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Kupfer, Antonia (ed.) (2011) Globalisation, higher education, the labour market and inequality, London, GB, New York, US, Routledge, 232pp.

Al Dobaikhi, Hend and Woollard, John (2011) Evaluation of asynchronous E-learning in the geography curriculum: enriching learning quality in Saudi high schools. In, EeL2011: Annual International Conference on Education & e-Learning, Singapore, SG, 07 - 08 Nov 2011. 10pp.

Alarfaj, Abdulhamid (2011) Developing a classroom science enrichment programme for gifted primary school boys in Saudi Arabia. University of Southampton, Southampton Education School, Doctoral Thesis , 277pp.

Alharbi, Abdulaziz (2011) The development and implementation of a CPD programme for newly qualified teachers in Saudi Arabia. University of Southampton, Southampton Education School, Doctoral Thesis , 267pp.

Bleiklie, Ivar, Enders, Jürgen, Lepori, Benedetto and Musselin, Christine (2011) New public management, network governance and the University as a changing professional organization. In, Christensen, T. and Laegried, P. (eds.) The Ashgate Research Companion to New Public Management. Farnham, GB, Ashgate, 161-176.

Brockmann, Michaela, Clarke, Linda and Winch, Christopher (2011) Knowledge, skills and competence in the European labour market: what's in a vocational qualification?, Abingdon, GB, Routledge, 402pp.

Carotenuto, Maria Rosaria (2011) Pupil misbehaviour and classroom management: the impact of congruence. University of Southampton, School of Education, Doctoral Thesis , 255pp.

Constable, Gillian (2011) The experience of caring for someone with dementia: a biographical study. University of Southampton, Southampton Education School, Doctoral Thesis , 175pp.

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Evans, Carol (2011) Assessment feedback in higher education. Invited Presentation, Faculty of Education, University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, HK, 22 Nov 2011.

Evans, Carol (2011) Student learning transitions: developing a deep approach to learning. Faculty of Education, University of Antwerp,

Evans, Carol and Cools, Eva (2011) Editorial. Applying styles research to educational practice. [in special issue: Applying Styles Research to Educational Practice] Learning and Individual Differences, 21, (3), 249-254. (doi:10.1016/j.lindif.2010.11.009).

Evans, Carol and Kozhevnikova, Maria (2011) Editorial. Styles of practice: how learning is affected by students' and teachers' perceptions and beliefs, conceptions and approaches to learning. [in special issue: Styles of Practice] Research Papers in Education, 26, (2), 133-148. (doi:10.1080/02671522.2011.561973).

Evans, Carol, Vermunt, J., Entwistle, N., Endekijk, M. and Richardson, M. (2011) The relationship between conceptions and approaches to learning. In, 14 Biennial EARLI conference, Exeter, GB, 30 Aug - 03 Sep 2011.

Evans, Carol and Waring, M. (2011) The application of styles research within educational practice. In, 16th Learning, Styles, Individual Differences Network, Developing Learning Within and Across Disciplines: Evidence from Research and Practice, Antwerp, BE, 29 Jun - 01 Jul 2011.

Evans, Carol and Waring, Michael (2011) Exploring students' perceptions of feedback in relation to cognitive styles and culture. [in special issue: Styles of Practice] Research Papers in Education, 26, (2), 171-190. (doi:10.1080/02671522.2011.561976).

Evans, Carol and Waring, Michael (2011) How can an understanding of cognitive style enable trainee teachers to have a better understanding of differentiation in the classroom? Educational Research for Policy and Practice, 10, (3), 149-169. (doi:10.1007/s10671-011-9101-1).

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Evans , Carol (2011) Cognitive styles in education. Research Series, Exeter, GB, 11 Oct 2011.

Evans , Carol (2011) Cognitive styles in learning. Psychology Department, 20 Nov 2011.

Evans , Carol (2011) Developing effective feedback practice: student teachers’ perceptions of access to / and characteristics of good feedback. In, Institute of Education Annual Teaching and Learning Conference, London, GB, 04 Apr 2011.

Farasat, Helen (2011) The invisibility of being a new nurse: the experience of transition from student to registered children’s nurse. University of Southampton, Southampton Education School, Doctoral Thesis , 199pp.

Grenfell, Michael, Bloome, David, Hardy, Cheryl, Pahl, Kate, Rowsell, Jennifer and Street, Brian V. (2011) Language, ethnography, and education: bridging new literacy studies and Bourdieu, New York, US, Routledge, 226pp.

Hughes, Amanda, Galbraith, David and White, David (2011) Perceived competence: a common core for self-efficacy and self-concept? Journal of Personality Assessment, 93, (3), 278-289. (doi:10.1080/00223891.2011.559390).

Kupfer, Antonia (2011) Bildungssoziologie: Theorien - Institutionen - Debatten, Wiesbaden, DE, Verlag fuer Sozialwissenschaften, 218pp.

Kupfer, Antonia (2011) Towards a theoretical framework for the comparative understanding of globalisation, higher education, the labour market and inequality. Journal of Education and Work, 24, (1-2), 185-208. (doi:10.1080/13639080.2010.534345).

Lewthwaite, Sarah (2011) Disability 2.0, student dis/connections: a study of student experiences of disability and social networks on campus in higher education. University of Nottingham, School of Education, Doctoral Thesis , 434pp.

Leysite, Liudvika and Enders, Jürgen (2011) The strategic responses of English and Dutch university life scientists to the changes in their institutional environments. In, Enders, J., De Boer, H.F. and Westerheijden, D.F. (eds.) Reform of Higher Education in Europe. Rotterdam, NL, Sense Publishers, 143-158.

Macfarlane, B. (2011) Teaching, integrity and the development of professional responsibility: why we need pedagogical phronesis. In, Sugrue, Ciaran and Solbrekke, Tone (eds.) Professional Responsibility New Horizons of Praxis. Abingdon, GB, Routledge.

Macfarlane, Bruce (2011) And freedom for all means undergraduates. The Australian, 19 January 2011

Macfarlane, Bruce (2011) Boom blurs boundary between private and public universities. South China Morning Post, 4 July 2011

Macfarlane, Bruce (2011) Command performance. Times Higher Education, 17 November 2011

Macfarlane, Bruce (2011) The higher education research archipelago. Researching Higher Education Symposium, Auckland, NZ,

Macfarlane, Bruce (2011) Intellectual leadership: definition and recovery. 15th Annual Standing Conference on Academic Practice, Warwick, GB, 07 - 08 Jul 2011.

Macfarlane, Bruce (2011) Its time to stop winking at teacher-student affairs. South China Morning Post, 17 July 2011

Macfarlane, Bruce (2011) The morphing of academic practice: unbundling and the rise of the para-academic. Higher Education Quarterly, 65, (1), 59-73. (doi:10.1111/j.1468-2273.2010.00467.x).

Macfarlane, Bruce (2011) Prizes, pedagogic research and teaching professors: lowering the status of teaching and learning through bifurcation. Teaching in Higher Education, 16, (1), 127-130. (doi:10.1080/13562517.2011.530756).

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Macfarlane, Bruce (2011) Professors: cash cows or intellectual leaders? University World News, 178

Macfarlane, Bruce (2011) A question of ethics. University World News, 162

Macfarlane, Bruce (2011) The unbundling of the academic role. , The Observatory on Borderless Education

Norman, Amanda (2011) The professional role of key persons using symbolic gesturing and their perspectives on its value in supporting the emotional relationship with infants in day nursery. University of Southampton, School of Education, Doctoral Thesis , 126pp.

Roberts, Steven (2011) ‘I just got on with it’: the educational experiences of ordinary, if overlooked, boys. In, 5th EDUC-8 Workshop: Why Does Gender Still Matter in Education? Contributions and Challenges for Educational Research , Porto, Portugal, 29 Jun - 01 Jul 2011.

Sherwood, Georgina (2011) Exploring parents’ experiences of support when they have a young child with a learning disability. University of Southampton, School of Education, Doctoral Thesis , 309pp.

Wallace, Mike, Deem, Rosemary, O'Reilly, Dermot and Tomlinson, Michael (2011) Developing Leadership Capacity in English Secondary Schools and Universities: global positioning and local mediation. British Journal of Educational Studies, 59, (1), 21-40. (doi:10.1080/00071005.2010.529415).

Wallace, Mike and Tomlinson, Michael (2011) Contextualising leader dynamics: how public service leaders endevour to build influence. In, Preedy, Margaret, Bennett, Nigel and Wise, Christine (eds.) Educational Leadership: Context, Strategy and Collaboration. London, GB, Sage. (Published in association with The Open University). (In Press).

Wallace, Mike, Tomlinson, Michael and O'Reilly, Dermot (2011) The mediation of acculturation: orchestrating school leadership development in England. Educational Management Administration & Leadership, 39, (3), 261-282. (doi:10.1177/1741143210393996).

Wee, Eng Lee (2011) Principals’ communication style and parents’ involvement in school. University of Southampton, Southampton Education School, Doctoral Thesis , 325pp.

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