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Behavioral & Brain Sciences (BBS) is an international, interdisciplinary journal of "open peer commentary," published by Cambridge University Press, with its editorial offices in Southampton UK and New York NY. BBS publishes important and controversial interdisciplinary "target articles" in psychology, neuroscience, behavioral biology, cognitive science, artificial intelligence, linguistics and philosophy. Articles are rigorously refereed and, if accepted, are circulated to a large number of potential commentators around the world in the various specialties on which the article impinges. Their 1000-word commentaries are then co-published with the target article as well as the author's response to each. The commentaries consist of analyses, elaborations, complementary and supplementary data and theory, criticisms and cross-specialty syntheses.
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Eligible individuals who judge that they would have a relevant commentary to contribute should email the editorial office at or write to:

Behavioral and Brain Sciences
Zepler Building
Department of Electronics and Computer Science
University of Southampton
Highfield, Southampton
SO17 1BJ United Kingdom

"Eligibility" usually means being an academically trained professional contributor to one of the disciplines mentioned earlier, or to related academic disciplines. The letter should indicate the candidate's general qualifications as well as their basis for wishing to serve as commentator for the particular target article in question. It is preferable also to enclose a Curriculum Vitae. (This self-nomination format may also be used by those who wish to become BBS Associates, but they must also specify a current Associate who knows their work and is prepared to nominate them; where no current Associate is known by the candidate, the editorial office will send the Vita to approporiate Associates to ask whether they would be prepared to nominate the candidate.) Potential commentators should send their names, addresses, a description of their general qualifications and their basis for seeking to comment on a particular target article to the address above.

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