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Adams, L. J., Damper, R. I., Harnad, S. and Hall, W. (1999) A system design for human factors studies of speech-enabled Web browsing At ESCA Workshop on Interactive Dialogue in Multi-Modal Systems, Germany. , pp. 137-140.

Aguado, Alberto S, Montiel, Eugenia and Zaluska, Ed (1999) Modeling Generalized Cylinders via Fourier Morphing ACM Transactions on Graphics, 18, (4), pp. 293-315.

Bruni, R., Meseguer, J., Montanari, U. and Sassone, V. (1999) Functorial Semantics for Petri Nets under the Individual Token Philosophy At Category Theory and Computer Science, CTCS '99.. , 18 pp..

Cabell, Quincy, Kirstein, Peter T., Pagtzis, Theodore, Tiropanis, Thanassis and Wang, Lichun (1999) The Use of TINA Principles in the Management of Internet Multimedia Conferences In Intelligence in Services and Networks. Paving the Way for an Open Service Market: 6th International Conference on Intelligence and Services in Networks, IS&N'99, Barcelona, Spain, April 1999. Proceedings. Springer..

Carr, Lesley, Hall, Wendy and De Roure, David (1999) The evolution of hypertext link services ACM Computing Surveys (CSUR), 31

Chan, Stephen C. Y. and Lewis, Paul H., (1999) A Pre-filter Enabling Fast Frontal Face Detection Huijsmans, Dionysius P. and Smeulders, Arnold W. M. (eds.) At Visual Information and Information Systems (VISUAL'99). , pp. 777-84.

Cottam, Hugh and Shadbolt, Nigel, (1999) Ontology Assisted Process Knowledge Acquisition Bramer, Max, Macintosh, Ann and Coenen, Frans (eds.) In Research and Development in Intelligent Systems XVI and Applications and Innovations in Intelligent Systems VII. Springer-Verlag..

Crow, L. and Shadbolt, N. R., (1999) Acquiring and Structuring Web Content with Knowledge Level Models: Internet Agents for Knowledge Acquisition Fensel, D. and Studer, R. (eds.) At Knowledge Acquisition. , pp. 85-102.

Crow, L. R. and Shadbolt, N. R. (1999) Knowledge Engineering with Software Agents At 1999 Spring Symposium on Intelligent Agents in Cyberspace. , pp. 186-202.

Crowder, R.M., Hall, W., Heath, I. and Wills, G. (1999) Factory information provision using hypermedia International Journal of Computer Applications in Technology, 11, (6), pp. 422-53.

Crowder, Richard M., Hall, Wendy, Heath, Ian and Wills, Gary B. (1999) Integration of Manufacturing Information using Open Hypermedia Computers in Industry, 38, 31--42.

Cruickshank, D. and Glaser, H., (1999) Direct Manipulation, Scalability and the Internet Padget, J. A. (ed.) At Collaboration between Human and Artificial Societies: Coordination and Agent-Based Distributed Computing, LNAI 1624. , pp. 102-112.

Cupit, J., Shadbolt, N. R., Cheng, P. and Peebles, D. (1999) Compiling Ontologies into Structured Views and Interviews: The Design of a Graph Drawing Tool for Knowledge Elicitation At Twelfth Workshop on Knowledge Acquisition, Modelling Management (KAW'99). , 4.21.

Davis, H.C. (1999) Rapid Construction of Learning Resources using Microcosm Pro Connections, 11, (1), pp. 14-17.

Davis, Hugh, Millard, David, Reich, Siegfried, Bouvin, Niels Olof, Gronbaek, Kaj, Nurnberg, Peter, Sloth, Lennert, Wiil, Uffe Kock and Anderson, Kenneth (1999) Interoperability between Hypermedia Systems: The Standardisation Work of the OHSWG (Technical Briefing) At 1999 ACM Conference on Hypertext, Germany. , pp. 201-202.

Davis, Hugh C., Millard, David E., Reich, Sigi, Bouvin, N., Grønbæk, K., Nürnberg, P. J., Sloth, L., Wiil, U. K. and Anderson, K. M. (1999) Interoperability between Hypermedia Systems: The Standardisation Work of the OHSWG At Hypertext '99, The 10th ACM Conference on Hypertext and Hypermedia, Darmstadt, February 21-25, 1999. , 201--202.

De Roure, David, Walker, Nigel and Carr, Leslie, Tjoa, A Min, Cammelli, Antonio and Wagner, Roland R(eds.) (1999) Integration of Diverse Hypermedia Link Servers using Request Routing 10th International Workshop on Database and Expert Systems Applications

DeRoure, David C., El-Beltagy, Samhaa, Gibbins, Nicholas M., Carr, Les A. and Hall, Wendy (1999) Integrating Link Resolution Services using Query Routing At 5th Workshop on Open Hypermedia Systems (OHS5), ACM Hypertext'99 Conference. , pp. 17-22.

Dobie, Mark R., Tansley, Robert H., Joyce, Dan W., Weal, Mark J., Lewis, Paul H. and Hall, Wendy, (1999) A Flexible Architecture for Content and Concept Based Multimedia Information Exploration Harper, David J. and Eakins, John P. (eds.) At The Challenge of Image Retrieval, Newcastle, 1999. , pp. 1-12.

Dobie, Mark R., Tansley, Robert H., Joyce, Dan W., Weal, Mark J., Lewis, Paul H. and Hall, Wendy (1999) MAVIS 2: A New Approach to Content and Concept Based Navigation At Proceedings of the IEE Colloquim on Multimedia Databases and MPEG-7. , 9/1--9/5.

Duncan, Pete, O'Hara, Kieron, Morton, Richard, Sandham, Andy and Caton, Hope (1999) Tomb Raider IV: The Last Revelation (script)

Dupplaw, David, Lewis, Paul and Dobie, Mark, Harper, David and Eakins, John (eds.) (1999) Spatial Colour Matching for Content Based Retrieval and Navigation

Duranceau, Ellen and Harnad, Stevan (1999) Electronic Journal Forum: Resetting Our Intuition Pumps for the Online-Only Era: AConversation With Stevan Harnad.

Elliott, T and Shadbolt, N. R (1999) A Neurotrophic Model of the Development of the Retinogeniculocortical Pathway Induced by Spontaneous Retinal Waves The Jounal of Neuroscience, 19, (18), pp. 7951-7970.

Grant, Michael G., Nixon, Mark S. and Lewis, Paul H. (1999) Finding Continuous-Model Moving Shapes by Evidence Gathering At IEE Colloquium "Motion Analysis and Tracking. , 14/1-14/4.

Grant, Michael G., Nixon, Mark S. and Lewis, Paul H., (1999) Finding Moving Shapes by Continuous-Model Evidence Gathering Pridmore, Tony and Elliman, David (eds.) At Proceedings British Machine Vision Conference 1999, BMVC99. , pp. 554-563.

Griffiths, Jon-Paul, Reich, Sigi and Davis, Hugh C., (1999) The ContentSpec Protocol: Providing Document Management Services for OHP Will, U.K. (ed.) At Proceedings of the 5th Workshop on Open Hypermedia Systems. , 29--33.

Hammersley, M., Shadbolt, N. R., Golightly, D. A., Cottam, H. D. and Riley, P. H. (1999) Knowledge Engineering for Web Based Knowledge Management: A Case Study from Rolls Royce plc Knowledge Management, 12

Harnad, Stevan (1999) Advancing Science By Self-Archiving Refereed Research Science (on-line dEbates)

Harnad, Stevan (1999) Comments on Harol Varmus's 1999 E-Biomed Proposal

Harnad, Stevan (1999) Free at Last: The Future of Peer-Reviewed Journals D-Lib Magazine, 5, (12)

Harnad, Stevan, (1999) The Future of Scholarly Skywriting Scammell, A. (ed.) In "i in the Sky: Visions of the information future". Aslib/IMI., pp. 216-218.

Harnad, Stevan (1999) Online archive must serve authors as well as publishers Nature, 401(67, p. 423.

Harnad, Stevan (1999) Why I... believe that intelligence can be measured...

Heath, I., Hall, W., Crowder, R.M. and Wills, G. (1999) The application of a hypermedia research system in industry At 10th ACM conf. on Hypertext and Hypermedia, Darmstadt. , pp. 203-4.

Hey, J.M.N. and Wissenburg, A. (1999) Modelling the hybrid library: Project MALIBU The New Review of Information and Library Research, 4

Hughes, GV, Wills, GB, Carr, LA, Hall, W and Hey, AJG (1999) User Centred Approach to Academic Information Management on the WWW University of Southampton

Hughes, Gareth, Hall, Wendy, Hey, Tony and Carr, Les (1999) Academic information management: an open linking approach At Proceedings of WebNet 99 World Conference on the WWW and Internet 1999. , pp. 526-531.

Hughes, Rebecca and O'Hara, Kieron, (1999) Cheever?s ?The Swimmer? and the Abstract Standpoint of Kantian Moral Philosophy Hadfield, Andrew, Rainsford, Dominic and Woods, Tim (eds.) At Literature and Ethics. , pp. 101-15.

Joyce, Dan W. and Lewis, Paul H. (1999) Connectionist Models for Learning Choice Behaviour in Reactive Software At Proceedings of the IASTED International Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Soft Computing. , pp. 437-42.

Joyce, Dan W. and Lewis, Paul H. (1999) Modelling Learning for Intelligent Software Agents: A Connectionist Approach At Proceedings of the Second Workshop on Intelligent Virtual Agents. , pp. 143-46.

Khoja, Shakeel (1999) Video Database Management System. A Mini thesis submitted for transfer of registration from M-Phil to PhD. University of Southampton, ECS, Masters Thesis .

Khoja, Shakeel A and Hall, Wendy (1999) Thematic Video Indexing to support video database retrieval and query processing At Multimedia Storage and Archiving Systems IV. , pp. 371-380.

Khoja, Shakeel A and Hall, Wendy (1999) tvDBMS - A video database management system incorporating a thematic indexing model At ACM Multimedia 99. , pp. 193-194.

Kuan, Joseph K. P., Joyce, Dan W. and Lewis, Paul H. (1999) Texture Content-Based Retrieval Using Content Descriptions At Storage and Retrieval for Image and Video Databases VII. , 75--85.

Kuan, Joseph K. P. and Lewis, Paul H. (1999) A Study on Data Point Search for HG-Tree Journal of ACM SIGMOD Record, 28, (1), pp. 90-6.

Lewis, P.H., Davis, H.C., Dobie, M.R. and Hall, W (1999) Using Image Content for retrieval and Navigation Journal of History and Computing, 10, (1), 112--119.

Lewis, P.H., Hall, W, Carr, L.A. and DeRoure, D. (1999) The Significance of Linking ACM Surveys, 31, (4es)

Michaelides, Danius, Moreau, Luc and DeRoure, David (1999) A Uniform Approach to Programming the World Wide Web Computer Systems Science and Engineering, 14, (2), pp. 69-81.

Millard, David, Reich, Siegfried and Davis, Hugh (1999) Dynamic Service Discovery and Invocation in OHP At 5th Workshop on Open Hypermedia Systems, ACM Hypertext '99 Conference, Available as Report No. CS-99-01 from the Dept. of Computer Science, 6700 Aalborg University Esbjerg, Denmark, Germany. 21 - 25 Feb 1999. , pp. 38-42.

Milton, N., Shadbolt, N. R., Cottam, H. and Hammersley, M. (1999) Towards a Knowledge Technology for Knowledge Management International Journal of Human-Computer Studies, 53, (3), pp. 615-64.

Moreau, Luc (1999) Distributed Directory Service and Message Router for Mobile Agents University of Southampton

Moreau, Luc (1999) Implementation and Performance Evaluation of a Distributed Garbage Collection Algorithm At Proceedings of International Workshop on Parallel and Distributed Computing for Symbolic and Irregular Applications, PDCSIA'99. , 22p.

Moreau, Luc and Duprat, Jean (1999) A Construction of Distributed Reference Counting s.n.

Moreau, Luc, Queinnec, Christian, Ribbens, Daniel and Serrano, Manuel (1999) Recueil de petits problèmes en Scheme, Springer (Collection Scopos).

Moreno, José A. and Egea, Adriana G., (1999) An evolutionary cellular program on the solution of the travelling salesman problem Mühlenbein, H. and Ochoa, A. (eds.) In Proceedings of the Second International Symposium on Artificial Intelligence - Adaptive Systems, ISAS’99. Academia., pp. 236-241.

Peebles, D., Cheng, P.C-H. and Shadbolt, N. R., (1999) Multiple Processes in Graph-based Reasoning Hahn, M. and Stoness, S. S. (eds.) At Proceeding of the Twenty First Annual Conference of the Cognitive Society. , pp. 531-536.

Portinale, Luigi, Torasso, Pietro and Correndo, Gianluca (1999) Knowledge Representation and Reasoning for Fault Identification in a Space Robot Arm At Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and Automation in Space.

Queinnec, Christian and Moreau, Luc (1999) Graceful Disconnection At Proceedings of International Workshop on Parallel and Distributed Computing for Symbolic and Irregular Applications, PDCSIA'99. , 11p.

Reich, S and Davis, H.C. (1999) The need for an open hypertext protocol ACM SIGWEB Newsletter, 8, (1), pp. 21-23.

Reich, SiegFried, Carr, Leslie, De Roure, David and Hall, Wendy (1999) Where have you been from here? Trails in hypertext systems Where have you been from here? Trails in hypertext systems, 31

Reich, Sigi, Griffiths, Jon-Paul, Millard, David and Davis, Hugh C. (1999) Solent --- a Platform for Distributed Open Hypermedia Applications At Database and Expert Systems Applications. 10th Intl. Conference, DEXA 99, Florence, Italy. , pp. 802-811.

Reich, Sigi, Millard, David E. and Davis, Hugh C., (1999) Naming in OHP Wiil, Uffe K. (ed.) At Proceedings of the 5th Workshop on Open Hypermedia Systems, ACM Hypertext '99 Conference, Darmstadt, Germany, February 21-25. , 43--47.

Saunders, D., Cupitt, J., Pillay, R. and Martinez, K., (1999) Maintaining colour accuracy in images transferred across the Internet MacDonald, L. and Luo, M.R. (eds.) In Colour Imaging - Vision and Technology. John Wiley., pp. 215-231.

Shadbolt, N. R. and Milton, N. (1999) From Knowledge Engineering to Knowledge Management British Journal of Management

Shadbolt, N. R., O'Hara, K. and Crow, L. (1999) The Experimental Evaluation of Knowledge Acquisition Techniques and Methods: History, Problems and New Directions International Journal of Human-Computer Studies, 51, (4), pp. 729-755.

Shadbolt, Nigel, O'Hara, Kieron and Crow, Louise (1999) The Experimental Evaluation of Knowledge Acquisition Techniques and Methods: History, Problems and New Directions International Journal of Human-Computer Studies, 51, (4), pp. 729-55.

Speel, P., Shadbolt, N. R., Vries, W., Dam, P. Van and O'Hara, K. (1999) Knowledge Mapping for Industrial Purposes At Twelfth Workshop on Knowledge Acquisition, Modelling Management (KAW'99). , 2.7.

Speel, Piet-Hein, Shadbolt, Nigel, Vries, Wouter de, Dam, Piet Hein van and O'Hara, Kieron (1999) Knowledge Mapping for Industrial Purposes At Proceedings of 11th Banff Knowledge Acquisition for Knowledge-Based Systems Workshop.

Telma, Mota, Hellemans, Patrick, Tiropanis, Thanassis, Canal, Gianni and Lago, Patricia (1999) TINA as a virtual market place for telecommunication and information services: the VITAL experiment In TINA '99 - Telecommunications Information Networking Architecture Conference Proceedings. Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers..

Wills, Gary, Hughes, Gareth, Martinez, Kirk and Hall, Wendy (1999) Practical aspects of capturing the Turing Archive University of Southampton , Southampton, GB (Electronics and Computer Science Technical Reports, ECSTR-MM99-7).

Wills, Gary B., Heath, Ian, Crowder, Richard M. and Hall, Wendy (1999) User Evaluation of an Industrial Hypermedia Application. University of Southampton

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