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Chesney, Luis and Dinneen, Mark (eds.) (2013) Augusto Boal revisitado, Madrid, ES, Sociedade Brasileira de Autores Teatrais (Teatro. Revista de Estudios Culturales).

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Armbruster, Heidi (2013) Keeping the faith: Syriac Christian diasporas, Canon Pyon, GB, Sean Kingston, 288pp.

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Baker, Will (2013) Global Englishes and English as a lingua franca. In, The Challenges of Global Communications: Next Generation Global Studies Winter School, University of Padova, 11 - 16 Feb 2013.

Baker, Will (2013) Intercultural communication through English as a global lingua franca: reassessing intercultural competence. In, The Challenges of Global Communications: Next Generation Global Studies Winter School, University of Padova, 11 - 16 Feb 2013.

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Demossier , Marion (2013) Following grands crus: global markets, transnational histories and wine. In, Black, Rachel (eds.) Wine and Culture: Vineyard to Glass. Food Conference London, GB, Berg.

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Huettner, Julia , Dalton-Puffer, Christiane and Smit, Ute (2013) The power of beliefs: lay theories and their influence on the implementation of CLIL programmes. [in special issue: CLIL (edited by Yolanda Ruiz de Zarobe)] International Journal of Bilingual Education and Bilingualism, 16, (3), 267-284. (doi:10.1080/13670050.2013.777385).

Ivanov, Ivan and Slabakova, Roumyana (2013) ????????? ?? ???????????? ? ??????? ??? ??????????? ????????? ???? ????? ???? - ?????????? ?? ?????????? ?? ???????????? In, Коева, Светла and Кръпова, Илияна (eds.) ???? ??????????? ?? ??????????? ????????? ?? ?????????? ???? Sofia, BG, ?????????? ??????????? "????. ????? ??????", 209-238.

Jenkins, Jennifer (2013) English as a Lingua Franca in the international university: the politics of academic English language policy, Abingdon, GB, Routledge, 248pp.

Kelly, Michael (2013) Decline in modern languages at UK universities shows no sign of abating. The Guardian

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Kelly, Michael (2013) Editorial. European Journal of Language Policy, 5, (1), 1-3. (doi:10.3828/ejlp.2013.1).

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Kelly, Michael (2013) Liberté, égalité, laïcité? The new consensus in French society. Association for Language Learning

Kelly, Michael (2013) Review of "Edward Baring, The Young Derrida and French Philosophy, 1945- 1968. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2011.ISBN 978-1 -107-00967-7.". H-France Review, 13, (138)

Kelly, Michael (2013) Review: Jean Paulhan, Armand Petitjean, Correspondance, 1934–1968. Édition eétablie, preésenteée et annoteée par Martyn Cornick. Paris: Éditions Gallimard, Les Cahiers de la N.R.F. 2010. 752 pp. €36.00. ISBN: 978 2 07 013177 8. French History, 27, (2), 315-316. (doi:10.1093/fh/crt024).

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McManus, Kevin (2013) Prototypical influence in second language acquisition: what now for the Aspect Hypothesis? IRAL: International Review of Applied Linguistics in Language Teaching

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Newman, Michael, Patiño-Santos, Adriana and Trenchs-Parera, Mireia (2013) Linguistic integration of Latin American immigrants in Catalonia and their responses to the implementation of educational language policies. [in special issue: Catalan in the Twenty-First Century] International Journal of Bilingual Education and Bilingualism, 16, (2), 195-209. (doi:10.1080/13670050.2012.720669).

Orchard, Vivienne (2013) The "rendez-vous manqués" of Francophone and Anglophone Disability Studies: the case of autism in cross-cultural context. Synergies Royaume Uni et Irlande, 6, 53-73.

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Paffey, Darren (2013) Of presidents and protestors: discursive strategies in Chile’s educational conflict. In, Spanish in Society Conference 2013: Language and Identity in the Spanish-Speaking World, London, GB, 03 - 05 Jul 2013.

Porter, Alison (2013) L2 phonics instruction and the development of L2 sound/spelling links in primary school learners. In, BAAL 9th Teaching and Learning SIG, Twickenham, Richmond upon Thames, London Borough of, GB,

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Slabakova, Roumyana, Cabrelli Amaro, Jennifer and Kang, K. S. (2013) L2 regular and novel metonymy: how to curl up with a good Agatha Christie in your L2. In, Boston University Conference on Language Development, 01 - 03 Nov 2013. Boston, US,

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Vigers, Dick (2013) Signs of absence: language and memory in the linguistic landscape of Brittany. International Journal of the Sociology of Language

Vigers, Dick and Hornsby, Michael (2013) Editorial. [in special issue: Breton] International Journal of the Sociology of Language

Wang, Ying (2013) Chinese ELF speakers’ perceptions of English in change. In, Changing English: Contacts & Variation, Helsinki, FI, 10 - 13 Jun 2013.

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Zotzmann, Karin and Hernández-Zamora, Gregorio (2013) Beyond the ‘cultural turn’: the politics of recognition versus the politics redistribution in the field of intercultural communication. Language Learning Journal, 1, 357-369.

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