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Bassett, D. C., Olley, R. H., Sutton, S. J. and Vaughan, A. S. (1996) On chain conformations in monodisperse n-C294H590. Polymer, 37, (22), 4993-7.

Bassett, D. C., Olley, R. H., Sutton, S. J. and Vaughan, A. S. (1996) On spherulitic growth in a monodisperse paraffin. Macromolecules, 29, 1852-3.

Beeby, S P (1996) Resonance: picking up good vibrations. Sensor Review, 16, (2), 23-27.

Biddlecombe, C.S., Parker, C.F., Sykulski, J.K. and Taylor, S.C. (1996) The Design Environment for Electromagnetics. Software for Electrical Engineering Analysis and Design

Brignell, JE and White, NM (1996) Intelligent Sensor Systems: 2nd, Institute of Physics Publishing (Sensors).

Brown, A.D., Nichols, K.G. and Zwolinski, M. (1996) Issues in the design of a logic simulator: element modelling for efficiency. IEE proceedings on Circuits, Devices and Systems, IEE CD, (1), 21-27.

Brown, M.A., Chen, G., Rogers, B.F., Davies, A.E. and Rochester, C. (1996) DC electrical accelerated ageing tests on polyethylene insulation. IEE 7th Intn. Conference on Dielectric Materials, Measurements and Applications

Cartwright, G. A., Davies, A. E., Swingler, S. G. and Vaughan, A. S. (1996) Effect of an anti-oxidant additive on the morphology and space charge characteristics of low density polyethylene. IEE Proc. - Sci. Meas. Technol., 143, 26-34.

Chen, G., Banford, H.M. and Davies, A.E. (1996) Influence of gamma-irradiation on space,charge formation in low-density polyethylene. IEEE Conference on Electrical Insulation and Dielectric Phenomena , 821-824.

Chen, G., Banford, H.M. and Davies, A.E. (1996) Space charge formation in gamma-irradiated low-density polyethylene (LDPE). IEEE 9th International Symposium on Electrets , 195-200.

Chen, G., Brown, M.A., Davies, A.E., Rochester, C. and Doble, I. (1996) Charge formation at polymer interface using laser induced pressure pulse technique. IEEE 9th International Conference on Electrets , 285-290.

Chen, G. and Davies, A.E. (1996) Electric stress computation - a needle-plane electrode system with space charge effects. COMPEL, 11, (1), 53-70.

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Golosnoy, I.O., Guzev, D.S. and Kalitkin, N.N. (1996) An Algorithm for Corporate-Account Transactions through Banks. Doklady Mathematics, 54, (1), 538-540.

Holland, O.E., Kyberd, P.J., Tregidgo, R., Bagwell, P. and Chappell, P.H. (1996) Erfahrungen mit einer hierarchisch kontrollierten myoelektrischen hand. Orthopadie-Technik, 12, 968-74.

Hosier, I.L. (1996) Morphology and Electrical Properties of Polyethylene Blends. University of Reading, Physics, Doctoral Thesis .

JF, de Ronde, PMA, Sloot, N, Floros and JS, Reeve (1996) Load Balancing by Redundant Decomposition and Mapping. High Performance Computing and Networking Springer-Verlag, 555-561.

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Liveratos, G.N. and Chappell, P.H. (1996) A method for the extraction of an object from a noisy background. Med Eng Phys, 18, 143-9.

Liveratos, G.N. and Chappell, P.H. (1996) A new approach in artificial neuron theory for use in computer aided diagnosis. , 433-8.

Minto, C. D. G. and Vaughan, A. S. (1996) Partial phase mixing in solution processed polyaniline/poly(methyl methacrylate) blends. Synth. Metals, 81, (1), 81-6.

Nunn, D, Mehta, M and Braithwaite, S (1996) Predictive Action Power Control Scheme for a Mobile Satellite System. Proceedings of the Fouth European Conference on Radio Relay Systems , 735-738.

Parker, C.F., Sykulski, J.K., Taylor, S.C. and Biddlecombe, C.S. (1996) Parametric environment for EM computer aided design. IEEE Transactions on Magnetics, 32, (3), 1433-6.

Reeve, J S, Eastmond, J and Merlin, J (1996) The Static Performance Estimator.

Sutton, S. J. and Vaughan, A. S. (1996) A comparison of fracture and permanganic etching of polypyrrole films. J. Polym. Sci. Part B: Polym. Phys., 34, 837-43.

Sutton, S. J. and Vaughan, A. S. (1996) Morphology and molecular ordering in films of polypyrrole p-toluene sulphonate. Polymer, 37, (24), 5367-74.

Sutton, S. J., Vaughan, A. S. and Bassett, D. C. (1996) On morphology and crystallization kinetics of monodisperse polyethylene oligomers. Polymer Commun., 37, (25), 5735-8.

Sykulski, J.K. (1996) Editor of International Compumag Society Newsletter. , (1,2,3)

Sykulski, J.K. (1996) Editor of International Journal of Numerical Modelling: Electronic Networks, Devices and Fields. International Journal of Numerical Modelling, 9, (1&2)

Sykulski, J.K. (1996) Editor of the International Journal for Computation and Mathematics in Electrical and Electronic Engineering. COMPEL, 15

Sykulski, J.K. (1996) Editorial. International Journal of Numerical Modelling, 9, (1&2), 1-1.

Sykulski, J.K. (1996) From the Editor. International Compumag Society Newsletter International Compumag Society, 1-1.

Sykulski, J.K. (1996) Optimisation and Design Environment in Electromagentics. One-day Seminar at Imperial College, London

Sykulski, J.K. (1996) Optimisation and design environment in electromagnetics. UNSPECIFIED UK Magnetics Society, 17-18.

Sykulski, J.K. (1996) Optimisation and design environment in electromagnetics. Colloquim Digest of UK Magnetics Society

Sykulski, J.K., Stoll, R.L. and Mahadi, A.E. (1996) Modelling HTc superconductors for AC power loss estimation. IEEE Conf. on Electromagnetic Field Computation (CEFC'96) , 193-193.

Taner, AH and White, NM (1996) Virtual Instrumentation: A solution to the problem of design complexity in intellligent instrumentation. Measurement and Control, 29, 166-171.

Theed, J.E., Lewin, P.L., Davies, A.E. and Larsen, S.T. (1996) A Study Into The Variability Of Environmental Parameters Used In Cable Ratings. 6th Intn. Conf. on AC and DC Transmission , 64-9.

Wilson, Peter R. (1996) Advanced Simulation and Modeling Techniques for telecommunications Designers.

Wilson, Peter R. (1996) Modeling and simulation analysis of power factor correction circuits including automatic assessment of compliance to regulations defining current harmonic limits. UNSPECIFIED

Zwolinski, M., Chalk, C. and Wilkins, B. R. (1996) Analogue Fault Modelling and Simulation for Supply Current Monitoring. European Design and Test Conference, 547-552.

Zwolinski, M., Chalk, C., Wilkins, B.R. and Suparjo, B.S. (1996) Analogue Circuit Test using RMS Supply Current Monitoring.

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