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Hartel, P. H. (eds.) (1993) Annual report 1992.

A, Dunlop, S, Hellberg, AJG, Hey and J, Pritchard D (1993) Portable Parallel Programming Environments - the ESPRIT PPPE Project. UNSPECIFIED

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Anthony, M. and Shawe-Taylor, John (1993) Generalising from Approximate Interpolation.

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Cliff, Dave and Bullock, Seth (1993) Adding "foveal vision" to Wilson's animat. Adaptive Behavior, 2, (1), 49-72.

Cliff, Dave and Bullock, Seth (1993) Adding 'foveal vision' to Wilson's animat. In, the Second European Conference on Artificial Life (Preprint) , 205-214.

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Dongarra, J J, Hemel, R, Hey, A J G and Walker, D W (1993) Proposal for a User-Level, Message Passing Interface in a Distributed Memory Environment.

Dongarra, J J, Hempel, R, Hey, A J G and WWalker, D (1993) A Draft Standard for Message Passing on Distributed Memory Computers. Invited paper in Proceedings of the fifth ECMWF Workshop on the Use of Parallel Processors in Meteorology. "Parallel Supercomputing in Atrmospheric Science" World Scientific.

Dunlop, A, Hellberg, S A and Pritchard, D J (1993) PPE Interface Specification. UNSPECIFIED

Foster, HM, Stefanov, J, Strelouhov, H and Steele, R (1993) High speed data transmission from pole to buildings. IEE Colloquiun on "Customer Access-The Last 1.6km" , 9/1-9/6.

Getov, V S, Brandes, T, Chapman, B, Dunlop, A, Hey, A J G and Pritchard, D J (1993) Comparison of HPF-like Systems. UNSPECIFIED

Getov, V S, Brandes, T, Chapman, B, Dunlop, A, Hey, A J G and Pritchard, D J (1993) Comparison of HPF-like Systems. UNSPECIFIED

Getov, V S, Hey, A J G, Hockney, R W and Wolton, I C,

EditorsEditors Person Id
(eds.) (1993) The Genesis Distributed Memory Benchmarks.

Getov, V S, Hockney, R W and Hey, A J G (1993) Performance Analysis of Distributed Applications by Suitability Functions. Proceedings of Conference on Programming Models for Massively Parallel Computers, Berlin IEEE Computer Society Press.

Glendinning, I, Getov, V S, Hellberg, S, Hockney, R and Pritchard, D J (1993) Peformance Visualisation in a Portable Parallel Programming Environment. UNSPECIFIED

Gould, PR, Webb, WT and Steele, R (1993) Communications to the home via star QAM. IEE Colloquiun on "Customer Access-The Last 1.6km" , 7/1-7/7.

Hall, W (1993) Hypermedia Tools for Multimedia Information Management. Proceedings of the British Computer Society International symposium on Multimedia Systems and Applications, Leeds (Invited contribution)

Hall, W and Hutchings, GA (1993) Hypermedia Link Services: Accessing Networked Learning Resources. Proceedings of the AGOCG Workshop on Multimedia in Higher Education: Portability and Networking, Abingdon, Oxon. AGOCG Technical Report Series

Harrison, R. (1993) Abstract data types in Standard ML, John Wiley & Sons

Harrison, R. (1993) Object-oriented programming with functional languages.

Harrison, R. (1993) The use of functional programming languages in teaching computer science. J. Functional Programming, 3, (1), 67-75.

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Hellberg, S A, Hey, A J G, Glendinning, I, Merlin, J H and Pritchard, D J (1993) Intermediate report on standards activity. UNSPECIFIED

Hellberg, S A, Hey, A J G, Glendinning, I and Pritchard, D J (1993) Intermediate Report on Liaison on Dissemination. UNSPECIFIED

Henderson, P. (1993) Functional Programming, Formal Specification and Rapid Prototyping. Software Engineering in Europe IEEE Press, 241-250.

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Hey, A J G (1993) Portable Parallel Processing Environments - the Esprit PPPE Project. Invited paper at Unicom Seminar on "The Commercial Dimensions of Parallel Computing"

Hollom, R. and Hall, Wendy (1993) Integrating Internet Resource Discovery Services with Open Hypermedia Systems.

Hollom, RJ and Hall, W (1993) Integrating Internet Resource Discovery Services with Open Hypermedia Systems. , Department of Electronics & Computer Science, University of Southampton

Hughes, J.F. (1993) Limitations to Future Breakthroughs in Powder Coating. , 1/1-1/3.

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Jha, A., Jordery, S., Baro, M.D., Otero, A., Surinach, S., Poulain, M., Sousiane, A., Deol, R.S. and Payne, D.N. (1993) Evaluation of crystal nucleation and growth from kinetics and viscosity data of new halide glasses. In, Rapid Solidification Conference Japan,

Kim, Jong Yong and Shawe-Taylor, John (1993) Fast Expected Two Dimensional Pattern Matching. In, Proceedings First South American Workshop on String Processing, Belo Horizonte, Brazil. , Carleton University Press, International Informatics Series, 77-92.

Lee, CC and Steele, R (1993) CDMA for city street microcells. IEE Colloquium on Spread Spectrum Techniques for Radio Communication Systems , 3/1-3/10.

Lin, X and Steele, R (1993) Subband coding with modified multipulse LPC for high qulaity audio. Proceedings of ICASSP'93 , 1/201-1/204.

Luck, M. (1993) Evaluating Evidence for Motivated Discovery. Progress in Artificial Intelligence, Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence 727 Springer-Verlag, 324--339.

Matthews, N.D. (1993) Second year report.

Matthews, N.D. and Greenway, P. (1993) A Mathematical Framework For Robust Obstacle Detection Using Feature Matching. 1st Int. Workshop on Intelligent Autonomous Vehicles , 133--138.

Muller, H. L., Hartel, P. H. and Hertzberger, L. O. (1993) Evaluation of abstract simulation models.

Nunn, D, Nunn, D (eds.) (1993) A novel technique for the numerical simulation of hot collision-free plasma; Vlasov Hybrid Simulation. Journal of Computational Physics, 108, 180-196.

Nunn, D (1993) A Review of Whistler Mode Waves in a Hot Plasma by Dr S S Sazhin. UNSPECIFIED

Nunn, D (1993) The Theory of Control of Received Power on a Ground - Satellite - Ground Radio Link, University of Southampton, contract report to INMARSAT. UNSPECIFIED

Nunn, D (1993) V lasov Hybrid Simulation - A Novel Method for the Numerical Simulation of Hot Collision Free Plasmas, Journal of Computational Physics. UNSPECIFIED , 180-196.

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Rutt, HN (1993) Book review of Opto-mechanical Systems Design by PR Yoder. Optics and Laser Technology

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Vincent, David Robert (1993) Integrated design for an optically driven micromachined silicon pressure transducer. University of Southampton, Electronics and Computer Science, Doctoral Thesis , 149pp.

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Wilgoss, R A, Pritchard, D J and Katupitiya, K (1993) System Simulation Using Occam"m IFAC World Congress, Sydney, Australia. UNSPECIFIED

Wood, J. and Shawe-Taylor, J. (1993) Theory of symmetry network structure.

Wood, Jeffrey and Shawe-Taylor, John (1993) Theory of Symmetry Network Structure.

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