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Carlucci, Claudia, de Lucia Brolli, Maria Anna, Keay, Simon, Millett, Martin, Strutt, Kristian, Clogg, P.W., Moscati, Paola and Opitz, Rachel (2007) An archaeological survey of the Faliscan settlement at Vignale, Falerii Veteres (Province of Viterbo). Papers of the British School at Rome, 75, 39-121.

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Gascoigne, Alison L. (2007) Afghan archaeology: the current situation. Rescue News, 102, p.5.

Gascoigne, Alison L. (2007) Amphorae from Old Cairo: a preliminary note. CCE: Cahiers de la Céramique Égyptienne, 8, (1), 161-174.

Gascoigne, Alison L. and Thomas, David C. (2007) Uncovering Afghanistan’s Ghurid heritage. Afghanistan Info, 60, 15-16.

Glazier, D., Whitewright, J. and Earl, G.P. (2007) The topographic and geophysical survey. In, Peacock, David and Blue, L.K. (eds.) The Ancient Red Sea Port of Adulis, Eritrea Report of the Eritro-British Expedition, 2004-5. Oxford, GB, Oxbow Books, 19-32.

Glazier, D., Whitewright, J. and Peacock, David (2007) Samidi. In, Peacock, David and Blue, L.K. (eds.) The Ancient Red Sea Port of Adulis, Eritrea Report of the Eritro-British Expedition, 2004-5. Oxford, GB, Oxbow Books, 65-77.

Ikram, S., Rossi, C., Clapham, A., El-Dorry, I.-A. and Gascoigne, A.L. (2007) North Kharga oasis survey 2004 preliminary report: Ain el-Tarakwa, Ain el-Dabashiya and Darb Aim Amur. Mitteilungen des Deutschen Archäologischen Instituts Abteilung Kairo, 63, 167-184.

Isaksen, Leif (2007) GIS analysis of Roman transport routes in Seville province, Spain. In, Figueiredo, A. and Leite Velho, G. (eds.) Proceedings of Computer Applications in Archaeology 2005: The World is in Your Eyes. The World is in Your Eyes. Computer Applications in Archaeology (CAA 2005) , Computer Applications in Archaeology.

Isaksen, Leif (2007) Network analysis of transport vectors in Roman Baetica. In, Clark, Jeffrey T and Hagemeister, Emily M. (eds.) Digital Discovery: Exploring New Frontiers in Human Heritage. CAA 2006. Computer Applications and Quantitative Methods in Archaeology. Proceedings of the 34th Conference. Digital Discovery. Exploring New Frontiers in Human Heritage. CAA 2006 Budapest, HU, Archaeolingua.

Keay, S. (2007) Reflections on the epigraphy of Roman Celti. In, Mayer, M., Baratta, G. and Guzmán, A. (eds.) XII Congressus Internationalis Epigraphiae Graecae et Latinae. Provinciae Imperii Romani. Inscriptionibus Descriptae. XII Congressus Internationalis Epigraphiae Graecae et Latinae. Provinciae Imperii Romani inscriptionibus descriptae Barcelona, Universitat de Barcelona, 763-772. (Monografies de la Secció Histórico Arqueológica , X).

McNabb, John (2007) 1.9 Myr-300,000 years ago in Europe. In, Elias, Scott A. (ed.) Encyclopaedia of Quaternary Science. Volume 1. London, GB, Elsevier, 89-98. (doi:10.1016/B0-44-452747-8/00363-X).

McNabb, John and Hannah, Fluck (2007) Raw material exploitation at the middle Pleistocene site of Vértesszölös. Lithics, 28, 50-64.

McNabb, John and Rivett, C. (2007) Getting round to the point. Biface tip shape in the British Lower Palaeolithic. Lithics, 28

Morris, Elaine L. (2007) Making magic: later prehistoric and early Roman salt production in the Lincolnshire fenland. In, Haselgrove, C. and Moore, T. (eds.) The Later Iron Age in Britain and Beyond. Oxford, GB, Oxbow Books, 430-443.

Moyler, Shaun (2007) Life on the cutting edge: interpreting patterns of wear on Scottish Early Bronze Age axes. University of Southampton, Faculty of Humanities, Doctoral Thesis , 159pp.

Rowlett, Ralph and Mladenovic, Dragana (2007) Pyrotechnology of Titelberg Iron Age coin production. In, Gheorghiu, Dragos (ed.) Fire as an Instrument: the Archaeology of Pyrotechnologies. 9th EAA Meeting Oxford, GB, Archaeopress. (British Archaeological Reports, BAR S1619 2007).

Serjeantson, Dale and Bond, Julie (2007) Cattle and sheep husbandry. In, Dockrill, Stephen J. , Bond, Julie M. and Nicholson, Rebecca A. (eds.) Tofts Ness, Sanday: an Island Landscape through 3000 Years of Prehistory. Orkney Islands, GB, The Orcadian Ltd, 202-206. (Investigations in Sanday, Orkney, 2).

Sturt, Fraser C., Malone, C. and Stoddart, S (2007) Extracting the domestic from indigenous Sicily. In, Fisher , Nick, Westgate , Ruth and Whitley , James (eds.) Building Communities: House, Settlement and Society in the Aegean and Beyond. Building Communities: House, Settlement and Society in the Aegan and Beyond , British School at Athens. (British School at Athens Studies, 15).

Whitewright, Julian (2007) How fast is fast? Technology, trade and speed under sail in the Roman Red Sea. In, Starkey, Janet, Starkey, Paul and Wilkinson, Tony (eds.) Natural Resources and Cultural Connections of the Red Sea. Red Sea Project III Banbury, GB, Archaeopress, 77-88. (British Archaeological Reports, International Series, 1661).

Whitewright, Julian (2007) Roman rigging material from the Red Sea port of Myos Hormos. International Journal of Nautical Archaeology, 36, (2), 282-292. (doi:10.1111/j.1095-9270.2007.00150.x).

Williams, D.F. (2007) Amphorae on the web: a digital resource for Roman amphorae. In, Bonifay, M. and Tréglia, J-C (eds.) LRCW2: Late Roman Coarse Wares, Cooking Wares and Amphorae in the Mediterranean : Archaeology and Archaeometry. Oxford, GB, Archaeopress, 59-63. (British Archaelogical Reports, 1662, 1).

Williams, D.F. and Tomber, R. (2007) Egyptian amphorae in Britain. In, Marchand, S. and Marangou, A. (eds.) Amphores d’Egypte de la Basse Epoque a l’epoque Arabe. Cairo, EG, Institut Francais D’Archeologie Orientale, 643-649.

Zakrzewski, Sonia R. (2007) Gender relations and social organisation in the predynastic and early dynastic periods. In, Goyon, J.-CL. and Cardin, C. (eds.) Proceedings of the 9th International Congress of Egyptologists. 9th International Congress of Egyptologists Leuven, BE, Peeters, 2005-2019. (Orientalia Lovaniensia Analecta, 150).

Zakrzewski, Sonia R. (2007) Teeth and diet: what more is there? Teeth as markers for population history. In, Robson-Brown, K. A. and Roberts, A. (eds.) Proceedings of the 6th Annual Meeting of the British Association of Biological Anthropology and Osteoarchaeology. BABAO 2004: 6th Annual Conference of the British Association for Biological Anthropology and Osteoarchaeology , Archaeopress, 26-36. (Archaeological Reports International Series, 1623).

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