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Arnold, Dana and Sofaer, Joanna (eds.) (2007) Biographies and space: placing the subject in art and architecture, London, GB, Routledge, 197pp.

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Gilbert, Shirli (2007) Singing against apartheid: ANC cultural groups and the international anti-apartheid struggle. Journal of Southern African Studies, 33, (2), 421-441. (doi:10.1080/03057070701292848).

Hicks, Leonie V. (2007) Religious life in Normandy, 1050-1300: space, gender and social pressure, Woodbridge, UK, Boydell Press, 256pp. (Studies in the History of Medieval Religion).

Izzet, Vedia (2007) Changing Perspectives: Greek myth in Etruria. In, Attema, P., Nijboer, A. and Zifferero, A. (eds.) Papers in Italian Archaeology: Communities and Settlements from the Neolithic to the Early Medieval Period. 6th Conference of Italian Archaeology Oxford, UK, Archaeopress, 822-827. (BAR International, 2 VI).

Karn, Nicholas (2007) Nigel, bishop of Ely, and the restoration of the exchequer after the ‘anarchy’ of King Stephen's reign. Historical Research, 80, (209), 299-314. (doi:10.1111/j.1468-2281.2006.00392.x).

Levene, Dan and Rothenberg, Beno (2007) A metallurgical gemara: metals in the Judaic sources, London, GB, University College London, 185pp. (Metal in History, 4).

Marsh, Nicky (2007) Taking the Maggie: money, masculinity and sovereignty in British fiction. Modern Fiction Studies, 53, (4)

McDermid, Jane (2007) What's in a name?: The Scottish Women's Hospitals in the First World War. Minerva Journal of Women and War, 1, (1), 102-114. (doi:10.3172/MIN.1.1.102).

Meir, Natan (2007) From pork to Kapores: transformations in religious practice among the Jews of late imperial Kiev. Jewish Quarterly Review, 97, (4), 616-645.

Mitrovic, Andrej (2007) Introduction to 'Serbia's Great War'. In, Serbia's Great War 1914-1918. London, GB, Hurst, vii-xvi.

Oldfield, John (2007) Chords of freedom: commemoration, ritual, and British transatlantic slavery, Manchester, UK, Manchester University Press, 203pp.

Oldfield, John (2007) From spa to garrison town: Southampton during the French revolutionary and Napoleonic wars, 1793-1815. In, Taylor, Miles (ed.) Southampton: Gateway to the British Empire. London, UK; New York, USA, I. B. Tauris, 1-13.

Pearce, Sarah (2007) The Land of the Body: Studies in Philo's Representation of Egypt , Tübingen, GE, Mohr Siebeck, 365pp. (Wissenschaftliche Untersuchungen zum Neuen Testament, 208).

Soyer, Francois (2007) The Persecution of the Jews and Muslims of Portugal. King Manuel I and the End of Religious Tolerance (1496-7), Leiden, Netherlands, E. J. Brill, 332pp. (The Medieval Mediterranean, 69).

Soyer, François (2007) The massacre of the new Christians of Lisbon in 1506: a new eyewitness account. Cadernos de Estudos Sefarditas, 7, 221-243.

Talbot, Ian (2007) A tale of two cities: the aftermath of partition for Lahore and Amritsar 1947–1957. Modern Asian Studies, 41, (1), 151-185. (doi:10.1017/S0026749X05002337).

Tumblety, Joan (2007) France, 1914-45. In, Gerwarth, Robert (ed.) Twisted Paths: Europe 1914-1945. Oxford, UK, Oxford University Press.

Tumblety, Joan (2007) La Coupe du monde de football de 1938 en France: émergence du sport-spectacle et indifférence de l'État. Vingtième Siècle, (93), 139-149.

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