(2005) Campus

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Description/Abstract:The campus: a place of learning and aspiration, or disenchantment and revolt? This exhibition explores the unique environment of university campuses, looking at their recent past and ideas surrounding their future. Canadian artist Nancy Davenport has produced Campus, a series of digitally-manipulated photographs, shot at universities in the USA and Canada. Presenting melancholic scenes of ‘New Brutalist’ architecture, embraced as revolutionary after the 1968 student uprisings, these structures now seem fortress-like. Incorporating unreal lighting effects, the works evoke an uneasy tension between optimism and aftermath. Also shown is Davenport’s video piece Weekend Campus, a slow horizontal pan along the entrance to a fictitious campus, jammed with stalled cars, accidents and witnesses. This continuous loop, constructed from hundreds of still photographs, pays homage to Jean-Luc Godard’s apocalyptic film ‘Le Week-end’. Jakob Jakobsen and Henriette Heise from the Copenhagen Free University present Five Theses on Taking Power Without Becoming Government, a large-scale sound installation. A mountain of amplified concert speakers broadcast a spoken statement, almost inaudible amid the hum of feedback, proffering ideas on what it means to create a self-organized University. The speakers embody the huge potential for knowledge and power existing in everyday life. Copenhagen Free University is an artist-run, self-organised institution that works with collective, non-exclusive forms of knowledge. Swiss artist Christian Philipp Müller presents a series of silkscreen prints, The Campus as a Work of Art, completed for the University of Lüneburg in Germany. Each work features an architectural plan of the Lüneburg campus (a former military barracks), superimposed above campus plans from other Universities worldwide. Grouped according to common social or spatial features, these works dramatically explore the relationship between architecture and institutional identity

Contributors:Foster, Stephen (Curator of an exhibition)
Item Type:Art Design Item - Exhibition
Additional Information:Also, in the Project Room, visitors can view Cinegiornale, an extraordinary film including footage of the Italian revolutionary student movement in 1968. The film offers a powerful insight into the turbulent recent history of campus and student life.Campus is a collaborative project between the John Hansard Gallery and the Mead Gallery at the University of Warwick. Project Room films courtesy ofCampus has been financially supported by Arts Council England
Organisations:Winchester School of Art, Professional Services
Date:September 2005
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