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Godfrey, Keith M., Hanson, M.A., Burdge, G.C., Lillycrop, K.A., Cooper, C., Gluckman, P.D. and Vickers, M.H. (Inventors) (2008) Pheontype derivatives 2650443.

Bentzen, S.M., Agrawal, R.K., Aird, E.G.A., Barrett, J.M., Barrett-Lee, P.J, Bliss, J.M., Brown, J., Dewar, J.A., Dobbs, H.J., Haviland, J.S., Hoskin, P.J., Hopwood, P., Lawton, P.A., Magee, B.J., Mills, J., Morgan, D.A., Owen, J.R., Simmons, S., Sumo, G., Sydenham, M.A., Venables, K. and Yarnold, J.R. (2008) The UK Standardisation of Breast Radiotherapy (START) Trial A of radiotherapy hypofractionation for treatment of early breast cancer: a randomised trial The Lancet Oncology, 9, (4), pp. 331-341. (doi:10.1016/S1470-2045(08)70077-9). (PMID:18356109).

Bentzen, S.M., Agrawal, R.K., Aird, E.G.A., Barrett, J.M., Barrett-Lee, P.J., Bliss, J.M., Brown, J.C., Dewar, J.A., Dobbs, H.J., Haviland, J.S., Hoskin, P.J., Hopwood, P., Lawton, P.A., Magee, B.J., Mills, J., Morgan, D.A., Owen, J.R., Simmons, S., Sumo, G., Sydenham, M.A., Venables, K. and Yarnold, J.R. (2008) The UK Standardisation of Breast Radiotherapy (START) Trial B of radiotherapy hypofractionation for treatment of early breast cancer: a randomised trial Lancet, 371, (9618), pp. 1098-1107. (doi:10.1016/S0140-6736(08)60348-7).

Fall, Caroline H.D., Sachdev, Harshpal Singh, Osmond, Clive, Lakshmy, Ramakrishnan, Biswas, Sushant Dey, Prabhakaran, Dorairaj, Tandon, Nikhil, Ramji, Siddharth, Reddy, K. Srinath, Barker, David J.P. and Bhargava, Santosh K. (2008) Adult metabolic syndrome and impaired glucose tolerance are associated with different patterns of BMI gain during infancy: data from the New Delhi Birth Cohort Diabetes Care, 31, (12), pp. 2349-2356. (doi:10.2337/dc08-0911). (PMID:18835958).

Forconi, Francesco, Sozzi, Elisa, Rossi, Davide, Sahota, Surinder S, Amato, Teresa, Raspadori, Donatella, Trentin, Livio, Leoncini, Lorenzo, Gaidano, Gianluca and Lauria, Francesco (2008) Selective influences in the expressed immunoglobulin heavy and light chain gene repertoire in hairy cell leukemia Haematologica, 93, (5), pp. 697-705. (doi:10.3324/haematol.12282). (PMID:18387977).

Frampton, Geoff and Shepherd, J. (2008) Ambiguity of study population analysis and reporting in asthma clinical trials Zeitschrift fur Evidenz, Fortbildung and Qualitat im Gesundheitswesen, 102, supplement 1, pp. 76-77. (doi:10.1016/j.zefq.2008.06.015).

Frampton, Geoff and Shepherd, Jonathan Paul (2008) Information on ethnic minorities and demographic data from asthma clinical trials does not reach the public domain: evidence from a systematic review and implications for tackling health disparities Journal of Epidemiology & Community Health, 62, supplement 1, A32-A33.

Gaiha, Gaurav D., Dong, Tao, Palaniyar, Nades, Mitchell, Daniel A., Reid, Kenneth B.M. and Clark, Howard W. (2008) Surfactant protein A binds to HIV and inhibits direct infection of CD4+ cells but enhances dendritic cell-mediated viral transfer Journal of Immunology, 181, (1), pp. 601-609. (PMID:18566427).

Goverdhan, S. V., Hannan, S., Newsom, R. B., Luff, A. J., Griffiths, H. and Lotery, A. J. (2008) An analysis of the CFH Y402H genotype in AMD patients and controls from the UK, and response to PDT treatment Eye, 22, (6), pp. 849-854. (doi:10.1038/sj.eye.6702830).

Goverdhan, S. V., Khakoo, S. I., Gaston, H., Griffiths, H. and Lotery, A. J. (2008) HLA Cw* 0701 genotype and natural killer cell receptor AA haplotype are associated with age-related macular degeneration At ARVO 2008 Annual Meeting Eyes on Innovation. 27 Apr - 01 May 2008.

Goverdhan, S.V., Ennis, S., Hannan, S.R., Madhusudhana, K.C., Cree, A.J., Luff, A.J. and Lotery, A.J. (2008) Interleukin-8 promoter polymorphism -251A/T is a risk factor for age-related macular degeneration British Journal of Ophthalmology, 92, (4), pp. 537-540. (doi:10.1136/bjo.2007.123190). (PMID:18310311).

Goverdhan, S.V., Hannan, S., Newsom, R.B., Luff, A.J., Griffiths, H. and Lotery, A.J. (2008) An analysis of the CFHY402H genotype in AMD patients and controls from the UK, and response to PDT treatment Eye, 22, (6), pp. 849-854. (doi:10.1038/sj.eye.6702830).

Goverdhan, Srinivas (2008) Immunogentetic pathways in age related macular degeneration University of Southampton, Human Genetics, Doctoral Thesis , 190pp.

Goverdhan, Srinivas V., Khakoo, Salim I., Gaston, Hannah, Chen, Xiaoli and Lotery, Andrew J. (2008) Age related macular degeneration is associated with the HLA Cw*0701 genotype and the Natural Killer cell receptor AA haplotype Investigative Ophthalmology & Visual Science, 49, (11), pp. 5077-5082. (doi:10.1167/iovs.08-1837). (PMID:18515573).

Harris, Petra, Takeda, Andrea, Loveman, Emma and Hartwell, Debbie (2008) Time to full publication of studies of anti breast cancer, and the potential for publication bias At National Cancer Research Institute Conference, United Kingdom. 05 - 08 Oct 2008. 1 pp.

Jones, C.J., Theadom, A., Smith, Helen, Hankins, M., Bowskill, R., Horne, R. and Frew, A.J. (2008) Writing about emotional experiences to improve lung function and quality of life in patients with asthma: 3-month follow up of a randomised controlled trial Thorax, 63, supplement 7, A18-A21.

Jones, J. and Shepherd, J. (2008) Estimating the cost effectiveness of single agent and combination anti-viral treatment strategies for patients with chronic hepatitis B At 5th Annual Meeting of Health Technology Assessment International, Canada. 06 - 09 Jul 2008.

Kendrick, T., Dunn, N., Robinson, S., Oestmann, A., Godfrey, K., Cooper, C. and Inskip, H. (2008) A longitudinal study of blood folate levels and depressive symptoms among young women in the Southampton Women's Survey Journal of Epidemiology & Community Health, 62, (11), pp. 966-972. (doi:10.1136/jech.2007.069765). (PMID:18854500).

Konstantinidis, A.K., Puddicombe, S.M., Mochizuki, A., Sheth, P.D., Yang, I.A., Yoshisue, H., Wilson, S.J., Davies, D.E., Holgate, S.T. and Holloway, J.W. (2008) Cellular localization of interleukin 13 receptor alpha2 in human primary bronchial epithelial cells and fibroblasts Journal of Investigational Allergology and Clinical Immunology, 18, (3), pp. 174-180. (PMID:18564628).

Kuehn, Hye Sun, Swindle, Emily J., Kim, Mi-Sun, Beaven, Michael A., Metcalfe, Dean D. and Gilfillan, Alasdair M. (2008) The phosphoinositide 3-kinase-dependent activation of Btk is required for optimal eicosanoid production and generation of reactive oxygen species in antigen-stimulated mast cells Journal of Immunology, 181, (11), pp. 7706-7712. (PMID:19017959).

Nicholson, Ann Patricia (2008) Appropriate estimation of staff costs for economic evaluations: a case study in haemodialysis University of Southampton, Medicine, Doctoral Thesis , 294pp.

O'Kane, Cecilia M., Elkington, Paul T. and Friedland, Jon S. (2008) Monocyte-dependent oncostatin M and TNF-? synergize to stimulate unopposed matrix metalloproteinase-1/3 secretion from human lung fibroblasts in tuberculosis European Journal of Immunology, 38, (5), pp. 1321-1330. (doi:10.1002/eji.200737855). (PMID:18398932).

Palmer, K.T., Coggon, D., Brown, T. and Rice, S. (2008) Infectious pneumonia in metal workers: a continuing cause of excess mortality At 4th UK & Ireland Occupational & Environmental Epidemiology Meeting. 07 Jul 2008.

Palmer, K.T., Coggon, D., Brown, T. and Rice, S. (2008) Infectious pneumonia in metal workers: A continuing cause of excess mortality At 20th International Conference on Epidemiology in Occupational Health, Costa Rica. 09 - 11 Jun 2008. 1 pp, p. 155.

Pareek, M., Clark, T.W., Dillon, H., Kumar, R. and Stephenson, I. (2008) Willingness of healthcare workers to accept voluntary stockpiled H5N1 vaccine in advance of pandemic activity Vaccine, 27, (8), pp. 1242-1247. (doi:10.1016/j.vaccine.2008.12.006). (PMID:19114078).

Procidano, M., Nausheen, B. and Gupta, A. (2008) Links between social support and health: toward a cross-cultural perspective In, Buchwald, Petra, Ringeisen, Tobias and Eysenck, Michael (eds.) Stress and Anxiety: Application to Life Span Development and Health Promotion. Berlin, Germany, Logos pp. 56-70.

Rerkasem, Kittipan, Gallagher, Patrick J., Grimble, Robert F., Calder, Philip C. and Shearman, Clifford P. (2008) Managing hypercholesterolemia and its correlation with carotid plaque morphology in patients undergoing carotid endarterectomy Vascular Health and Risk Management, 4, (6), pp. 1259-1264. (doi:10.2147/VHRM.S3729). (PMID:19337539).

Ritz, Nicole, Tebruegge, Marc, Connell, Tom G., Sievers, Aina, Robins-Browne, Roy and Curtis, Nigel (2008) Susceptibility of Mycobacterium bovis BCG vaccine strains to antituberculous antibiotics Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy, 53, (1), pp. 316-318. (doi:10.1128/AAC.01302-08). (PMID:18955515).

Rothbaum, B.O., Davidson, J.R., Stein, D.J., Pedersen, R., Musgnung, J., Tian, X.W., Ahmed, S. and Baldwin, D.S. (2008) A pooled analysis of gender and trauma type effects on responsiveness to treatment of PTSD with venlafaxine extended release or placebo Journal of Clinical Psychiatry, 69, (10), pp. 1529-1539. (PMID:19192435).

Shepherd, J., Jones, J., Frampton, Geoff, Tanajewski, L., Turner, D. and Price, A.M. (2008) Intravenous magnesium sulphate and sotalol for prevention of atrial fibrillation after coronary artery bypass surgery: a systematic review and economic evaluation Health Technology Assessment, 12, (28), pp. 1-134. (doi:10.3310/hta12280). (PMID:18547499).

Stack, E., Pickering, R., Pressly, V., McElwaine, T., Frankel, J. and Roberts, H. (2008) Same patient, different setting: to what extent do mobility measures concur? Age and Ageing, 38, supplement 2, P.ii60.

Stratton, Rebecca J., Stubbs, R. James and Elia, Marinos (2008) Bolus tube feeding suppresses food intake and circulating ghrelin concentrations in healthy subjects in a short-term placebo-controlled trial American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, 88, (1), pp. 77-83. (PMID:18614727).

Taraban, Vadim Y., Martin, Sonya, Attfield, Kathrine E., Glennie, Martin J., Elliott, Tim, Elewaut, Dirk, Van Calenbergh, Serge, Linclau, Bruno and Al-Shamkhani, Aymen (2008) Invariant NKT cells promote CD8(+) cytotoxic T cell responses by inducing CD70 expression on dendritic cells Journal of Immunology, 180, (7), pp. 4615-4620. (PMID:18354184).

Tebruegge, M., Ritz, N., Connell, T. and Curtis, N. (2008) Human immunodeficiency virus-infected boy with Stevens-Johnson syndrome caused by nevirapine Pediatric Infectious Disease Journal, 27, (11), pp. 1041-1042. (doi:10.1097/INF.0b013e318185fb3a). (PMID:18833024).

Tebruegge, Marc and Curtis, Nigel (2008) Epidemiology, etiology, pathogenesis, and diagnosis of recurrent bacterial meningitis Clinical Microbiology Reviews, 21, (3), pp. 519-537. (doi:10.1128/CMR.00009-08). (PMID:18625686).

Tebruegge, Marc and Pantazidou, Anastasia (2008) Images in HIV/AIDS. Stevens-Johnson syndrome associated with thalidomide treatment in HIV infection The AIDS Reader, 18, (10), pp. 519-520. (PMID:18975442).

Torrens, Christopher, Hanson, Mark A., Gluckman, Peter D. and Vickers, Mark H. (2008) Maternal undernutrition leads to endothelial dysfunction in adult male rat offspring independent of postnatal diet British Journal of Nutrition, 101, (1), pp. 27-33. (doi:10.1017/S0007114508988760). (PMID:18492297).

White, Karen, Kendrick, Tony and Yardley, Lucy, (2008) Distinguishing between positive and negative affect: A new approach to understanding the antidepressant effect of physical activity Taylor, A.H. (ed.) At British Psychological Society Division of Clinical Psychology Annual Conference: Mental Health and Physical Activity: Translational Perspectives, United Kingdom. 10 - 12 Dec 2008.

Willcox, Merlin (2008) Traditional medicines for Malaria in Mali: a methodology for evaluating local herbal antimalarials At Kew-King’s-Square meeting, United Kingdom. 27 Feb 2008.

Woods, Kathryn and Dattani, Mehul T. (2008) EMX2 and HESX1 and type II schizencephaly and septo-optic dysplasia In, Epstein, Charles J., Erickson, Robert P. and Wynshaw-Boris, Anthony (eds.) Inborn Errors of Development: the Molecular Basis of Clinical Disorders of Morphogenesis. Oxford, GB, Oxford University Press (Oxford Monographs on Medical Genetics).

Ylihärsilä, Hilkka, Kajantie, Eero, Osmond, Clive, Forsén, Tom, Barker, David J.P. and Eriksson, Johan G. (2008) Body mass index during childhood and adult body composition in men and women aged 56-70y American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, 87, (6), pp. 1769-1775.

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