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Femia, Joseph V. and Marshall, Alasdair J. (eds.) (2012) Vilfredo Pareto: beyond disciplinary boundaries, Farnham, GB, Ashgate Publishing, 201pp.

Abdelmoteleb, Samir (2012) Values congruence and commitment: throwing the role of psychological climate into the mix University of Southampton, School of Management, Doctoral Thesis , 232pp.

Al Balushi, Ali (2012) Leadership of private universities and colleges in the Sultanate of Oman University of Southampton, School of Management, Doctoral Thesis , 290pp.

Albuainain, Reem (2012) New approaches to employability: the importance of communications between universities and employers University of Southampton, School of Management, Doctoral Thesis , 341pp.

Alkaddour, Mohamed (2012) The effect of taxation on implied cost of equity capital in the UK - an analysis of real estate investment trusts University of Southampton, School of Management, Doctoral Thesis , 289pp.

Aseeri, Ali (2012) Performance measurement systems in two Saudi Arabian Government universities: a grounded theory study University of Southampton, Southampton Business School, Doctoral Thesis , 208pp.

Ashleigh, M., Ojiako, U., Chipulu, M. and Wang, J.K. (2012) Critical learning themes in project management education: implication for blended learning International Journal of Project Management, 30, (2), pp. 153-161.

Bano, Shah (2012) The role of universities in transforming a developing economy into a knowledge-based economy: the case of Pakistan University of Southampton, School of Management, Doctoral Thesis , 326pp.

Bektas, T. (2012) Formulations and Benders decomposition algorithms for multidepot salesmen problems with load balancing European Journal of Operational Research, 216, (1), pp. 83-93. (doi:10.1016/j.ejor.2011.07.020).

Bench, S, Day, T and Griffiths, P (2012) Effectiveness of critical care discharge information in supporting early recovery from critical illness Critical Care Nurse, 33, (3), pp. 41-52.

Brailsford, S.C., Harper, Paul R. and Sykes, Jennifer (2012) Incorporating human behaviour in simulation models of screening for breast cancer [in special issue: Operations Research in Health Care. EURO XXIII, 5-8 July 2009, Bonn. The Past and Present of Optimization. EURO XXIV, 11-14 July 2010, Lisbon] European Journal of Operational Research, 219, (3), pp. 491-507. (doi:10.1016/j.ejor.2011.10.041).

Brailsford, S.C., Mecoli, M. and De Angelis, V. (2012) Modelling human travel patterns to evaluate intervention strategies for mosquito-borne disease Computers and Operations Research, 40, pp. 2219-2218. (doi:10.1016/j.cor.2012.03.007).

Brailsford, Sally C., Evandrou, Maria, Luff, Rebekah, Shaw, Richard, Viana, Joe, Vlachantoni, Athina and Willis, Rosalind, (2012) Using system dynamics to model the social care system: simulation modeling as the catalyst in linking demography to care delivery Laroque, C., Himmelspach, J., Pasupathy, R., Rose, O. and Uhrmacher, A.M. (eds.) In Proceedings of the 2012 Winter Simulation Conference. INFORMS..

Bravo Romain, Cristian Danilo (2012) Métodos para Estimar Riesgo Crediticio en Base a Minería de Datos y Teoría de Juegos Universidad de Chile, Department of Industrial Engineering, Doctoral Thesis .

Brown, I. and Mues, C. (2012) An experimental comparison of classification algorithms for imbalanced credit scoring data sets Expert Systems with Applications, 39, (3), pp. 3446-3453. (doi:10.1016/j.eswa.2011.09.033).

Brown, Iain L.J. (2012) Basel II compliant credit risk modelling: model development for imbalanced credit scoring data sets, loss given default (LGD) and exposure at default (EAD) University of Southampton, School of Management, Doctoral Thesis , 212pp.

Bui, Hong T.M. (2012) Personal factors as mediators of the relationships between high-involvement HRM practices and work attitudes At Academy of Management, United States.

Chen, Cheng-Hao Steve, Nguyen, Bang and Li, Meng-Shan (2012) The targeted and non-targeted framework: differential impact of marketing tactics on customer perceptions Journal of Targeting, Measurement and Analysis for Marketing, 20, (2), pp. 96-108. (doi:10.1057/jt.2012.7).

Choudhry, Taufiq and Jayasekera, L.I.R. (2012) Comparison of efficiency characteristics between the banking sectors of US and UK during the global financial crisis of 2007–2011 International Review of Financial Analysis, 25, pp. 106-116. (doi:10.1016/j.irfa.2012.09.002).

Conrad, Lynne and Guven Uslu, Pinar (2012) UK health sector performance management: conflict, crisis and unintended consequences Accounting Forum, 36, (4), pp. 231-250. (doi:10.1016/j.accfor.2012.06.001).

Dawson, Ian, Senior, Victoria and de Lusignan, Simon (2012) Perceptions of risk may explain the discrepancy between patient and clinician-recorded symptoms Primary Care Respiratory Journal, 21, (2), pp. 124-126. (doi:10.4104/pcrj.2012.00024).

Dawson, Ian G.J, Johnson, J.E.V. and Luke, M.A. (2012) Human judgments of synergistic risks: perspectives from evolutionary psychology and potential directions for risk communication At SRA Europe Annual Meeting, Switzerland.

Dawson, Ian G.J., Johnson, J.E.V. and Luke, M.A. (2012) Understanding lethal combinations: communicating mechanistic and probabilistic concepts to improve individual's judgments of synergistic risks At Society for Judgment and Decision Making Annual Conference, United States. 16 - 19 Nov 2012.

De Silva, Maduwage (2012) Dental workforce planning in Sri Lanka University of Southampton, School of Management, Doctoral Thesis , 253pp.

De Weerdt, Jochen, De Backer, Manu, Vanthienen, Jan and Baesens, Bart (2012) A multi-dimensional quality assessment of state-of-the-art process discovery algorithms using real-life event logs Information Systems (doi:10.1016/

Dejaeger, Karel, Goethals, Frank, Giangreco, Antonio, Mola, Lapo and Baesens, Bart (2012) Gaining insight into student satisfaction using comprehensible data mining techniques European Journal of Operational Research, 218, (2), pp. 548-562. (doi:10.1016/j.ejor.2011.11.022).

Dejaeger, Karel, Verbeke, Wouter, Martens, David and Baesens, Bart (2012) Data mining techniques for software effort estimation: a comparative study IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering, 38, (2), pp. 375-397. (doi:10.1109/TSE.2011.55).

Dejaeger, Karel, Verbraken, Thomas and Baesens, Bart (2012) Towards comprehensible software fault prediction models using Bayesian network classifiers IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering (doi:10.1109/TSE.2012.20).

Demir, Emrah (2012) Models and algorithms for the pollution-routing problem and its variations University of Southampton, School of Management, Doctoral Thesis , 165pp.

Ding, Rong and Jia, Yuping (2012) Auditor merger, audit quality and audit fee: evidence from the PricewaterhouseCoopers merger in the UK Journal of Accounting and Public Policy, 31, (1), pp. 69-85. (doi:10.1016/j.jaccpubpol.2011.08.002).

Dirani, Ali El (2012) Uncovering the role of human resources in corporate social responsibility: case evidence from Lebanon University of Southampton, School of Management, Doctoral Thesis , 286pp.

Esham, Mohamed and Vithana, Krishanthi Ganga (2012) Is Outward Bound Training (OBT) an effective tool for Human Resource Development (HRD)? A case study from Sri Lanka International Journal of Contemporary Business Studies, 3, (4), pp. 42-50.

Gatenby, Mark and Rees, Chris (2012) Critical Realism and ethnography At Critical Realism in Action Group (GRAG), Institute of Education, United Kingdom. 20 Apr 2012.

Gould-Williams, Julian, Bottomly, Paul, Gatenby, Mark and Redman, Tom (2012) Evaluating the effects of teamworking on performance outcomes: evidence from local government organizations At XV IRSPM Conference, University of Rome Tor Vergata. 11 - 13 Apr 2012. 25 pp.

Gul, S (2012)

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<fragment>The role of conflict & negotiation in the complexity of
University of Southampton, School of Management, Doctoral Thesis , 373pp.

Guzman Castillo, M (2012) Modelling patient length of stay in public hospitals in Mexico University of Southampton, School of Management, Doctoral Thesis , 318pp.

Haji, Iftakar, Evanschitzky, Heiner, Combe, Ian and Farrell, Andrew (2012) The forgotten brand personality dimension Advances in Consumer Research, 40, pp. 442-453.

Hassaan, Hesham (2012) Perceptions of marketing activities and practices in private higher education in Egypt: the impact of marketing on institutions and their image University of Southampton, School of Management, Doctoral Thesis , 354pp.

Ibrahim, Shahnaz, Jamali, Dima and Karatas-Ozkan, Mine (2012) Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in small and medium-sized enterprises: a developing country perspective In, Underwood, Sarah, Blundel, Richard, Lyon, Fergus and Schaefer, Anja (eds.) Volume 2. Social and Sustainable Enterprise: Changing the Nature of Business. Emerald Group Publishing Limited pp. 167-192. (Contemporary Issues in Entrepreneurship Research, 2). (doi:10.1108/S2040-7246(2012)0000002012).

Ibrahim, Shahnaz and Karatas-Ozkan, Mine (2012) Communicating sustainability: a small and medium–sized enterprise perspective At EURAM conference, European Academy of Management, Netherlands.

Ibrahim, Shahnaz and Karatas-Ozkan, Mine (2012) CSR in SMEs: an institutional perspective in developing countries At 2nd International Conference in Entrepreneurship, Innovation and SMEs, United Kingdom.

Jory, Surendranath, Madura, Jeff and Ngo, Thanh N. (2012) Deal structure decision in the global market for divested assets International Review of Financial Analysis, 24, pp. 104-116. (doi:10.1016/j.irfa.2012.08.008).

Jory, Surendranath and Ngo, Thanh N. (2012) The effect of foreign segment location on the geographical diversification discount Global Finance Journal, 23, (2), pp. 108-124. (doi:10.1016/j.gfj.2012.06.001).

Jung, K.M. and Thomas, L.C. (2012) Keeping business analytic tools up to date: when to rebuild and when to recalibrate scorecards Pre-print

Kesidou, Effie and Demirel, Pelin (2012) On the drivers of eco-innovations: empirical evidence from the UK Research Policy, 41, (5), pp. 862-870. (doi:10.1016/j.respol.2012.01.005).

Khushaba, Rami, greenacre, Luke, Kodagoda, Sarath, Louviere, Jordan and Burke, Sandra (2012) Choice modeling and the brain: a study on the electroencephalogram (EEG) of preferences Expert Systems with Applications (doi:10.1016/j.eswa.2012.04.084).

Kneller, W., Higham, P.A. and Hobbs, M. (2012) Measuring manual dexterity and anxiety in divers using a novel task at 35-41 m Aviation, Space, and Environmental Medicine, 83, (1), pp. 54-57. (doi:10.3357/ASEM.3123.2012).

Leow, M. and Mues, C. (2012) Predicting loss given default (LGD) for residential mortgage loans: a two-stage model and empirical evidence for UK bank data [in special issue: Special Section 1: The Predictability of Financial Markets. Special Section 2: Credit Risk Modelling and Forecasting] International Journal of Forecasting, 28, (1), pp. 183-195. (doi:10.1016/j.ijforecast.2011.01.010).

Leseeto, Saidimu (2012) The role of risk management in pastoral policy development and poverty measurement: system dynamics simulation approach University of Southampton, School of Management, Doctoral Thesis , 268pp.

Lettice, Fiona, Smart, Palie, Baruch, Yehuda and Johnson, Mark (2012) Navigating the impact-innovation double hurdle: the case of a climate change research fund [in special issue: Special Section on Sustainability Transitions] Research Policy, 41, (6), pp. 1048-1057. (doi:10.1016/j.respol.2012.03.003).

Lin, Chieh-Peng, Baruch, Yehuda and Shih, Wei-Chi (2012) Corporate social responsibility and team performance: the mediating role of team efficacy and team self-esteem Journal of Business Ethics, 108, (2), pp. 167-180. (doi:10.1007/s10551-011-1068-6).

Liu, Gordon and Ko, Wai Wai (2012) Organizational learning and marketing capability development: a study of the charity retailing operations of British social enterprise Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly, 41, (4), pp. 580-608. (doi:10.1177/0899764011411722).

Liu, Gordon, Takeda, Sachiko and Ko, Wai Wai (2012) Market orientation, entrepreneurial orientation and social enterprise performance At Academy of Marketing Annual Conference, United Kingdom.

Loterman, G., Brown, I., Martens, D., Mues, C. and Baesens, B. (2012) Benchmarking regression algorithms for loss given default modeling International Journal of Forecasting, 28, (1), pp. 161-170. (doi:10.1016/j.ijforecast.2011.01.006).

Luke, Michelle Anne, Sedikides, Constantine and Carnelley, Katherine B. (2012) Your love lifts me higher! The energizing quality of secure relationships Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, 38, (6), pp. 721-733. (doi:10.1177/0146167211436117). (PMID:22378830).

Lyonnet, Victor and Werner, Richard A. (2012) Lessons from the Bank of England on 'quantitative easing' and other 'unconventional' monetary policies [in special issue: Banking and the Economy] International Review of Financial Analysis, 25, pp. 94-105. (doi:10.1016/j.irfa.2012.08.001).

Mamali, Elizabeth (2012) Towards a dynamic conceptualisation of distaste: a co-creation approach At Consumer Culture Theory Conference, United Kingdom. 16 - 19 Aug 2012.

Marshall, A. and Guidi, M. (2012) The idea of a sociology of risk and uncertainty: insight from Pareto In, Femia, Joseph V. and Marshall, Alasdair J. (eds.) Vilfredo Pareto: Beyond Disciplinary Boundaries. Farnham, GB, Ashgate Publishing pp. 85-111.

Marshall, Alasdair James, Telofski, Richard, Ojiako, Udechukwu and Chipulu, Max (2012) An examination of 'irregular competition' between corporations and NGOs Voluntas International Journal of Voluntary and Nonprofit Organizations, 23, (2), pp. 371-391. (doi:10.1007/s11266-011-9205-5).

McDonald, David (2012) Biased decision making in a naturalistic environment: implications for forecasts of competitive events University of Southampton, School of Management, Doctoral Thesis , 190pp.

McGroarty, F., Ma, Tiejun, Johnson, J.E.V., Sung, M. and Tang, Leilei (2012) Out-performing the market with survival analysis: exposing the limitations of apparently well calibrated market traders At 10th INFINITI Conference on International Finance, Ireland. 11 - 12 Jun 2012.

McGroarty, Frank, Ma, Tiejun, Johnson, J.E.V., Sung, M. and Tang, Leilei (2012) Out-performing the market with survival analysis: exposing the limitations of apparently well calibrated market traders At 19th International Conference on Forecasting Financial Markets, France. 23 - 25 May 2012.

Money, Kevin, Hillenbrand, Carola, Henseler, Jörg and da Camara, Nuno (2012) Exploring unanticipated consequences of strategy amongst stakeholder segments: the case of a European revenue service [in special issue: Analytical Approaches to Strategic Management: Partial Least Squares Modeling in Strategy Research] Competition and Change, 45, (5-6), pp. 395-423. (doi:10.1016/j.lrp.2012.09.003).

O’Regan, Nicholas, Kling, Gerhard, Ghobadian, Abby and Perren, Lew (2012) Strategic positioning and grand strategies for high-technology SMEs Strategic Change, 21, (5-6), pp. 199-215. (doi:10.1002/jsc.1904).

Piva, Evila, Rentocchini, Francesco and Rossi Lamastra, Cristina (2012) Is Open Source software about innovation? Collaborations with the Open Source community and innovation performance of software entrepreneurial ventures [in special issue: Small Business and Networked Innovation: Organizational and Managerial Challenges] Journal of Small Business Management, 50, (2), pp. 340-364. (doi:10.1111/j.1540-627X.2012.00356.x).

Seah, Y., So, M.C. and Thomas, L.C. (2012) Forecasting the stress of credit card portfolios At INFORMS Annual Meeting 2012, United States.

Seligman, James (2012) Creating value in education marketing through the co-creational process British Educational Research Journal

Seligman, James (2012) Not for profit CEM models Journal of Marketing for Higher Education

Seligman, James (2012) Service experience and phenomena- what actually happens? Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science

Seligman, James (2012) The value proposition in higher education marketing Education, Knowledge and Economy

Seret, Alex, Verbraken, Thomas, Versailles, Sebastien and Baesens, Bart (2012) A new SOM-based method for profile generation: theory and an application in direct marketing European Journal of Operational Research, 220, (1), pp. 199-209. (doi:10.1016/j.ejor.2012.01.044).

Sharifabadi, Abbas Alimoradi (2012) The effect of some contingent variables on universities’ accounting systems and performance Management University of Southampton, School of Management, Doctoral Thesis , 405pp.

Soane, Emma, Alfes, Kerstin, Shantz, Amanda, Gatenby, Mark, Rees, Chris and Truss, Katie (2012) The association of meaningfulness, wellbeing and engagement with absenteeism: a moderated mediation model Human Resource Management

Soane, Emma, Truss, Katie and Alfes, Kerstin et al. (2012) Development and application of a new measure of employee engagement: the ISA engagement scale Human Resource Development International (doi:10.1080/13678868.2012.726542).

Tabvuma, Vurain, Bui, Hong T.M. and Homberg, Fabian (2012) Political preferences matter: the impact of preference matching on job satisfaction in the public sector At British Academy of Management, United Kingdom.

Tsujitani, M. and Baesens, B. (2012) Survival analysis for personal loan data using generalized additive models Behaviormetrika, 39, (1), pp. 1-15.

Ullah, Shakir (2012) Fatwa repositioning: the hidden struggle for Shari’a compliance within Islamic financial institutions University of Southampton, School of Management, Doctoral Thesis , 228pp.

Van Gool, Joris, Verbeke, Wouter, Sercu, Piet and Baesens, Bart (2012) Credit scoring for microfinance: is it worth it? International Journal of Finance & Economics, 17, (2), pp. 103-123. (doi:10.1002/ijfe.444).

Veglio, V. and Delbo, F. (2012) Predictive data mining models for marketing performance monitoring in global markets At LCBR European Marketing Conference 2012, Germany. 09 - 10 Aug 2012.

Veglio, V. and Zucchella, A. (2012) Entrepreneurial small firms in traditional industries. Does innovation matter for international growth? At 15th McGill International Entrepreneurship Conference, Italy. 21 - 23 Sep 2012.

Verbeke, Wouter, Dejaeger, Karel, Hur, Joon and Baesens, Bart, Martens, David(ed.) (2012) New insights into churn prediction in the telecommunication sector: a profit driven data mining approach European Journal of Operational Research, 218, (1), pp. 211-229. (doi:10.1016/j.ejor.2011.09.031).

Verbraken, T., Verbeke, W. and Baesens, B. (2012) Profit optimizing customer churn prediction with Bayesian network classifiers Intelligent Data Analysis

Verbraken, Thomas, Verbeke, Wouter and Baesens, Bart (2012) A novel profit maximizing metric for measuring classification performance of customer churn prediction models IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering (doi:10.1109/TKDE.2012.50).

Watkin, L., Kemp, P.S., Williams, I.D. and Harwood, I.A. (2012) Managing sustainable development conflicts: the impact of stakeholders in small-scale hydropower schemes Environmental Management, 49, (6), pp. 1208-1223.

Wolfe, Simon and Amidu, Mohammed (2012) The impact of market power and funding strategy on bank-interest margins European Journal of Finance, pp. 1-21. (doi:10.1080/1351847X.2011.636833).

Wu, Yuan (2012) The momentum premium under the influence of information uncertainty — evidence from the Chinese stock market University of Southampton, School of Management, Doctoral Thesis , 333pp.

Xue, Bai and O'Sullivan, Noel (2012) The determinants of audit pricing in the Alternative Investment Market (AIM) At Financial Reporting and Business Communication Sixteenth Annual Conference, Bristol, United Kingdom. 05 - 06 Jul 2012.

Yang, Shu-Jung and Chandra, Yanto (2012) Growing artificial entrepreneurs : advancing entrepreneurship research using agent-based simulation approach International Journal of Entrepreneurial Behavior & Research, 19, (2), pp. 210-237. (doi:10.1108/13552551311310383).

Yunis, Mohammad (2012) Corporate social responsibility of multinational companies in Pakistan University of Southampton, School of Management, Doctoral Thesis , 332pp.

Zhang, Yuanyuan (2012) Forecasting of daily dynamic hedge ratio in agricultural and commodities’ futures markets: evidence from Garch models University of Southampton, School of Management, Doctoral Thesis , 298pp.

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