More quasi than normal!

Andersson, Nils (1998) More quasi than normal! In, Iyer, Bala R. and Bhawal, Biplap (eds.) Black Holes, Gravitational Radiation, and the Universe: Essays in Honor of C.V. Vishveshwara. Boston, USA, Kluwer pp. 335-344.


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1. The Black Hole Equilibrium Problem; B. Carter.2. Stability of Black Holes; B.F. Whiting. 3. Separability of Wave Equations; E.G. Kalnins, et al. 4. Energy-Conservation Laws for Perturbed Stars and Black Holes; V.Ferrari. 5. Gravitational Collapse and Cosmic Censorship; R.M.Wald. 6. Disturbing the Black Hole; J.D. Bekenstein.7. Notes on Black Hole Fluctuations and Back-Reaction; B.L. Hu, et al. 8. Black Holes in Higher Curvature Gravity; R.C. Myers. 9. Micro-Structure of Black Holes and String Theory; S. Wadia. 10. Quantum Geometry and Black Holes; A. Ashtekar, K. Krasnov. 11. Black Holes, Global Monopole Charge and Quasi-Local Energy; N. Dadhich. 12. Kinematical Consequences of Inertial Forces in General Relativity; A.R. Prasanna, S. Iyer. 13. Gyroscopic Precession and Inertial Forces in General Relativity; R.Nayak. 14. Analysis of the Equilibrium of a Charged Test Particlein the Kerr - Newman Black Hole; J.M. Aguirregabiria, et al. 15. Neutron Stars and Relativistic Gravity; M. Vivekanand. 16. Accretion Disks around Black Holes; P.J. Wiita. 17. Astrophysical Evidence for Black Hole Event Horizons; K. Menou, et al. 18. Black Holes in Active Galactic Nuclei; A.K. Kembhavi. 19. Energetic Photon Spectra as Probes of the Process of Particle Acceleration in Accretion Flows around Black Holes; R. Cowsik. 20. Black Hole Perturbation Approach to Gravitational Radiation: Post-Newtonian Expansion for Inspiralling Binaries; M.Sasaki. 21. More Quasi Than Normal! N. Andersson. 22. The Two Black Hole Problem: Beyond Linear Perturbations; R.H. Price. 23. The Synergy between Numerical and Perturbative Approaches to Black Holes; E. Seidel. 24. Cauchy-Characteristic Matching; N.T. Bishop, et al. 25. Astrophysical Sources of Gravitational Waves; B.S. Sathyaprakash.26. Gravitational Radiation from Inspiraling Compact Binaries: Motion, Generation and Radiation Reaction; B.R. Iyer. 27. Ground-Based Interferometric Detectors of Gravitational Waves; B. Bhawal. 28. Detection of Gravitational Waves from Inspiraling Compact Binaries; S.V. Dhurandhar. 29. Perturbations of Cosmological Backgrounds; P.K.S. Dunsby, G.F.R. Ellis. 30.Mach's Principle in Electrodynamics and Inertia; J.V. Narlikar.31. The Early History of Quantum Gravity (1916&endash;1940); J. Stachel. 32. Geometry in Color Perception; A. Ashtekar, etal. 33. C.V. Vishveshwara &endash; A Profile; N. Panchapakesan. Publications of C.V. Vishveshwara.

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