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Alvarado-Aguilar, D., Jimenez, J. and Nicholls, R.J. (2012) Flood hazard and damage assessment in the Ebro Delta (NW Mediterranean) to relative sea level rise. Natural Hazards, 62, (3), 1301-1321. (doi:10.1007/s11069-012-0149-x).

Anwar, A.A. and Haq, Z.U. (2012) Genetic algorithms for the sequential irrigation scheduling problem. Irrigation Science

Anwar, A.A. and Richards, D.J. (2012) International accreditation and professional qualifications. Proceedings of the ICE - Civil Engineering

Blunden, L.S., Bahaj, A.S. and Aziz, N.S. (2012) Tidal current power for Indonesia? An initial resource estimation for the Alas Strait. Renewable Energy (doi:10.1016/j.renene.2012.01.046).

Bosello, F., Nicholls, R.J., Richards, J., Roson, R. and Tol, R.S.J. (2012) Economic impacts of climate change in Europe: sea-level rise. Climatic Change, 112, (1), 63-81. (doi:10.1007/s10584-011-0340-1).

Bourdier, S. and Chaplin, J.R. (2012) Vortex-induced vibrations of a rigid cylinder on elastic supports with endstops. Part 1: experimental results. Journal of Fluids and Structures, 29, (1), 62-78. (doi:10.1016/j.jfluidstructs.2011.12.014).

Brown, S., Barton, M.E. and Nicholls, R.J. (2012) The effect of coastal defences on cliff top retreat along the Holderness coastline. Proceedings of the Yorkshire Geological Society, 59, (1), 1-13. (doi:10.1144/pygs.59.1.288).

Brown, S., Barton, M.E. and Nicholls, R.J. (2012) Human interference on soft cliff retreat: examples from Christchurch Bay, UK. Quarterly Journal of Engineering Geology and Hydrology, 45, (4), 395-404. (doi:10.1144/?qjegh2011-069).

Chaplin, J.R., Heller, V., Farley, F.J.M., Hearn, G.E. and Rainey, R.C.T. (2012) Laboratory testing the Anaconda. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London, 370, (1959), 403-424. (doi:10.1098/rsta.2011.0256).

Dangendorf, Sönke, Wahl, Thomas, Hein, Hartmut, Jensen, Jürgen, Mai, Stephan and Mudersbach, Christoph (2012) Mean sea level variability and influence of the North Atlantic oscillation on long-term trends in the German Bight. Water, 4, (4), 170-195. (doi:10.3390/w4010170).

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Gauthier, S. and Shipworth, D. (2012) Predictive thermal comfort model: are current field studies measuring the most influential variables? Conference proceedings: 7th Windsor Conference: The Changing Context of Comfort in an Unpredictable World , 1-14.

Hall, J.W., Brown, S., Nicholls, R.J., Pidgeon , N.F. and Watson, R.T. (2012) Commentary: Proportionate adaptation. Nature Climate Change, 2, 833-834. (doi:10.1038/nclimate1749).

Hamilton, I., Davies, M. and Gauthier, S. (2012) London's urban heat island: a multi-scaled assessment framework. Proceedings of the ICE - Urban Design and Planning, 166, (3), 164-175. (doi:10.1680/udap.10.00046).

Hinkel, J., van Vuuren, D.P., Nicholls, R.J. and Klein, R.J. T. (2012) The effects of adaptation and mitigation on coastal flood impacts during the 21st century. An application of the DIVA and IMAGE models. Climatic Change (doi:10.1007/s10584-012-0564-8).

Linham, M.M. and Nicholls, R.J. (2012) Adaptation technologies for coastal erosion and flooding: a review. Proceedings of the ICE - Maritime Engineering, 165, (3), 95-112. (doi:10.1680/maen.2011.29).

Manes, C., Ridolfi, L. and Katul, G. (2012) A phenomenological model to describe turbulent friction in permeable-wall flows. Geophysical Research Letters, 39, (14), L14403-[5 pages]. (doi:10.1029/2012GL052369).

Mokrech, M., Nicholls, R.J. and Dawson, R. J. (2012) Scenarios of future built environment for coastal risk assessment of climate change using a GIS-based multi-criteria analysis. Environment and Planning B Planning and Design, 39, (1), 120-136. (doi:10.1068/b36077).

Muñoz-Perez, Juan José, Payo, A., Roman-Sierra, Jorge, Navarro, Marina and Moreno, Luís (2012) Optimization of beach profile spacing: an applicable tool for coastal monitoring. Scientia Marina, 76, (4), 1-8. (doi:10.3989/scimar.03417.15A).

Myers, L.E. and Bahaj, A.S. (2012) An experimental study of flow effects within 1st-generation marine current energy converter arrays. Renewable Energy, 37, (1), 28-36. (doi:10.1016/j.renene.2011.03.043).

Nicholls, R.J. and Hanson, S. (2012) Fighting the flood. Ports and Harbours, 28-29.

Nicholls, R.J. and Kebede, A.S (2012) Indirect impacts of coastal climate change and sea-level rise: the UK example. Climate Policy, 12, supplement 01, S28-S52. (doi:10.1080/14693062.2012.728792).

Nicholls, R.J., Marinova, N., Lowe, J.A., Brown, S., Vellinga, P., de Gusmao, D., Hinkel, J. and Tol, R.S.J. (2012) Author response to comment by Boretti (2011). Proceedings of The Royal Society A Mathematical Physical and Engineering Sciences

Swaney, D.P., Humborg, C., Emeis, K., Kannen, A., Silvert, W., Tett, P., Pastres, R., Solidoro, C., Yamamuro, M., Hénocque , Y. and Nicholls, R.J. (2012) Five critical questions of scale for the coastal zone. Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science, 96, 9-21. (doi:10.1016/j.ecss.2011.04.010).

Teli, D., Jentsch, M.F. and James, P.A.B. (2012) Naturally ventilated classrooms: an assessment of existing comfort models for predicting the thermal sensation and preference of primary school children. Energy and Buildings, 53, 166-182. (doi:10.1016/j.enbuild.2012.06.022).

Wahl, T., Mudersbach, C. and Jensen, J. (2012) Assessing the hydrodynamic boundary conditions for risk analyses in coastal areas: a multivariate statistical approach based on Copula functions. Natural Hazards and Earth System Science, 12, (2), 495-510. (doi:10.5194/nhess-12-495-2012).

Walter, B., Gromke, C., Leonard, K., Manes, C. and Lehning, M. (2012) Spatio-temporal surface shear stress variations in live plant canopies and cube arrays of different density. Boundary Layer Meteorology , 143, (2), 337-356. (doi:10.1007/s10546-011-9690-5).

Book Section

Brown, S., Nicholls, R.J., Pardaens, A.K., Lowe, J.A., Vafeidis, A.T., Hinkel, J. and Watkiss, P. (2012) Impacts and strategic responses to rising sea levels in the European Union[extended abstract]. In, Klijn, F. and Schweckendiek, T. (eds.) Comprehensive Flood Risk Management: Research for Policy and Practice. European Conference on Flood Risk Management , Taylor and Francis , 289-289.

Brown, S., Nicholls, Robert J., Pardaens, A.K., Lowe, J.A., Vafeidis, A.T., Hinkel, J. and Watkiss, P. (2012) Impacts and strategic responses to rising sea levels in the European Union [full paper]. In, Klijn, Frans and Schweckendiek, Timo (eds.) Comprehensive Flood Risk Management: Research for Policy and Practice. 2nd European Conference on Flood Risk Management London, GB, Taylor and Francis , 1139-1147.

Claxton, R., Reades, J. and Anderson, B. (2012) On the value of digital traces for commercial strategy and public policy: telecommunications data as a case study. In, World Economic Forum Global Information Technology Report, 2012 - Living in a Hyperconnected World. , World Economic Forum, 105-112.

Gauthier, S. (2012) Mapping occupants thermal discomfort responses in households using SenseCam. In, M’Sirdi, N., Namaane, A., Howlett, R.J. and Jain, L.C. (eds.) Sustainability in Energy and Buildings: Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference in Sustainability in Energy and Buildings (SEB’11). Heidelberg, DE, Springer, 437-445. (Smart Innovation, Systems and Technologies, 12). (doi:10.1007/978-3-642-27509-8_37).

Hanson, S. and Nicholls, R.J. (2012) Extreme flood events and port cities through the twenty-first century: implications of climate change and other drivers. In, Asariotis, R. and Benamara, H. (eds.) Maritime Transport and the Climate Change Challenge. Abingdon, GB, Earthscan from Routledge, 243-265. (Earthscan Climate).

Nicholls, R.J., Woodroffe, C.D., Burkett, V., Hay, J., Wong, P.P. and Nurse, L. (2012) Scenarios for coastal vulnerability assessment. In, Wolanski, E. and McLusky, D.S. (eds.) Treatise on Estuarine and Coastal Science Vol. 12 Ecological Economics of Estuaries and Coasts. Maryland Heights, US, Elsevier.

Conference or Workshop Item

Anderson, B. (2012) Climate, consumption and water (and troubles with data). Can Climate Change Policies Be Fair?, London, GB, 05 Jul 2012.

Anderson, B. (2012) Smart demand: lessons from water. iHeat Smart Demand Workshop, Cambridge, GB, 13 Nov 2012.

Anderson, B., Browne, A. and Medd, W. (2012) Practices by proxy: climate, consumption and water. Living Costs and Food Survey user meeting, London, GB, 20 Mar 2010.

Nicholls, R. J., Bradbury, A., Burningham, H, Dix, J.K., Ellis, M., French, J., Hall, J. W., Karunarathna, H. U., Lawn, J., Pan, S., Reeve, D. E., Rogers, B., Souza, A., Stansby, P. K., Sutherland, J., Tarrant, O., Walkden, M. J. A. and Whitehouse, R. (2012) iCOASST - integrating coastal sediment systems. In, ICCE2012 International Conference on Coastal Engineering, Santander, ES, 01 - 06 Jul 2012. 15pp.

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