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Ayre, G.N., Uchino, T., Mazumder, B., Hector, A.L., Hutchison, J.L., Smith, D.C., Ashburn, P. and de Groot, C.H. (2011) On the mechanism of carbon nanotube formation: the role of the catalyst. Journal of Physics Condensed Matter, 23, (39), 394201. (doi:10.1088/0953-8984/23/39/394201). (PMID:21921315).

Ayre, Gregory N. (2011) On the mechanism of carbon nanotube formation by means of catalytic chemical vapour deposition. University of Southampton, Faculty of Physical and Applied Sciences: Physics and Astronomy, Doctoral Thesis , 203pp.

Bain, Stephen (2011) Kelvin force microscopy of polymer and small molecule thin-film transistors. University of Southampton, Faculty of Physical and Applied Sciences, Doctoral Thesis , 181pp.

Baranov, Dmtry, Manna, Liberato and Kanaras, Antonios G. (2011) Chemically induced self-assembly of spherical and anisotropic inorganic nanocrystals. Journal of Materials Chemistry, 21, (42), 16694-16703. (doi:10.1039/c1jm11599e).

Bartczak, Dorota and Kanaras, Antonios G. (2011) Preparation of peptide functionalized gold nanoparticles using one pot EDC/sulfo-NHS coupling. Langmuir, 27, (16), 10119-10123. (doi:10.1021/la2022177 ).

Buckingham, A.R., Tsiatmas, A., Fedotov, V.A., Chen, Y., de Groot, P.A.J. and Zheludev, N.I. (2011) Superconducting plasmonics and metamaterials: from extraordinary transmission to Fano resonances. In, NanoMeta 2011: 3rd International Topical Meeting on Nanophotonics and Metamaterials, Seefeld, Austria, 03 - 06 Jan 2011.

Cheng, Fei, George, Kathryn, Hector, Andrew L., Jura, Marek, Kroner, Anna, Levason, William, Nesbitt, John, Reid, Gillian, Smith, David C. and Wilson, James W. (2011) Chemical vapor deposition of GaP and GaAs thin films from [nBu2Ga(μ-EtBu2)2GanBu2] (E = P or As) and Ga(PtBu2)3. Chemistry of Materials, 23, (23), 5217-5222. (doi:10.1021/cm202158a).

Domokos, P., Xuereb, A., Horak, P. and Freegarde, T. (2011) Efficient optomechanical cooling in one-dimensional interferometers. Photonics West, San Francisco, USA, 22 - 27 Jan 2011.

Himsworth, Matthew, Nisbett, Peter, Dilley, Jerome, Langfahl-Klabes, Gunnar and Kuhn, Axel (2011) EIT-based quantum memory for single photons from cavity-QED. Applied Physics B, 103, (3), 579-589. (doi:10.1007/s00340-011-4523-2).

Muskens, O., van der Beek, T. and Lagendijk, A. (2011) Angle dependence of the frequency correlation in random photonic media: diffusive regime and its breakdown near localization. Physical Review B: Condensed Matter and Materials Physics, 84, (3), 035106-[9pp]. (doi:10.1103/PhysRevB.84.035106).

Quarterman, A.H., Carswell, S., Daniell, G.J., Mihoubi, Z., Wilcox, K.G., Chung, A.L., Apostolopoulos, V. and Tropper, A.C. (2011) Numerical simulation of optical Stark effect saturable absorbers in mode-locked femtosecond VECSELs using a modified two-level atom model. Optics Express, 19, (27), 26783-26795. (doi:10.1364/OE.19.026783). (PMID:22274261).

Rindermann, Jan Junis, Pozina, Galia, Monemar, Bo, Hultman, Lars, Amano, Hiroshi and Lagoudakis, Pavlos (2011) Dependence of resonance energy transfer on exciton dimensionality. Physical Review Letters, 107, (23) (doi:10.1103/PhysRevLett.107.236805).

Sposito, A., Stenning, G.B.G., May-Smith, T.C., Sloyan, K.A., de Groot, P.A. and Eason, R.W. (2011) Optimisation of deposition conditions of YIG films grown by pulsed laser deposition. In, 10th conference of the International OSA Network of Students (IONS-10) , Southampton, UK, 10 - 12 Aug 2011.

Stenning, G. B., Buckingham, A., Bowden, G., Ward, R. C., van der Laan, G., Shelford, L., Maccherozzi, F., Dhesi, S. and de Groot, P. A. (2011) Exchange-spring-driven spin flop in an ErFe_{2}/YFe_{2} multilayer studied by x-ray magnetic circular dichroism. Physical Review B, 84, (10), 104428-[7 pages] . (doi:10.1103/PhysRevB.84.104428).

Wilcox, K.G., Quarterman, A.H., Beere, H.E., Ritchie, D.A. and Tropper, A.C. (2011) Variable repetition frequency femtosecond-pulse surface emitting semiconductor laser. Applied Physics Letters, 99, (13), 131107-[3pp]. (doi:10.1063/1.3644162).

Wilcox, Keith G., Quarterman, Adrian H., Beere, Harvey E., Ritchie, David A. and Tropper, Anne C. (2011) Repetition-frequency-tunable mode-locked surface emitting semiconductor laser between 2.78 and 7.87 GHz. Optics Express, 19, (23), 23453-23459. (doi:10.1364/OE.19.023453). (PMID:22109222).

Xuereb, André, Horak, Peter and Freegarde, Tim (2011) Amplified optomechanics in a unidirectional ring cavity. [in special issue: New Cooling Mechanisms for Atoms and Molecules] Journal of Modern Optics, 58, (15), 1342-1348. (doi:10.1080/09500340.2011.559316).

Ying, Y.J., Sones, C.L., Eason, R.W., Steigerwald, H., Soergel, E., Lagoudakis, P.G. and Mailis, S. (2011) UV laser assisted domain engineering of lithium niobate. In, EMF 2011 European Meeting on Ferroelectricity, Bordeaux, France, 26 Jun - 02 Jul 2011.

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