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Argles, David (1985) Control Logo and Children. At Lecture series for the UK government Microelectronics Education Programme, Loughborough, UK,

Davies, A., Sykulska, E., Sykulski, J.K. and German, D. (1985) Simulation of Dynamic Overvoltages Following Fault Conditions on the Cross Channel Link. Fourth International Conference on AC and DC Power Transmission

Gharavi, H and Steele, R (1985) Conditional entropy encoding of LOG-PCM speech. Electronics Letters, 21, (11), 475-476.

Hartel, P. H., Hertzberger, L. O., Mooij, W. G. P. and Tuynman, F. (1985) Een multiprocessor testbed systeem. Proc. Derde NGI-SION Symp.: uitdaging aan de informatica Nederlands genootschap voor informatica, 222-230.

Hartel, P. H. and Starreveld, A. G. (1985) Modula-2 implementation overview. J. Pascal, Ada and Modula-2, 4, (4), 9-23.

Hawkins, K.C., Peacock, R. and Rutt, H.N. (1985) A high energy optically pumped laser system. Journal Of Physics D, 18, (2), 191-197.

Hawkins, N D, Rickard, D C, Shepherd, C R and Steele, R (1985) Path loss characteristics of 60 GHz transmissions. UNSPECIFIED , 1054-1055.

Henderson, P. (1985) Specifications and Programs. Software, Requirements, Specification and Testing Blackwell Scientific Publications, 75-82.

Hey, A J G,

EditorsEditors Person Id
(eds.) (1985) Lattice Gauge Theory for Plumbers.

Hughes, J.F. (1985) Corona versus Tribo Charging - Practical Implications. UNSPECIFIED DSM Resins.

Hughes, J.F. (1985) Electrostatic Charging of Solid Particles. Physics Bulletin, 36, (8), 339-41.

Hughes, J.F. (1985) Optimising Coating Efficiency. UNSPECIFIED Giltspur.

Hughes, J.F., Crockett, R.G.M., Pude, J. and Singh, S. (1985) Bonding Wire Discharges in Integrated Circuit Packages. Journal of Electrostatics, 16, (243), 343-52.

Hughes, J.F. and Moyle, B.D. (1985) Powder Coating- Corona versus Tibo Charging. Journal of Electrostatics, 16, (243), 277-86.

Kazmierski, T.J. (1985) Single-iteration approach to backward differentiation formulas. IEE Proceedings G Circuits Devices and Systems, 132, (6), 249-254. (doi:10.1049/ip-g-1:19850051).

Mohar, B. and Shawe-Taylor, J. (1985) Distance-biregular Graphs with 2-valent Vertices and Distance-regular Line Graphs. Journal of Combinatorial Theory, Series B, 38, (3), 193-203.

Nunn, D (1985) A Nonlinear Theory of Sideband Stability of Ducted Whistler Mode Waves, Planetary and Space Science. UNSPECIFIED , 429-451.

Pica, G., Pisanski, T. and Shawe-Taylor, J. (1985) Generalised Chromatic Numbers of some Graphs II. Rivista di Matematica della UniversitĂ  di Parma, 11, (4), 375-379.

Rutt, H N (1985) A precision long path cryogenic gas cell. Journal Of Physics E, 18, 334-337.

Rutt, H N and Hawkins, K C (1985) Optically pumped laser action in isotopically substituted deuterium cyanide. Infrared Physics, 25, (3), 563-568.

Rutt, H N, Selden, A C, McNeil, B W and Denning, R G (1985) Diffused germanium dichroic mirror for optically pumped far infrared lasers. Journal Of Applied Physics, 58, (10), 3708-3711.

Shawe-Taylor, John (1985) Regularity and Transitivity in Graphs. Royal Holloway University of London, Computer Science : Royal Holloway, University of London, Doctoral Thesis .

Steele, R (1985) Packetization of Log-PCM Speech. 1985 International Tirrenia Workshop on Digital Communications , 293-301.

Steele, R (1985) Towards a High Capacity Digital Cellular Mobile Radio System. IEE Proceedings, 132, (5), 405-415.

Steele, R (1985) Transmitting Digital Speech in Microcellular Structures. IEE Colloquium on Digital Mobile Radio , 5/1-5/4.

Steele, R and Benjamin, F (1985) Variable Length Packetization of µ-law PCM Speech. AT&T Technical Journal, 64, (6), 1271-1292.

Steele, R and Fortune, P (1985) An Adaptive Packetization Strategy for A-Law PCM Speech. Proceedings of ICC'85 , 29.6.1-29.6.5.

Steele, R and Prabhu, V K (1985) High-user-density digital cellular mobile radio systems. IEE Proceedings, 132, (5), 396-404.

Sundberg, C E, Wong, W C and Steele, R (1985) Three Weighting Schemes for Companded PCM Transmitted Over Rayleigh Fading Channels. Proceedings of ICC'85 , 41.1.1-41.1.5.

Wong, KHJ and Steele, R (1985) ADPCM Using a Vector Predictor and a Forward Adaptive Quantizer with Step-Size Prediction. Electronics Letters, 21, (2), 74-75.

Wong, KHJ and Steele, R (1985) ADPCM with Step-size and Vector Prediction. Conference on Digital Procesing of Signals in Communications , 97-104.

Wong, W C, Steele, R and Sundberg, C E (1985) Combatting Transmission Errors in A-Law PCM Signals Transmitted over Rayleigh Fading Channels. Proceedings of IEEE Int. Symposium on Information Theory , 158.

van Eekelen, M. C. J. D., Hartel, P. H. and Plasmeijer, M. J. (1985) Report of a trip to the United Kingdom.

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