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Sofaer Derevenski, Joanna (ed.) (2000) Children and Material Culture, London, GB, Routledge, 244pp.

Diaz-Guardamino, Marta (2000) Book review. Guilaine, J. (Ed.): Mégalithismes de l`Atlantique à l´Ethiopie, Séminaire du Collège de France, Ed. Errance, 1999. Complutum, 11, 317-319.

Gamble, Clive (2000) The Maxwell nine and the peopling of Southwest Tasmania. In, Anderson, Atholl and Murray, Tim (eds.) Australian Archaeologist: Collected Papers in Honour of Jim Allen. Canberra, AU, Coombs Academic Publishings, Australian National University, 122-130.

Gamble, Clive (2000) Modes, movement and moderns. Quaternary International, 75, (1), 5-10. (doi:10.1016/S1040-6182(00)00072-0).

Gamble, Clive, Wenban-Smith, Francis and Apsimon, Arthur (2000) The Lower Palaeolithic site at Red Barns, Portchester: bifacal technology, raw material quality, and the organisation of archaic behaviour. Proceedings of the Prehistoric Society, 66, 209-257. (doi:10.1017/S0079497X0000181X).

Gillings, M., Pollard, J. and Wheatley, D. (2000) Avebury and the Beckhampton Avenue. Current Archaeology , 167, 428-433.

Gillings, M., Pollard, J. and Wheatley, D. (2000) The Rev. William Stukeley’s lost megalithic avenue. PAST, 34, 8-9.

Gillings, Mark and Pollard, Josh (2000) Erecting altars to unknown gods’: a reply to Bowden. Archaeological Dialogues, 7, (1), 88-93. (doi:10.1017/S1380203800002580).

Gillings, Mark, Pollard, Josh and Wheatley, David (2000) The Beckhampton Avenue and a ‘new’ Neolithic enclosure near Avebury: an interim report on the 1999 excavations. Wiltshire Archaeological and Natural History Magazine, 93, 1-8.

Keay, S. (2000) Ceramic chronology and Roman rural settlement in the lower Guadalquivir valley during the Augustan period. In, Patterson, Helen and Francovich , Riccard (eds.) Extracting Meaning from Ploughsoil Assemblages. Oxford, GB, Oxbow, 163-173. (The Archaeology of Mediterranean Landscapes , 5).

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Keay, S., Creighton, J. and Remesal Rodriguez, J. (2000) Celti (Penaflor): The Archaeology of a Hispano-Roman Town in Baetica - Survey and Excavations 1987-1992, Oxford, GB, Oxbow Books, 224pp. (University of Southampton Department of Archaeology Monograph, 2).

Keay, S., Millett, M., Poppy, S., Robinson, J., Taylor, J. and Terrenato, N. (2000) Falerii Novi: a new study of the walled area. Papers of the British School at Rome, 68, 1-93.

Keay, S.J., Creighton, John and Remesal Rodríguez, Jose Rodriguez (2000) Celti (Penaflor): the archaeology of a Hispano-Roman town in Baetica. Oxford, GB, Oxbow Books (University of Southampton Department of Archaeology Monograph , 2).

Keay, Simon, Millett, Martin, Poppy, Sarah, Robinson, Julia, Taylor, Jeremy and Terrenato, Nicola (2000) Falerii Novi: a new survey of the walled area. Papers of the British School at Rome, 68, 1-93.

Leech, Roger (2000) The symbolic hall: historical context and merchant culture in the early modern city. Vernacular Architecture, 31, 1-10. (doi:10.1179/030554700786049813).

Leech, Roger H. (2000) The St Michael’s Hill precinct of the University of Bristol: the topography of medieval and early modern Bristol: part 2, UNSPECIFIED

Nielsen-Marsh, C., Gernaey, A., Turner-Walker, G., Hedges, R., Pike, A.W.G. and Collins, M. (2000) The chemical degradation of bone. In, Cox, M. and Mays, S. (eds.) Human Osteology: In Archaeology and Forensic Science. Cambridge, GB, Cambridge University Press, 439-454.

Patterson, H., di Gennaro, F., di Giuseppe, H., Fontana, S., Gaffney, V., Harrison, A., Keay, S.J., Millett, M., Rendeli, M., Roberts, P., Stoddart, S. and Witcher, R. (2000) The Tiber valley project: the Tiber and Rome through two millennia. Antiquity, 74, (284), 395-403.

Phillips, Jill and Ford, Jennifer (2000) The Aksumite quarries at Gobedra Hill and Adi Tsehafi, quarries, stone working, and Stela erection. In, Phillipson, David W. (eds.) Archaeology at Aksum, Ethiopia, 1993-7. London, GB, Society of Antiquaries of London/British Institute in Eastern Africa. (Society of Antiquaries of London Research Report, 65).

Pollard, J. and Howell, R. (2000) Caerleon, Lodge Wood Camp (ST 323 914). Archaeology in Wales, 40, 81-83.

Pollard, Josh (2000) Neolithic occupation practices and social ecologies from Rinyo to Clacton. In, Ritchie, Anna (eds.) Neolithic Orkney in its European Context. Cambridge, GB, McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research. (McDonald Institute Monographs).

Pollard, Josh (2000) The Neolithic. In, Kirby, T. and Oosthuizen, S. (eds.) An Atlas of Cambridgeshire and Huntingdonshire History. Cambridge, GB, Centre for Regional Studies, Anglia Polytechnic University.

Pollard, Joshua (2000) Ancestral places in the Mesolithic landscape. Archaeological Review from Cambridge, 17, (1), 123-138.

Sofaer, Joanna (2000) Age, ageing and human osteoarchaeology. In, 22nd Annual Theoretical Archaeology Group Conference, Oxford, GB,

Sofaer, Joanna (2000) Becoming women in the Bronze age. In, Sussex Archaeological Society Conference on Women’s Work,

Sofaer, Joanna (2000) Material culture shock. Confronting expectations in the material culture of children. In, Sofaer Derevenski, Joanna (eds.) Children and Material Culture. London, GB, Routledge, 3-16.

Sofaer, Joanna (2000) Výzkum prav?kého poh?ebniho areálu v Uhách (okr. Kladno) (Research at the Prehistoric Cemetery at Uhy, Kladno District). In, Czech Society for Field Archaeology, Prague, Czech Republic,

Sofaer, Joanna and Sørensen, M.L.S (2000) Technological change as social change: the case of the early bronze age in central Europe. In, 22nd Annual Theoretical Archaeology Group Conference, Oxford, GB,

Sofaer Derevenski, J. and Turek, J. (2000) Výzkum pravkého pohebniho areálu v Uhách (okr. Kladno) [Research at the Prehistoric Cemetery at Uhy, Kladno District[. Proceedings of the Czech Society for Field Archaeology

Sofaer Derevenski, Joanna (2000) Rings of life: the role of early metalwork in mediating the gendered life course. [in special issue: Human Lifecycles] World Archaeology, 31, (3), 389-406. (doi:10.1080/00438240009696928).

Sofaer Derevenski, Joanna (2000) Sex differences in activity-related osseous change in the spine and the gendered division of labor at Ensay and Wharram Percy, UK. American Journal of Physical Anthropology, 111, (3), 333-354. (doi:10.1002/(SICI)1096-8644(200003)111:3<333::AID-AJPA4>3.0.CO;2-K).

Weinstock, J. and Pasda, K. (2000) Die tier- und menschenknochen aus dem erdwerk Calden. In, Raetzel-Fabian, D. (eds.) Das neolithische Erdwerk Calden. Bonn, Germany, Universitätsforschungen zur prähistorischen Archäologie, 290-214.

Weinstock, Jacobo (2000) Cave bears from southern Germany: sex ratios and age structure. A contribution towards a better understanding of the palaeobiology of Ursus spelaeus. Archaeofauna, 9, 165-182.

Weinstock, Jacobo (2000) Demography through Osteometry: sex ratios of reindeer and hunting strategies in the Late Glacial site of Stellmoor, northern Germany. Archæozoologia, 11, 187-198.

Weinstock, Jacobo (2000) Late Pleistocene reindeer populations in western and central Europe: an osteometrical study of Rangifer tarandus, Tubingen, DE, Mo-Vince Verlag

Weinstock, Jacobo (2000) Osteometry as a source of refined demographic information: sex-ratios of reindeer, hunting strategies, and herd control in the Late Glacial site of Stellmoor, northern Germany. Journal of Archaeological Science, 27, (12), 1187-1195. (doi:10.1006/jasc.1999.0542).

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