Project details: Non-participation in HE: Decision-making as an embedded social practice

Research Team

1. Professor Alison Fuller (Co-Director)
2. Professor Sue Heath (Co-Director)
3. Dr Martin Dyke
4. Professor Nick Foskett
5. Dr Brenda Johnston
6. Dr Felix Maringe
7. Dr Patricia Rice
8. Dr Laura Staetsky
9. Professor John Taylor

Funding Body



April 2006 onwards


The geographical focus of this study will be the Southampton and Hampshire area, which offers a mixed picture in terms of HE participation. Southampton has one of the lowest rates in the country; only 1 in 10, 18 year olds entering full-time undergraduate courses, whereas in parts of Hampshire the rate is much higher. The research will provide opportunities for representatives of local, regional and national organisations with a direct interest in participation issues to be involved in the development of the research through membership of the project’s advisory panel. To maximise impact, the study’s findings and recommendations will be communicated through a series of targeted events for policy makers and widening participation practitioners.

Project Posters

Non-Participation in Higher Education: Decision-making as an embedded social practice

Conference Papers

1. Two Sibling Case Studies: Decision-making about Higher Education Pathways as an Embedded Social Practice 2007
2. Educational decision-making as an embedded social practice: methodological challenges and ways forward 2007
3. Life course, generation and educational decision-making within networks of intimacy 2007
4. ‘Barriers’ to Participation in Higher Education? Depends who you ask and how 2007
5. Widening Participation in HE: Mapping and Investigating the Stakeholder Landscape 2006
6. Decision-Making about Employment and Education Pathways as an Embedded Social Practice: Methodological Challenges 2006

Working Papers

1. Widening Participation in UK Higher Education: A Policy Overview 2006
2. Methodological Review: Mapping the literature in relation to the challenges for the non-participation project 2007
3. Participation in HE: Review of Quantitative Literature 2008

End of Award Conference, 22nd May 2008

Non-Participation in HE: The Research Findings Presentation, Project Directors, Alison Fuller and Sue Heath
Non-Participation in HE: The Research Findings PowerPoint Presentation, Alison Fuller and Sue Heath
Response to Findings, The Rt Hon John Denham, Secretary of State for Innovation, Universities and Skills
Link to Speech by The Rt Hon John Denham
Response to Findings, Kevin Whitson, Head of Widening Participation, HEFCE
Response to Findings, Ian Laurie, Mature Student
Response to Findings, John Bridge, Head of Adult and Community Learning, Southampton City Council
Response to Findings, Cath Walsh, Director, Greater Manchester Strategic Alliance
Response to Findings, Rosemary Deem, Professor of Education, University of Bristol
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