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Abb, Martina (2012) All-optical control of hybrid plasmonic semiconductor-metal nanostructures. University of Southampton, Faculty of Physical and Applied Sciences, Doctoral Thesis , 118pp.

Abb, Martina, Sepúlveda, Borja, Chong, Harold M.H. and Muskens, Otto L. (2012) Transparent conducting oxides for active hybrid metamaterial devices. Journal of Optics, 14, (11), 114007. (doi:10.1088/2040-8978/14/11/114007).

Abb, Martina, Wang, Yudong, Albella, Pablo, de Groot, C.H. , Aizpurua, Javier and Muskens, Otto (2012) Interference, coupling, and nonlinear control of high-order modes in single asymmetric nanoantennas. ACS Nano, 6, (7), 6462-6470. (doi:10.1021/nn3021579). (PMID:22708624).

Abbott, Stephen, Daly, Keith R., D'Alessandro, Giampaolo, Kaczmarek, Malgosia and Smith, David C. (2012) A hybrid liquid crystal photorefractive system for the photorefractive coupling of surface plasmon polaritons. Journal of the Optical Society of America B, 29, (8), 1947-1958. (doi:10.1364/JOSAB.29.001947).

Abbott, Stephen B., Daly, Keith R., D'Alessandro, Giampaolo and Smith, David C. (2012) Photorefractive control of surface plasmon polaritons in a hybrid liquid crystal cell. Optics Letters, 37, (13), 2436-2438. (doi:10.1364/OL.37.002436).

Abbott, Stephen Barnes (2012) Energy transfer between surface plasmon polariton modes with hybrid photorefractive liquid crystal cells. University of Southampton, School of Physics and Applied Sciences, Doctoral Thesis , 217pp.

Andreakou, Peristera (2012) Hybrid nanomaterials for novel photonic devices. University of Southampton, Faculty of Physical and Applied Sciences, Doctoral Thesis , 110pp.

Barnes, M.E., McBryde, D., Daniell, G.J., Whitworth, G., Chung, A.L., Quarterman, A.H., Wilcox, K.G., Brewer, A., Beere, H.E., Ritchie, D.A. and Apostolopoulos, V. (2012) Terahertz emission by diffusion of carriers and metal-mask dipole inhibition of radiation. Optics Express, 20, (8), 8898-8906. (doi:10.1364/OE.20.008898).

Bartczak, Dorota, Nitti, Simone, Millar, T.M. and Kanaras, Antonios G. (2012) Exocytosis of peptide functionalized gold nanoparticles in endothelial cells. Nanoscale, 4, (15), 4470-4472. (doi:10.1039/C2NR31064C ).

Chung, A.L. (2012) Material parameter extraction in terahertz time domain spectroscopy. University of Southampton, Faculty of Physical Sciences and Engineering, Doctoral Thesis , 194pp.

Daly, Keith R., Podoliak, Nina, Buchnev, Oleksandr, Kaczmarek, Malgosia and D'Alessandro, Giampaolo (2012) Optimal liquid crystal modulation controlled by surface alignment and anchoring strength. Journal of the Optical Society of America B, 29, (8), 2166-2175. (doi:10.1364/JOSAB.29.002166).

English, David (2012) Spin dynamics in semiconductor heterostructures. University of Southampton, Faculty of Physical and Applied Sciences, Doctoral Thesis , 121pp.

Fairbairn, N., Light, R.A., Carter, R., Fernandes, R., Kanaras, A.G., Elliott, T.J., Somekh, M.G., Pitter, M.C. and Muskens, O.L. (2012) Spatial modulation microscopy for real-time imaging of plasmonic nanoparticles and cells. Optics Letters, 37, (15), 3015-3017. (doi:10.1364/OL.37.003015).

Grivas, Christos, Corbari, Costantino, Brambilla, Gilberto and Lagoudakis, Pavlos G. (2012) Tunable, continuous-wave Ti:sapphire channel waveguide lasers written by femtosecond and picosecond laser pulses. Optics Letters, 37, (22), 4630-4632. (doi:10.1364/OL.37.004630).

Kavokin, A.V., Shelykh, I.A., Taylor, T. and Glazov, M.M. (2012) Vertical cavity surface emitting terahertz laser. Physical Review Letters, 108, (19), 197401-[4pp]. (doi:10.1103/PhysRevLett.108.197401).

Kavokin, Alexey V., High, A.A., Leonard, J.R., Hammack, A.T., Fogler, M.M., Butov, L.V., Campman, K.L. and Gossard, A.C. (2012) Spontaneous coherence in a cold exciton gas. Nature, 483, 584-588.

Morrow, Elizabeth, Robert, Glenn, Maben, Jill and Griffiths, Peter (2012) Implementing large-scale quality improvement – lessons from the productive ward: Releasing time to care. International Journal of Health Care Quality Assurance, 25, (4), 237-253. (doi:10.1108/09526861211221464).

Muskens, Otto, Venn, Paul, van der Beek, Timmo and Wellens, Thomas (2012) Partial nonlinear reciprocity breaking through ultrafast dynamics in a random photonic medium. Physical Review Letters, 108, (22), 223906-223911. (doi:10.1103/PhysRevLett.108.223906).

Podoliak, Nina (2012) Magneto-optic effects in colloids of ferromagnetic nanoparticles in nematic liquid crystals. University of Southampton, Faculty of Physical and Applied Sciences, Doctoral Thesis , 172pp.

Podoliak, Nina, Bartczak, Dorota, Buchnev, O., Kanaras, Antonios G. and Kaczmarek, M. (2012) High optical non linearity of nematic liquid crystals doped with gold nanoparticles. The Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 116, (23), 12934-12939. (doi:10.1021/jp302558c ).

Rogers, Edward T. F., Stebbings, Sarah L., de Paula, Ana M., Froud, Christopher A., Praeger, Matthew, Mills, Benjamin, Grant-Jacob, James, Brocklesby, William S. and Frey, Jeremy G. (2012) Spatiotemporal phase-matching in capillary high-harmonic generation. Journal of the Optical Society of America B, 29, (4), 806-812. (doi:10.1364/JOSAB.29.000806).

Savinov, V., Tsiatmas, A., Buckingham, A. R., Fedotov, V. A., de Groot, P. A. J. and Zheludev, N. I. (2012) Flux exclusion superconducting quantum metamaterial: towards quantum-level switching. Scientific Reports, 2, 450. (doi:10.1038/srep00450).

Savo, S., Papasimakis, N. and Zheludev, N.I. (2012) Localization of electromagnetic fields in disordered metamaterials. Physical Review B, 85, (12) (doi:10.1103/PhysRevB.85.121104).

Scalari, G., Maissen, C., Turcinkova, D., Hagenmuller, D., De Liberato, S., Ciuti, C., Reichl, C., Schuh, D., Wegscheider, W., Beck, M. and Faist, J. (2012) Ultrastrong coupling of the cyclotron transition of a 2D electron gas to a THz metamaterial. Science, 335, (6074), 1323-1326. (doi:10.1126/science.1216022).

Schulz, K. Marvin, Abb, Sabine, Fernandes, Rute, Abb, Martina, Kanaras, Antonios G. and Muskens, Otto L. (2012) Formation and plasmonic response of self-assembled layers of colloidal gold nanorods and branched gold nanoparticles. Langmuir (doi:10.1021/la300199j).

Soleimani, Nazila, Knabe, Sebastien, Bauer, Gottfried H., Markvart, Tom and Muskens, Otto L. (2012) Role of light scattering in the performance of fluorescent solar collectors. Journal of Photonics for Energy, 2, (1), 021801. (doi:10.1117/1.JPE.2.021801).

Szewc, Carola (2012) Molecule interference in the near-field Talbot regime. University of Southampton, Faculty of Physical and Applied Sciences, Doctoral Thesis , 144pp.

Taylor, Thomas (2012) Exciton condensates and free carriers in microcavities and coupled quantum well structures. University of Southampton, Faculty of Physical and Applied Sciences, Doctoral Thesis , 134pp.

Thyrrestrup, Henri, Smolka, Stephan and Sapienza, Luca et al. (2012) Statistical theory of a quantum emitter strongly coupled to Anderson-localized modes. Physical Review Letters, 108, (11), 3901-3905. (doi:10.1103/PhysRevLett.108.113901).

Utgenannt, André, Keddie, Joseph L., Muskens, Otto L. and Kanaras, Antonios G. (2012) Directed organization of gold nanoparticles in polymer coatings through infrared-assisted evaporative lithography. Chemical Communications (doi:10.1039/C2CC37844B).

Wilcox, Keith G., Quarterman, Adrian H., Apostolopoulos, Vasilis, Beere, Harvey E., Farrer, Ian, Ritchie, David A. and Tropper, Anne C. (2012) 175 GHz, 400-fs-pulse harmonically mode-locked surface emitting semiconductor laser. Optics Express, 20, (7), 7040-7045. (doi:10.1364/OE.20.007040). (PMID:22453384).

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