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Brooks, S.J., Axford, Y., Heiri, O., Langdon, P.G. and Larocque-Tobler, I. (2012) Chironomids can be reliable proxies for Holocene temperatures. A comment on Velle et al., 2010. The Holocene, 22, (12), 1495-1500. (doi:10.1177/0959683612449757).

Brown, A.G., Toms, P.S., Carey, C.J., Howard, A.J. and Challis, K. (2012) Late pleistocene–holocene river dynamics at the Trent-Soar confluence, England, UK. Earth Surface Processes and Landforms (doi:10.1002/esp.3270).


Cook, CG, Leng, MJ, Jones, RT, Langdon, P.G. and Zhang, E (2012) Lake ecosystem dynamics and links to climate change inferred from a stable isotope and organic palaeorecord from a mountain lake in southwestern China (ca. 22.6–10.5 cal ka BP). Quaternary Research, 77, 132-137. (doi:10.1016/j.yqres.2011.09.011).


Dearing, J.A. (2012) Approaches to understanding long term human-environment interactions - past, present and future. In, Matthews, John A. (eds.) The SAGE Handbook of Environmental Change. London, GB, SAGE , 134-162.

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Dearing, John A., Yang, Xiangdong and Dong, Xuhui et al. (2012) Extending the timescale and range of ecosystem services through paleoenvironmental analyses, exemplified in the lower Yangtze basin. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 109, (18), E1111-E1120. (doi:10.1073/pnas.1118263109).


Finney, B.P., Bigelow, N.H., Barber, V.A. and Edwards, M.E. (2012) Holocene climate change and carbon cycling in a groundwater-fed,boreal forest lake: Dune Lake, Alaska. Journal of Paleoliomnology, 48, (1), 43-54. (doi:10.1007/s10933-012-9617-2).


Heiri, Oliver, Schilder, Jos and van Hardenbroek, Maarten (2012) Stable isotopic analysis of fossil chironomids as an approach to environmental reconstruction: state of development and future challenges. Fauna norvegica, 31, 7-18. (doi:10.5324/fn.v31i0.1436).


Jackson, Robin, Brown, Tony G., Carey, Chris, Howard, Andy J., Mann, Andy, Roberts, Tony J., Swarn, Simon and Toms, Phillip S. (2012) Delivering the benefits of aggregates levy sustainability funded research on river valley archaeological sites in the Severn-Wye catchment, UK. The Historic Environment, 3, (2), 97-115. (doi:10.1179/1756750512Z.0000000009).

Jones, Richard T., Cook, Charlotte G., Zhang, Enlou, Langdon, Peter G., Jordan, Jason and Turney, Chris (2012) Holocene environmental change at Lake Shudu, Yunnan Province, southwestern China. Hydrobiologia (doi:10.1007/s10750-012-1124-y).


Langdon, P.G., Brown, A.G., Caseldine, C.J., Blockley, S.P.E and Stuijts, I. (2012) Regional climate change from peat stratigraphy for the mid- to late Holocene in central Ireland. Quaternary International, 268, 145-155. (doi:10.1016/j.quaint.2011.11.018).

Langdon, P.G., Hughes, P.D.M. and Brown, A.G. (2012) Guest editorial. Peat stratigraphy and climate change. Quaternary International, 268, 1-8. (doi:10.1016/j.quaint.2012.05.043).


Nováková, K., van Hardenbroek, M. and van der Knaap, W.O. (2012) Response of subfossil Cladocera in Gerzensee (Swiss Plateau) to early Late Glacial environmental change. Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology (doi:10.1016/j.palaeo.2012.10.021).


Parducci, L., Jorgensen, T., Tollefsrud, M. M., Elverland, E., Alm, T., Fontana, S. L., Bennett, K. D., Haile, J., Matetovici, I., Suyama, Y., Edwards, M. E., Andersen, K., Rasmussen, M., Boessenkool, S., Coissac, E., Brochmann, C., Taberlet, P., Houmark-Nielsen, M., Larsen, N. K., Orlando, L., Gilbert, M. T. P., Kjaer, K. H., Alsos, I. G. and Willerslev, E. (2012) Glacial survival of boreal trees in northern Scandinavia. Science, 335, (6072), 1083-1086. (doi:10.1126/science.1216043).

Pyne-O'Donnell, Sean, Hughes, Paul, Froese, Duane, Jensen, Britta, Kuehn, Stephen, Mallon, Gunnar, Amesbury, Matthew, Charman, Dan, Daley, Tim, Loader, Neil, Street-Perrott, Alayne and Woodman-Ralph, Jonathan (2012) High-precision ultra-distal Holocene tephrochronology in North America. Quaternary Science Reviews, 52, 6-11. (doi:10.1016/j.quascirev.2012.07.024).


Rolfe, C.J., Hughes , P., Fenton, C.R., Xu, S. and Brown, A.G. (2012) Paired 26Al and 10Be exposure ages from Lundy: new evidence for the extent and timing of Devensian glaciation in the southern British Isles. Quaternary Science Reviews, 43, 61-73. (doi:10.1016/j.quascirev.2012.04.003).


Seitzinger, S.P., Svedin, U., Crumley, C., Steffen, W., Abdullah, S.A., Alfsen, C., Biermann, F.H.B., Bondre, N.R., Dearing, J.A., Deutsch, L., Dhakal, S., Elmqvist, T., Farahbakhshazard, N., Gaffney, O., Haberl, H., Lavorel, S., Mbow, C., McMichael, A.J., Morais, J., Olsson , P., Pinho, P., Seto, K.C., Sinclair, P., Stafford-Smith, M. and Sugar, L. (2012) Planetary stewardship in an urbanizing world: beyond city limits. AMBIO (doi:10.1007/s13280-012-0353-7).

Selby, K.A. and Langdon, P.G. (2012) The impacts of the Churchill Barriers on the coastal environment. Scottish Geographical Journal, 128, (2), 100-118. (doi:10.1080/14702541.2012.716606).


van Hardenbroek, M., Lotter, A.F., Bastviken, D., Duc, N.T. and Heiri, O. (2012) Relationship between ?13C of chironomid remains and methane flux in Swedish lakes. Freshwater Biology, 57, (1), 166-177. (doi:10.1111/j.1365-2427.2011.02710.x).

van Hardenbroek, Maarten, Gröcke, Darren R., Sauer, Peter E. and Elias, Scott A. (2012) North American transect of stable hydrogen and oxygen isotopes in water beetles from a museum collection. Journal of Paleolimnology, 48, (2), 461-470. (doi:10.1007/s10933-012-9623-4).


Wetterich, S., Grosse , G, Schirrmeister, L, Andreev, A.A., Brobov, A.A., Kienast, F., Bigelow, N.H. and Edwards, M.E. (2012) Late Quaternary environmental and landscape dynamics revealed by a pingo sequence on the northern Seward Peninsula, Alaska. Quaternary Science Reviews, 39, 26-44. (doi:10.1016/j.quascirev.2012.01.027).

Wooller, Matthew J., Pohlman, John W., Gaglioti, Benjamin V., Langdon, Peter, Jones, Miriam, Walter Antony, Katey M., Becker, Kevin W., Hinrichs, Kai-Uwe and Elvert, Marcus (2012) Reconstruction of past methane availability in an Arctic Alaska wetland indicates climate influenced methane release during the past ~12,000 years. [in special issue: Holocene paleoenvironmental records from Arctic lake sediment] Journal of Paleolimnology, 48, (1), 27-42. (doi:10.1007/s10933-012-9591-8).


Yoccoz, N.G., Brathen , K.A. and Geilly, L. et al. (2012) DNA from soil mirrors plant taxonomic and growth form diversity. Molecular Ecology, 21, (15), 3647-3655. (doi:10.1111/j.1365-294X.2012.05545.x).


Zhang, Enlou, Cao, Yanmin, Langdon, Peter, Jones, Richard, Yang, Xiangdong and Shen, Ji (2012) Alternate trajectories in historic trophic change from two lakes in the same catchment, Huayang Basin, middle reach of Yangtze River, China. Journal of Paleolimnology, 48, 367-381. (doi:10.1007/s10933-012-9608-3).

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