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Southampton University Web Proxy

As of September 18th you will no longer be able to connect directly to the Internet with your Web browser. Due to regulations imposed by the University to save costs on transatlantic connectivity bills, you must use the University Web cache to access the Web. This may also offer some performance benefits for pages of common interest. Please follow the instructions below to reconfigure your borwser to use the Cache. In case of difficulty, contact your local system programmer or call x24494.

This page contains information about the setup for several browsers, as well as other software packages. Note that where applicable, configuration instructions make use of an automatic proxy configuration file (as in the case for Netscape and Internet Explorer 5). While not essential, we strongly recommend you use automatic proxy configuration as this will help ensure continuity of service should Computing Services need to use an alternate cache at any time.

Browser Specific Configurations

Netscape Navigator & Netscape Communicator
Internet Explorer Versions 3 - 5

Other Software Configurations

Real Player

Other software packages may need to be configured to use the cache as well. Although web browsing isn't the main function of these packages, they do have that ability. For software not listed here, please see above for key addresses.

The key addresses are:

Check if your browser is configured correctly (Note: You may need to exit and restart your browser if you change your settings).

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