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Billings, S. A. and Chen, S. (1989) Extended model set, global data and threshold model identification of severely non-linear systems International Journal of Control, 50, pp. 1897-1923.

Billings, S. A. and Chen, S. (1989) Identification of non-linear rational systems using a prediction-error estimation algorithm International Journal of Systems Science, 20, pp. 467-494.

Billings, S. A., Chen, S. and Backhouse, R. J. (1989) The identification of linear and non-linear models of a turbocharged automotive diesel engine Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing, 3, pp. 123-142.

Billings, S. A., Chen, S. and Korenberg, M. J. (1989) Identification of MIMO non-linear systems using a forward-regression orthogonal estimator International Journal of Control, 49, pp. 2157-2189.

Bowles, R. L. and Damper, R. I. (1989) Application of Dempster-Shafer theory of evidence to improved-accuracy, isolated word recognition At Proceedings of Eurospeech'89. , pp. 384-387.

Chen, S. and Billings, S. A. (1989) Modelling and analysis of non-linear time series International Journal of Control, 50, (6), pp. 2151-2171.

Chen, S. and Billings, S. A. (1989) Recursive prediction error estimator for non-linear models International Journal of Control, 49, (2), pp. 569-594.

Chen, S. and Billings, S. A. (1989) Representation of non-linear systems: the NARMAX model International Journal of Control, 49, (3), pp. 1012-1032.

Chen, S., Billings, S. A. and Luo, W. (1989) Orthogonal least squares methods and their application to non-linear system identification International Journal of Control, 50, pp. 1873-1896.

Chen, S., Gibson, G. J., Cowan, C. F. N. and Grant, P. M. (1989) Recursive prediction error algorithm for training multilayer perceptrons At IEEE Colloquium on Adaptive Algorithms for Signal Estimation and Control, United Kingdom. , 10/1-10/7.

Damper, R. I. and Burgess, N., (1989) Path testing of MOS circuits Massara, R. E. (ed.) At Design and Test Techniques for VLSI and WSI Circuits. , pp. 158-183.

Hanzo, L, Salami, R and Steele, R (1989) A 2.1 KBd Speech Transmission System for Rayleigh-Fading Channels At IEE Colloquia on 'Speech Coding', United Kingdom. , 10/1-10/5.

Hanzo, L, Wong, K H H and Steele, R (1989) Efficient Channel Coding and Interleaving Schemes for Mobile Radio Communications At Proceedings of IEE Colloquium, United Kingdom. , 3/1-3/6.

Hanzo, L., Salami, R. and Appleby, D. (1989) A Fully Vector Quantised Self-Excited Vocoder At ICASSP'89, United Kingdom. 23 - 26 May 1989. , pp. 124-128.

Hanzo, L. and Steele, R. (1989) A Jointly Optimised Subband Coding, BCH Coding, 16-QAM, Diversity and Post-Enhancement Scheme for Mobile Radio Speech Transmissions At Proceedings of 2nd EUROSIP Workshop on 'Medium to Low-Rate Speech Coding'. 20 - 22 Sep 1989.

Hukin, R. W. and Damper, R. I. (1989) Testing an auditory model by resynthesis At Proceedings of Eurospeech'89. , pp. 243-246.

Lucas, S. M. and Damper, R. I. (1989) A new learning paradigm for neural networks At IEE Conference Publication No. 313, 1st IEE International Conference on Neural Networks. , pp. 346-350.

Lucas, S. M. and Damper, R. I. (1989) Using stochastic grammars for mmodelling and recognising cursive script At IEE Colloquium on Character Recognition and Applications. , 3/1-3/4.

Murray, D C, Siabi-Shahrivar, N, Evans, A G R, Redman-White, W, Carter, J C and Altrip, J L (1989) Increased low frequency noise generating defects in today's CMOS/BICMOS technologies At European Materials Research Conference, France.

Pont, M. J. and Damper, R. I. (1989) A possible neural basis for the categorical perception of the voiced/voiceless contrast At Proceedings of Eurospeech'89. , pp. 239-242.

Pont, M. J. and Damper, R. I. (1989) The Role of the Dorsal Cochlear Nucleus in the Perception of Voicing Contrasts in Initial English Stop Consonants: A Computational Modelling Study University of Southampton, Electronics and Computer Science : University of Southampton, Doctoral Thesis .

Pont, M.J. and Damper, R.I. (1989) The representation of synthetic stop consonants in a computational model of the dorsal cochlear nucleus Journal of the Acoustical Society of America, 86, S45-S36 (abstract).

Salami, R A, Hanzo, L and Appleby, D (1989) A Computationally Efficient CELP Codec with Stochastic Vectorquantisation of LPC Parameters At URSI'89, Germany. , pp. 140-143.

Steele, R, Twelves, D and Hanzo, L (1989) Effect of Cochannel Interference on Handover in Microcellular Mobile Radio IEE Electronic Letters, 25, (20), pp. 1329-1330.

Turnbull, J. M., Sapeluk, A. T. and Damper, R. I. (1989) A new method of pole-tracking with application to vowel and semivowel recognition At Proceedings of IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing (ICASSP'89). , pp. 568-571.

Wong, K H H, Hanzo, L and Steele, R (1989) Channel Coding for Satellite Mobile Channels International Journal on Satellite Communications, 7, (2), pp. 143-163.

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