes and budgeting practices in the Tanzanian central government: a theory of struggling for conformance. University of Southampton, School of Management, Doctoral Thesis , 276pp.

Mohd Zain, Noor (2011) The relationship between accounting and governance in Islamic charities. University of Southampton, School of Management, Doctoral Thesis , 269pp.

Nordensvard, Johan (2011) The consumer metaphor versus the citizen metaphor. In, Molesworth, Mike, Scullion, Richard and Nixon, Elizabeth (eds.) The Marketisation of Higher Education and the Student as Consumer. Abingdon, GB, Routledge.

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Park, Junhong (2011) Best-value in Korean public building construction. University of Southampton, School of Management, Masters Thesis , 160pp.

Rees, Chris and Gatenby, Mark (2011) The restructuring of public sector work: a critical realist analysis. In, International Labour Process Theory Conference, Leeds, GB, 05 - 07 Apr 2011. 30pp.

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So, M.M.C. (2011) Stress testing the credit limit policy. In, Credit Scoring and Credit Control XII, Edinburgh, GB, 24 - 26 Aug 2011.

Song, J., Ma, Tiejun, Cadar, C. and Piezuch, P. (2011) Rule-based verification of network protocol implementations using symbolic execution. In, 20th International Conference on Computer Communications and Networks (ICCCN 2011), Maui County, US, 30 Jul - 04 Aug 2011. New York, US, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, 1-8. (doi:10.1109/ICCCN.2011.6005945).

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Tong, E., Mues, C. and Thomas, L.C. (2011) A zero-adjusted gamma model for estimating loss given default on residential mortgage loans. In, Credit Scoring and Credit Control XII conference, Edinburgh, GB, 24 - 26 Aug 2011.

Vithana, Krishanthi Ganga, Risk, Rehab and Michael, Amir (2011) A multi-stakeholder perspective on the value relevance of human capital; practice of human capital accounting and human capital disclosure: a review of existing literature. In, 3rd European Conference of Intellectual Capital, Nicosia, CY, 18 - 19 Apr 2011. Academic Conferences , 555-561.

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Wood, Steve (2011) Book review. The economic geography of the UK by Neil M. Coe and Andrew Jones. Journal of Economic Geography

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