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Alani, Harith, Jones, Christopher and Tudhope, Douglas (2001) Voronoi-Based Region Approximation for Geographical Information Retrieval with Gazetteers International Journal of Geographical Information Science, 15, (4), pp. 287-306.

Alonso, Eduardo, Colton, Simon, Kodenko, Daniel, Moreau, Luc, Schroeder, Michael and Stathis, Kostas, Alonso, Eduardo, Colton, Simon, Kodenko, Daniel, Schroeder, Michael, Stathis, Kostas and Moreau, Luc(eds.) (2001) Special Issue on Agents Journal of the Society for Artificial Intelligence and Social Behaviour, 1, (1)

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Cangelosi, Angelo and Harnad, Stevan (2001) The Adaptive Advantage of Symbolic Theft Over Sensorimotor Toil: Grounding Language in Perceptual Categories Evolution of Communication, 4, (1), pp. 117-142.

Cheng, Peter, Cupt, James and Shadbolt, Nigel (2001) Supporting diagrammatic knowledge acquisition: an ontological analysis of Cartesian graphs International Journal of Human Computer Studies, 54, (4), pp. 457-94.

Crow, L. R. and Shadbolt, N. R. (2001) Extracting Focused Knowledge from the Semantic Web International Journal of Human- Computer Studies, 54, (1), pp. 155-84.

Dent, V.F., Hall, W., Harris, S., Hey, J. and Martinez, K. (2001) Agent Technology concepts in a heterogeneous distributed searching environment VINE, (123), pp. 55-63.

Elliott, Terry, Maddison, Adam C and Shadbolt, Nigel R (2001) Competitive anatomical and physiological plasticity: A neurotrophic bridge. Biological Cybernetics, 84, pp. 13-22.

Elliott, Terry and Shadbolt, Nigel R (2001) Growth and repair: Instantiating a biologically-inspired model of neuronal development on the Khepera robot. Robotics and Autonomous Systems, 36, pp. 149-169.

Harnad, Stevan (2001) AAAS's Response: Too Little, Too Late Science dEbates

Harnad, Stevan (2001) Explaining the Mind: Problems, Problems The Sciences, 41, (2), pp. 36-43.

Harnad, Stevan (2001) The (Refereed) Literature-Liberation Movement New Scientist, 2292, p. 53.

Harnad, Stevan (2001) Research Access, Impact and Assessment Times Higher Education Supplement, 1487, p. 16.

Harnad, Stevan (2001) The Self-Archiving Alternative. Nature WebDebates Nature WebDebates

Harnad, Stevan (2001) The Self-Archiving Initiative Nature, 410, pp. 1024-1025.

Harnad, Stevan (2001) Six Proposals for Freeing the Refereed Literature Online: A Comparison Ariadne

Harnad, Stevan (2001) There Is Only One Mind/Body Problem (Abstract) Journal of Psychology, 27(3-4, p. 521.

Harnad, Stevan (2001) Trasformazioni al Passo con i Tempi Ricerca Roche, 31, pp. 22-25.

Harnad, Stevan, Carr, Les and Brody, Tim (2001) How and Why to Free All Refereed Research from Access- and Impact-Barriers, Now How and Why To Free All Refereed Research High Energy Physics Library Webzine, 4

Hartel, Pieter H. and Moreau, Luc (2001) Formalising the Safety of Java, the Java Virtual Machine and Java Card ACM Computing Surveys, 33, (4), p. 517.

Moreau, Luc (2001) Distributed Directory Service and Message Routing for Mobile Agents Science of Computer Programming, 39, (2--3), p. 249.

Moreau, Luc (2001) Tree rerooting in distributed garbage collection: implementation and performance evaluation Higher-Order and Symbolic Computation, 14, (4), p. 357.

Moreau, Luc and Duprat, Jean (2001) A construction of distributed reference counting Acta Informatica, 37, pp. 563-595. (doi:10.1007/PL00013315).

Shadbolt, N. R. (2001) Knowledge Technologies Ingenia, The Royal Academy of Engineering, (8), pp. 58-61.

Tudhope, D., Alani, H. and Jones, C. (2001) Augmenting thesaurus relationships: possibilities for retrieval Journal of Digital Information, 1, (8)


Davis, H.C, Douglas, Yellowlees and Duran, David G (eds.) (2001) Hypertext 2001. Proceedings of the Twelfth ACM Conference on Hypertext and Hypermedia, ACM Press

Cousot, P., Fajstrup, L., Goubault, E., Gunawardena, J., Herlihy, M. and Raussen, M. (eds.) (2001) Proceedings of the 3rd Workshop on Geometric and Topological Methods in Concurrency Theory, GETCO 2001, ENTCS vol. 52(2), Elsevier

Blagrove, M, Harnad, S, Pace-Schott, E.F. and Solms, M (eds.) (2001) Sleep and Dreaming: Scientific Advances and Reconsiderations, Cambridge University Press

Book Section

Beales, Richard, Cruickshank, Don, De Roure, David, Gibbins, Nick, Juby, Ben, Michaelides, Danius T. and Page, Kevin R. (2001) The Pipeline of Enrichment: Supporting Link Creation for Continuous Media In, Openness, Structural Awareness, and Adaptivity: International Workshops. Hypermedia: Openness, Structural Awareness, and Adaptivity (International Workshops OHS-7, SC-3 and AH-3) Springer-Verlag pp. 47-58. (Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS), 2266).

Glaser, H., Hartel, P. H., Leuschel, M. and Martin, A. (2001) Declarative Languages in Education In, Kent, Allen and Williams, James G (eds.) Encyclopedia of Microcomputers. Encyclopaedia of Microcomputers Marcel Dekker Inc, New York pp. 79-102.

Harnad, Stevan (2001) Mind, Machines and Searle II: What's Wrong and Right About Searle's Chinese Room Argument? In, Bishop, M. and Preston, J. (eds.) Essays on Searle's Chinese Room Argument. Oxford University Press

Conference or Workshop Item

Barbanera, F., Dezani, M., Salvo, I. and Sassone, V. (2001) A Type Inference Algorithm for Secure Ambients At Theory of Concurrency, Higher Order and Types, TOSCA Workshop 2001.. , 19 pp.

Bruni, R. and Sassone, V., (2001) Two Algebraic Process Semantics for Contextual Nets Ehrig, H., Juhäs, G., Padberg, J. and Rozenberg, G. (eds.) At Unifying Petri Nets. , pp. 427-456.

Buscemi, M. and Sassone, V. (2001) High-Level Petri Nets as Type Theories in the Join Calculus At Foundations of Software Science and Computation Structures, FOSSACS 2001.. , pp. 104-120.

Carr, Les, Hitchcock, Steve, Hall, Wendy and Harnad, Stevan, (2001) Enhancing OAI Metadata for Eprint Services: two proposals Brody, T., Jiao, Z., Hitchcock, S., Carr, L. and Harnad, S. (eds.) At Experimental OAI-based Digital Library Systems Workshop. , pp. 54-59.

Carr, Leslie, Hall, Wendy, Bechhofer, Sean and Goble, Carole (2001) Conceptual Linking: Ontology-based Open Hypermedia At Tenth International World Wide Web Conference, Hong Kong, May 1-5. , pp. 334-342.

Chan, Stephen, Martinez, Kirk, Lewis, Paul, Lahanier, C. and Stevenson, J., (2001) Handling Sub-Image Queries in Content-Based Retrieval of High Resolution Art Images Bearman, David and Garzotto, Franca (eds.) At International Cultural Heritage Informatics Meeting. , pp. 157-163.

Cruickshank, Don, Moreau, Luc and Roure, David De (2001) Architectural Design of a Multi-Agent System for Handling Metadata Streams At The fifth ACM International Conference on Autonomous Agents. , 505--512.

Cruickshank, Don, Roure, David De, Hughes, Gareth, Page, Kevin, Millard, David, Moreau, Luc and Weal, Mark, (2001) Using continuous metadata to aid navigation of ontological and temporal information spaces Reich, Sigi (ed.) At Posters and Demonstrations Proceedings of the Twelth ACM Conference on Hypertext and Hypermedia (Hypertext '01). , p. 17.

Davis, H.C. and White, S.A., (2001) Linking Experiences: Issues Raised Developing Linkservices for Resource Based Learning and Teaching Okamoto, T., Hartley, R., Kinshuk, None and Klus, J (eds.) At Second IEEE International Conference on Advanced Learning Technologies, United States. , 0401-0405.

Davis, HC, Carr, LA, Cooke, EC and White, SA (2001) Managing Diversity: Experiences Teaching Programming Principles At The 2nd LTSN-ICS Annual Conference. 28 - 30 Aug 2001.

Davis, HC, White, SA and Dickens, KP (2001) Focusing on the Question: an XML Testbank At The 8th International Conference ALT-C.

El-Beltagy, Samhaa, Hall, Wendy, Roure, David De and Carr, Leslie (2001) Linking in Context At Proc The Twelfth ACM Conference on Hypertext and Hypermedia (Hypertext '01). , pp. 151-160.

Elliott, T., (2001) Spin glass structure of a neurotrophic model of neuronal development Zhang, L. and Gu, F. (eds.) At Proceedings of teh 8th International Conference on Neural Information Processing 2001. , pp. 815-821.

Field, Adam, Hartel, Pieter and Mooij, Wim (2001) Personal DJ, an Architecture for Personalised Content Delivery At World Wide Web Conference 2001.

Gibbins, Nicholas and Hall, Wendy (2001) Scalability Issues for Query Routing Service Discovery At Proceedings of the Second Workshop on Infrastructure for Agents, MAS and Scalable MAS. , pp. 209-217.

Henderson, Peter, Crouch, Stephen and Walters, Robert John (2001) Inconsistency Tolerance across Enterprise Solutions At 8th IEEE Workshop on Future Trends of Distributed Computing Systems. , pp. 164-169.

Hitchcock, Steve and Hall, Wendy, (2001) How Dynamic E-journals can Interconnect Open Access Archives Hubler, Arved, Linde, Peter and Smith, John W. T. (eds.) At Electronic Publishing '01: 2001 in the Digital Publishing Odyssey. , pp. 183-193.

Jones, Christopher B., Alani, Harith and Tudhope, Douglas (2001) Geographical Information Retrieval with Ontologies of Place At Proceedings of the International Conference on Spatial Information Theory: Foundations of Geographic Information Science (COSIT), United States. , pp. 322-335.

Leonard, Thomas and Glaser, Hugh, (2001) Large scale acquisition and maintenance from the web without source access Handschuh, Siegfried, Dieng-Kuntz, Rose and Staab, Steffan (eds.) At Workshop 4, Knowledge Markup and Semantic Annotation, K-CAP 2001. , pp. 97-101.

Michaelides, Danius T., Millard, David E., Weal, Mark J. and De Roure, David C. (2001) Auld Leaky: A Contextual Open Hypermedia Link Server At The 7th Workshop on Open Hypermedia Systems, ACM Hypertext 2001 Conference, Denmark.

Middleton, Stuart Edward, Roure, David C. De and Shadbolt, Nigel R. (2001) Capturing knowledge of user preferences: ontologies in recommender systems At conference; 2001-10-01.

Miles-Board, Timothy, Kampa, Simon, Carr, Les and Hall, Wendy (2001) Hypertext in the Semantic Web At Twelfth ACM Conference on Hypertext and Hypermedia (HT'01), Denmark. 14 - 18 Aug 2001. , pp. 237-238.

Moreau, Luc, Tan, Victor and Gibbins, Nicholas (2001) Transparent Migration of Mobile Agents At IEE Seminar: Mobile Agents --- Where are They Going?. , 2/1--2/11.

Nielsen, M., Sassone, V. and Srba, J. (2001) Properties of Distributed Time Arc Petri Nets At Foundation of Software Technology and Theoretical Computer Science, FST&TCS 2001.. , pp. 280-291.

Nielsen, M., Sassone, V. and Srba, J. (2001) Towards a Notion of Distributed Time for Petri Nets At 22nd International Conference on Application and Theory of Petri Nets, ICATPN 2001.. , pp. 23-31.

O'Hara, Kieron and Shadbolt, Nigel (2001) Issues for an Ontology for Knowledge Valuation At Proceedings of the IJCAI-01 Workshop on E-Business and the Intelligent Web.

Page, Kevin, Juby, Ben, Beales, Richard and Roure, David De (2001) Continuous Metadata At Proceedings of the 2nd Annual PostGraduate Symposium on The Convergence of Telecommunications, Networking & Broadcasting. , pp. 264-9.

Page, Kevin R., Cruickshank, Don and De Roure, David (2001) It's About Time: Link Streams as Continuous Metadata At The Twelfth ACM Conference on Hypertext and Hypermedia (Hypertext '01). , pp. 93-102.

Tan, Hock Kim and Moreau, Luc, (2001) Mobile Code for Key Propagation Fischer, Klaus and Hutter, Dieter (eds.) At First International Workshop on Security of Mobile MultiAgent Systems (SEMAS'2001). , p. 10.

Tan, Hock Kim and Moreau, Luc, (2001) Trust relationships in a mobile agent system Picco, Gian Pietro (ed.) At Fifth IEEE International Conference on Mobile Agents. , 15--30.

Tiropanis, Thanassis (2001) Automating SLA negotiation: a policy-based approach At Tele Management World Conference, France.

Tiropanis, Thanassis (2001) Using a generic policy-based infrastructure for implementing business processes At Tele Management World Conference, United States.

Weal, Mark J., Hughes, Gareth V., Millard, David E. and Moreau, Luc (2001) Open Hypermedia as a Navigational Interface to Ontological Information Spaces At Twelfth ACM Conference on Hypertext and Hypermedia, Denmark. , pp. 227-236.

Weal, Mark J., Millard, David E., Michaelides, Danius T. and Roure, David C. De (2001) Building Narrative Structures Using Context Based Linking At In Hypertext '01. Proceddings of the Twelfth ACM conference on Hypertext, Aarhus, Denmark.. , pp. 37-38.

Wellington, S.J., Davis, H.C. and White, S.A. (2001) Populating the Testbank: Experiences within the Electrical and Electronic Engineering Curriculum At The 5th International Computer Assisted Assessment Conference..


Carr, Les, Kampa, Simon and Miles-Board, Timothy (2001) MetaPortal Final Report: Building Ontological Hypermedia with the OntoPortal Framework s.n.

De Roure, D., Jennings, N. R. and Shadbolt, N. R. (2001) Research Agenda for the Semantic Grid: A Future e-Science Infrastructure s.n.

Harnad, Stevan (2001) Harnad on Dennett on Chalmers on Consciousness: The Mind/Body Problem is the Feeling/Function Problem s.n.

Hartel, Pieter H. and Moreau, Luc (2001) Formalising the safety of Java, the Java Virtual Machine and Java Card University of Twente, TR-CTIT-01-07

Kalfoglou, Yannis, Domingue, John, Carr, Leslie, Motta, Enrico, Vargas-Vera, Maria and Shum, Simon Buckingham (2001) On the integration of technologies for capturing and navigating knowledge with ontology-driven services s.n.

Kampa, Simon, Miles-Board, Tim, Carr, Leslie and Hall, Wendy (2001) Linking with Meaning: Ontological Hypertext for Scholars s.n.

O'Hara, Kieron, Shadbolt, Nigel and Buckingham Shum, Simon (2001) The AKT Manifesto s.n.


Alani, Harith, Tudhope, Douglas and Jones, Christopher B. (2001) Spatial and Thematic Ontology in Cultural Heritage Information Systems University of Southampton Doctoral Thesis .

Khoja, Shakeel (2001) Thematic Indexing in Video Databases University of Southampton, ECS, Doctoral Thesis .

Miles-Board, Timothy (2001) An Annotative Approach to Better Hyperauthoring and Associative Linking University of Southampton, Electronics and Computer Science, Doctoral Thesis .

Tiropanis, Thanassis (2001) Architectural considerations for managing mobility University College London, Computer Science, Doctoral Thesis .


Elliott, T. (2001) D'Arcy Wentworth Thompson, inter-individual variation, and postnatal neuronal growth

Harnad, Stevan (2001) The Budapest Open Access Initiative Self-Archiving FAQ

Harnad, Stevan (2001) Spielberg's AI: Another Cuddly No-Brainer

O'Hara, Kieron and Crow, Louise (2001) Review of Gordon Graham 'The Internet: A Philosophical Inquiry'

Sassone, V. (2001) An introduction to the ?-calculus - Model, Variations, Semantics (talk)

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