Music from the Chirk Castle partbooks

(2008) Music from the Chirk Castle partbooks

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Description/Abstract:CD recording of music from a newly edited seventeenth-century manuscript.
Sung by The Brabant Ensemble directed by Stephen Rice.
Label: Hyperion CDA 67695.
Track listing:
Te Deum 'for trebles' [8'03] William Mundy (c1529-1591) Benedictus 'for trebles' [7'50] William Mundy
O God give ear and do apply [3'27] William Byrd (1539/40-1623)
Deliver me from mine enemies [2'49] Robert Parsons (c1530-1570)
Christ rising again [4'59] Thomas Tallis (c1505-1585) Behold it is Christ [2'42] Edmund Hooper (c1553-1621) Blessed are all they that fear the Lord [2'13] Christopher Tye (c1505-1573)
Burial Service [8'02] Robert Parsons (c1530-1570)
O Lord, thou hast dealt graciously [6'47] William Deane (?1575-c1638)
With all our hearts and mouths [2'37] Thomas Tallis
Yield unto God [2'42] Thomas Caustun (c1522-1569)
Not every one that saith unto me [0'52] Thomas Tallis Submit yourselves [2'41] John Sheppard (c1515-1558) The Litany 'for trebles' [8'05] William Parsons (fl1545-1563) O God be merciful unto us[5'27] John Sheppard (c1515-1558) The grace [1'37] William Deane
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Music Item Type:performance
Additional Information:This disc presents a selection of works from the Chirk Castle part-books, a fascinating collection of devotional music from the Tudor period that remained hidden in the castle library for three hundred years.The Chirk manuscripts contain works for unaccompanied voices as well as verse anthems and services, scored for solo voices, chorus and organ. This recording focuses on the unaccompanied items, presenting for the first time a selection of the ‘full’ services and anthems found in the manuscripts, including seven unique to the Chirk collection.Among the ‘new finds’, the most significant are the Te Deum and Benedictus ‘for trebles’ by William Mundy. The two settings are designed on a large scale, exploiting the use of high trebles, and Mundy cleverly employs choral groupings of various types to provide maximum contrast. The textures throughout are reminiscent of Sheppard’s best Latin compositions and by intensifying the contrapuntal activity in the closing sections of both canticles, Mundy takes the music to an even higher level. This is the first recording of these important canticles.
Date:July 2008
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