The early Roman towns of Tarraconensis: a discussion

Keay, S. (2006) The early Roman towns of Tarraconensis: a discussion In, Abad Casal, L., Keay, S. and Ramallo Asensio, S. (eds.) Early Roman Towns in Hispania Tarraconensis. Rhode Island, USA, Journal of Roman Archaeology pp. 223-237. (Journal of Roman archaeology; Supplementary series, 62).


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Table of Contents.
Introduction 9 L. Abad Casal, S. Keay & S. Ramallo Asensio The Conventus Tarraconensis The Mediterranean coast 1. The Greek city of Emporion and its relationship to the Roman Republican 18 city of Empúries X. Aquilué, P. Castanyer, M. Santos & J. Tremoleda 2. Scipionum opus and something more: an Iberian reading of the provincial 33 capital (2nd-1st c. B.C.) J. Ruiz de Arbulo 3. The integration of NE Iberian communities and consolidation of the urban 44 phenomenon J. M. Nolla i Brufau 4. Iluro, Baetulo, Iesso, and the establishment of the Roman town model in Catalunya 51 J. Guitart i Duran 5. From Arse to Saguntum 63 C. Aranegui Gascó The Conventus Carthaginensis 6. The Roman foundation of Valencia and the town in the 2nd-1st c. B.C. 75 A. Ribera i Lacomba 7. Carthago Nova: urbs opulentissima omnium in Hispania 91 S. F. Ramallo Asensio 8. Lucentum: origin and evolution of a Roman muncipium in the Sinus Ilicitanus 105 M. H. Olcina Domènech 9. The juridical promotion of oppida of the southeast of the Iberian peninsula: 118 the cases of Ilici and Ilunum L. Abad Casal The Balearic Islands 10. Pollentia and the cities of the Balearic Islands 133 M. Orfila, Ma E. Chávez and M. A. Cau The Conventus Caesaraugustanus The Pyrenees 11. Labitolosa and other Roman towns on the south side of the Pyrenees 146 L. Chasseigne, M. Fincker, Ma A. Magallón Botaya, M. Navarro Caballero, C. Rico, C. Saénz & P. Sillières The Lower Ebro Valley 12. Segeda and Rome: the historical development of a Celtiberian city-state 159 F. Burillo Mozota The Conventus Caesaraugustanus/Cluniensis The interior 13. Conquest and Romanization in Celtiberia Ulterior: Numantia as a paradigm 172 A. Jimeno 14. Segobriga: caput Celtiberiae and Latin municipium 184 J. M. Abascal, M. Almagro Gorbea & R. Cebrián The Conventus Asturum 15. The Roman army and urban development in NW Spain: Asturica Augusta 197 and Legio VII Gemina A. Morillo Cerdán The Conventus Bracaraugustanus 16. Bracara Augusta: a Roman town in the Atlantic area 213 M. Martins Discussion 17. The Early Roman towns of Tarraconensis: a discussion 223 S. Keay

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