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Baker, Sarah Elsie and Edwards, Rosalind (eds.) (2012) How many qualitative interviews is enough? Expert voices and early career reflections on sampling and cases in qualitative research. Southampton, GB, National Centre for Research Methods, 43pp. (National Centre for Research Methods Reviews).

Edwards, Rosalind, Ali, Suki, Caballero, Chamion and Song, Miri (eds.) (2012) International perspectives on racial and ethnic mixedness and mixing, London, United Kingdom, Routledge, 194pp. (Relationships and Resources).

Harris, Bernard (ed.) (2012) Welfare and old age in Europe and North America: the development of social insurance, London, GB, Pickering and Chatto (Perspectives in Economic and Social History, 21).

(2012) 'Where are the parents?' Parental responsibility in the 1960s and 2010s. Centre for Criminology and Sociology Seminar, London, GB, 31 Oct 2012. Centre for Criminology and Sociology.

Ashleigh, Melanie and Prichard, Jane (2012) An integrative model of the role of trust in transactive memory development. Group and Organization Management, 37, (1), 5-35. (doi:10.1177/1059601111428449).

Bauer, Elaine, Houlston, Catherine, Coleman, Lester and Edwards, Rosalind (2012) An academic and voluntary sector collaboration to facilitate relationship support for ‘mixed’ couples and families. , London South Bank University, 55pp.

Bridgen, Paul and Meyer, Traute (2012) Fair cuts? The impact of British public service pension reform on workers in the main occupations. Social Policy and Society, 1-18. (doi:10.1017/S1474746412000541).

Buchs, Milena, Edwards, Rebecca and Smith, Graham (2012) Third sector organisations’ role in pro-environmental behaviour change – a review of the literature and evidence. Southampton, GB, Third Sector Research Centre, 19pp. (TSRC Working Paper, 81).

Caballero, Chamion, Edwards, Rosalind, Goodyer, Annabel and Okitikpi, Toyin (2012) The diversity and complexity of the everyday lives of mixed racial and ethnic families: implications for adoption and fostering practice and policy. Adoption and Fostering, 36, Autumn Issue, 9-24. (doi:10.1177/030857591203600303).

Chalder-Mills, Julie (2012) Denying rape: justifications and excuses for rape: heterosexuality and the engendering of denial. LIB, 1

Crozier, Ivan and Rees, Gethin (2012) Making a space for medical expertise: medical knowledge of sexual assault and the construction of boundaries between forensic medicine and the law in late nineteenth-century England. Law, Culture and the Humanities, 8, (2), 317-335. (doi:10.1177/1743872110381558).

Davies, Huw C., Halford, Susan and Gibbins, Nicholas (2012) Digital natives? Investigating young people’s critical skills in evaluating web based information. In, WebSci 2012, Evanston, US, 22 - 24 Jun 2012. New York, US, 4pp.

Davies, Tim G and Bawa, Zainab Ashraf (2012) The promises and perils of open government data. [in special issue: Community Informatics and Open Government Data] Journal of Community Informatics, 8, (2)

Edwards, Rosalind (2012) Growing up girl and being boy: building and challenging gendered social realities over time through sibling relationships. In, Intersecting Family Lives, Locales and Labours, London, GB, 03 Feb 2012.

Edwards, Rosalind (2012) What is mixed methods research? What is Qualitative Research? One-Day Event, Southampton, GB,

Edwards, Rosalind (2012) Working with archived classic family and community studies: illuminating past and presenting conventions around acceptable research practice. Longitudinal, Mixed Methods and Action Research Seminar, London, GB, 24 Feb 2012.

Edwards, Rosalind and Gillies, Val (2012) Farewell to family? A reply. Families, Relationships and Societies, 1, (3), 431-434. (doi:10.1332/204674312X656338).

Edwards, Rosalind and Gillies, Val (2012) Farewell to family? Notes on an argument for retaining the concept. Families, Relationships and Societies, 1, (1), 63-69. (doi:10.1332/204674312X633162).

Edwards, Rosalind and Mauthner, Melanie (2012) Ethics and feminist research: theory and practice. In, Miller, Tina, Birch, Maxine, Mauthner, Melanie and Jessop, Julie (eds.) Ethics in Qualitative Research. Second edition. London, United Kingdom, Sage, 14-28.

Edwards, Rosalind, Ribbens McCarthy, Jane and Gillies, Val (2012) The politics of concepts: family and its (putative) replacements. British Journal of Sociology, 63, (4), 730-746. (doi:10.1111/j.1468-4446.2012.01434.x).

Edwards, Rosalind and Weller, Susie (2012) In-depth qualitative data analysis: tracing interviewees' sense of self through I-poems. In, 5th ESRC Research Methods Festival 2012, Oxford, United Kingdom, 02 - 05 Jul 2012.

Edwards, Rosalind and Weller, Susie (2012) Shifting analytic ontology: using I-poems in qualitative longitudinal research. Qualitative Research, 12, (2), 202-217. (doi:10.1177/1468794111422040).

Gillies, Val and Edwards, Rosalind (2012) Working with archived classic family and community studies: illuminating past and present conventions around acceptable research practice. International Journal of Social Research Methodology, 15, (4), 321-330. (doi:10.1080/13645579.2012.688323).

Gojkovic, Dina, Mills, Alice and Meek, Rosie (2012) Accommodation for ex-offenders: third sector housing advice and provision. Southampton, GB, Third Sector Reseach Centre, 25pp. (Third Sector Research Centre Working and Briefing Paper Series , 77).

Harris, Bernard (2012) Introduction. In, Harris, Bernard (eds.) Welfare and Old Age in Europe and North America: The Development of Social Insurance. London, GB, Pickering and Chatto, 1-7. (Perspectives in Economic and Social History, 21).

Harris, Bernard (2012) Sickness insurance and welfare reform in England and Wales, 1870-1914. In, Harris, Bernard (eds.) Welfare and Old Age in Europe and North America: the Development of Social Insurance. London, GB, Pickering and Chatto, 89-105. (Perspectives in Economic and Social History, 21).

Harris, Bernard, Gorsky, Martin, Guntupalli, Aravinda Meera and Hinde, Andrew (2012) Long-term changes in sickness and health: further evidence from the Hampshire Friendly Society. The Economic History Review, 65, (2), 719-745. (doi:10.1111/j.1468-0289.2011.00607.x).

McGhee, D.P., Pathak, Pathik and Freeman, Jenny (2012) Social Capital Project - research review. Southampton, GB, University of Southampton, 150pp.

McGhee, Derek (2012) Responding to the post-9/11 challenges facing 'post secular societies': critical reflections on Habermas's dialogic solutions. Ethnicities (doi:10.1177/1468796812450860).

McGhee, Derek (2012) Security, citizenship and responsibilities beyond the Human Rights Act: towards a British Bill of Rights and responsibilities in the UK. In, Kang-Riou , Nicolas , Milner, Jo and Nayak, Suryia (eds.) Confronting the Human Rights Act: Contemporary Themes and Perspectives. Abingdon, GB, Routledge, 271-290.

McGhee, Derek, Heath, Sue and Trevena, Paulina Centre for Population Change (2012) Dignity, happiness and being able to live a 'normal life' in the UK - an examination of post-accession Polish migrants' transnational autobiographical fields. Social Identities, 1-17. (doi:10.1080/13504630.2012.709002).

Meek, Rosie (2012) The role of sport in promoting desistance from crime: an evaluation of the 2nd Chance Project Rugby and Football Academies at Portland Young Offender Institution. Southampton, GB, University of Southampton, 66pp.

Meyer, Traute and Bridgen, Paul (2012) Business, regulation and welfare politics in liberal capitalism. Policy & Politics, 40, (3), 387-403. (doi:10.1332/030557312X645748).

Pathak, Pathik (2012) Confidence in social impact claims 'shockingly low'. The Guardian

Phoenix, Ann, Boddy, Janet, Elliott, Heather and Edwards, Rosalind (2012) What can we do with marginalia, notes and letters? The possibilities of narrative analysis for paradata in historical surveys. ESRC NCRM MethodsNews Winter 2012, Winter Issue

Rees, Gethin (2012) Whose credibility is it anyway: professional authority and relevance in forensic nurse examinations of sexual assault survivors. Review of European Studies, 4, (4), 110-120. (doi:10.5539/res.v4n4p110).

Rees, Gethin (2012) "With the disruption to your family life, it's more a vocation than a job": favours and family in the forensic nurse examination of sexual assault survivors. Review of European Studies, 4, (5), 109-118. (doi:10.5539/res.v4n5p109).

Rees, Gethin and White , Deborah (2012) Vindictive but vulnerable: paradoxical representations of women as demonstrated in internet discourse surrounding an anti-rape technology. Women's Studies International Forum, 35, (6), 426-431. (doi:10.1016/j.wsif.2012.09.004).

Ribas-Mateos, Natalia and Villares-Varela, Maria (2012) Aproximación al empresariado de origen inmigrante desde una perspectiva europea y de género. In, Lopez Castellano, F., Garcia-Quero, F. and Aboussi, M. (eds.) Empresariado Inmigrante, Instituciones y Desarrollo. Granada, ES, Editorial Comares S.L..

Roberts, Steven (2012) One step forward, one step Beck: a contribution to the ongoing conceptual debate in youth studies. Journal of Youth Studies

Roth, Silke (2012) Professionalisation trends and inequality: experiences and practices in aid relationships. [in special issue: The Personal and the Professional in Aid Work] Third World Quarterly, 33, (8), 1459-1474. (doi:10.1080/09700161.2012.698129).

Shah, Bindi (2012) Early career reflections. In, Baker, Sarah Elsie and Edwards, Rosalind (eds.) How Many Qualitative Interviews is Enough? Expert Voices and Early Career Reflections on Sampling and Cases in Qualitative Research. Southampton, GB, National Centre for Research Methods, 41. (National Centre for Research Methods Reviews).

Shah, Bindi (2012) Laotian daughters: working toward community, belonging, and environmental justice, Pennsylvania, US, Temple University Press, 201pp.

Taylor, Rebecca, Parry, Jane and Alcock, Pete (2012) From crisis to mixed picture to phoney war: tracing third sector discourse in the 2008/9 recession. Southampton, GB, Third Sector Research Centre, 44pp. (Third Sector Research Centre Research Report, 78).

Tollenaar, N. and van der Heijden, P.G.M. (2012) Which method predicts recidivism best? a comparison of statistical, machine learning, and data mining predictive models. Journal of the Royal Statistical Society: Series A (Statistics in Society), 176, (2), 565-584. (doi:10.1111/j.1467-985X.2012.01056.x).

Vass, J. (2012) Does the Internet ‘absorb’ human subjectivity and sociality? The limitations of two current dynamic process models to answer this question. In, World Wide Web 2012, Lyon, FR, 16 - 20 Apr 2012. 5pp.

Vass, Jeff (2012) Beyond financial literacy: the case of cross-generational couples' problem-solving the life course. [in special issue: July 2012] International Journal of Business and Social Science, 3, (14), 166-175.

Villares-Varela, Maria (2012) ¿Gracias al negocio o a pesar del negocio? la intersección entre familia y empresa para los emprendedores inmigrantes en Galicia. Papers: revista de sociologia, 97, (3), 641-660. (doi:10.5565/rev/papers/v97n3.437).

Walker, Charles (2012) From 'inheritance' to individualization: disembedding working-class youth transitions in post-Soviet Russia. In, Walker, Charles and Stephenson, Svetlana (eds.) Youth and Social Change in Eastern Europe and the Former Soviet Union. Abingdon, GB, Routledge, 60-74.

Walker, Charles (2012) Klass, gender i sub'jektivnoe blagopoluchie na novom rossijskom rynke truda: zhiznennyj opyt molodezhi v Ul'janovske i Sankt-Peterburge (Class, gender and subjective well-being in Russia’s new labour market: experiences of young people in Ul’ianovsk and St Petersburg). Zhurnal Issledovanij Sot'sialnoi Politiki (The Journal of Social Policy Studies), 10, (4), 521-538.

Webber, Craig and Yip, Michael (2012) Drifting on and off-line: humanising the cyber criminal. In, Winlow, Simon and Atkinson, Rowland (eds.) New Directions in Crime and Deviancy. Abingdon, GB, Routledge, 191-205.

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