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Amir-Azizi, S, Hey, A J G and Morris, T R (1987) Quantum Fractals At Complex Systems 1, 923.

Argles, David (1987) Control in Education At Lecture tour for Oregon State Teachers Institute, United States.

Argles, David (1987) Using "Controller" At Lecture tour for Hampshire Local Education Authority, United Kingdom.

Barendregt, H. P., van Eekelen, M. C. J. D., Hartel, P. H., Hertzberger, L. O., Plasmeijer, M. J. and Vree, W. G. (1987) The Dutch parallel reduction machine project Future Generation Computer Systems, 3, (4), pp. 261-270.

Cheng, NT, Steele, R, Lam, R, Wong, KHH and Wong, KHJ (1987) Comparison of speech performance for the same BERs in FDMA and CD900 Systems Default journal, 7.1-7.9.

Chia, STS, Steele, R, Green, E and Baran, A (1987) Propagation and Bit Error Ratio Measurements for a Microcellular System IERE Journal, 57, (6(Supp), pp. 255-266.

Cleverly, C, Walters, P, Bhandal, AS and Steele, R (1987) Transmission of ISDN signals over mobile radio channels using BPSK decision feedback equlaisation and Reed Solomon coding Default journal, 2.1-2.7.

Coddington, P.D., Hey, A.J.G., Mandula, J.E. and Ogilvie, M. (1987) The Lattice Photon Propagator Physics Letters B, 197, (1-2), pp. 191-194. (doi:10.1016/0370-2693(87)90366-2).

Edmunds, G. (1987) Pilot Study on Automatic Grading of Programming Exercises s.n.

Gharavi, H and Steele, R (1987) Noiseless encoding of speech signals IEE Proceedings, 134, (6), pp. 533-538.

Glendinning, I and Hey, A J G, (1987) Transputer Arrays as FORTRAN Farms for Particle Physics Ash, W (ed.) At Proceedings of the International Conference on Computing in High Energy Physics. , p. 367.

Godsil, C. and Shawe-Taylor, J. (1987) Distance-reguralised Graphs are Distance-regular or Distance-biregular Journal of Combinatorial Theory. Series B, 43, (1), pp. 14-24.

Green, A, Baran, A, Chia, STS and Steele, R (1987) Propagation Measurements for Highway and City Microcells At Proceedings of IERE Fourth Int. Conf on Land Mobile Radio. , pp. 89-95.

Hall, W, (1987) The Art of Programming Rahtz, S (ed.) In Information Technology in the Humanities. Ellis-Horword..

Hall, W and Layman, J, (1987) Implementing Problem Solving in the Curriculum using Computer Simulation Moonen, J and Plomp, T (eds.) At Developments in Educational Software and Courseware, Proceedings of EURIT'86, University of Twente, Netherlands, May 1986. , pp. 361-368.

Hall, W and Lovegrove, G (1987) Where Have All the Girls Gone? University Computing, pp. 207-210.

Hartel, P. H. (1987) Experimental parallel reduction machine user manual s.n.

Hey, A J G (1987) Lattice Gauge Theory - An Introductory Review At Surveys in High Energy Physics 5, 287.

Hey, A J G (1987) Quarks, Transputers and Computational Physics At SERC Bulletin 3, No 8.

Hey, A J G, Fox, G C and Otto, S W (1987) Matrix Algorithms on a Hypercube 1: Matrix Multiplication

Hobbs, L.M. (1987) Automatic generation of database schema University of Southampton, Electronics and Computer Science, Doctoral Thesis , 209pp.

Hughes, J.F. (1987) Absolute measurement of toner charge-to-mass ratio under simulated copying machine conditions Default journal, pp. 57-62.

Hughes, J.F. (1987) Electrostatic Agglomeration of particles Electrical Power Engineer, pp. 282-3.

Hughes, J.F. (1987) Electrostatic Powder Coating Default journal, 4, pp. 881-91.

Hughes, J.F. (1987) Electrostatic Powder Coating: First Edition Default journal, 4, pp. 881-91.

Hughes, J.F. and Richardson, R. B. (1987) Electrostatic Agglomeration of Particles , pp. 337-42.

Lam, W H and Steele, R (1987) Combined Space and Adaptive Correlation Diversity in the CD900 System IEE Electronics Letters, 23, (10), pp. 496-498.

Lam, W H and Steele, R (1987) Diversity Techniques for the CD900 System At Workshop on Digital Mobile Telephony. , pp. 48-57.

Lam, WH and Steele, R (1987) Adaptive Correlation Diversity of Wideband TDMA Mobile Radio At IEEE Melecon'87 34th Congress on Electronics. , pp. 141-144.

Lam, WH and Steele, R (1987) Spread spectrum communications using diversity in an urban mobile environment Default journal, 6.1-6.11.

Minkowitz, C. and Henderson, P., (1987) A Formal Description of Object-Oriented Programming Using VDM Airchinnigh, M. Mac an, Bjørner, D., Jones, C. B. and Neuhold, E. J. (eds.) At VDM-Europe Symposium on VDM - A Formal Method at Work, LNCS 252. , pp. 237-259.

Mitchell, Bill and Eccles, Peter J. (1987) Splitting the two localised suspension of CP infinity cross product with CP infinity Quarterly Journal of Mathematics, 39, pp. 285-289.

Nunn, D (1987) On the Application of a Suboptimal Broadband Adaptive Beamforming Algorithm to Submarine Hull Mounted Sonar Arrays, Report to Ferranti plc, Cheadle Heath

Nunn, D (1987) A Robust Broadband Null Steering Algorithm for Sonar Arrays, Southampton University, Technical Report

Nunn, D (1987) A Suboptimal Frequency Domain Adaptive Antenna Processing Algorithm for Broadband Environments, Proc IEE , pp. 341-351.

Potter, AR, Green, E, Baran, A, Chia, S and Steele, R (1987) The Use of Microcellular Techniques to Enhance the Capacity of a Cellular Radio Network At Int. Conf on Digital Land Mobile Radio Communications.

Shawe-Taylor, J. (1987) Automorphism Groups of Primitive Distance-bitransitive Graphs are Almost Simple European Journal of Combinatorics, 8, pp. 187-197.

Shawe-Taylor, J. (1987) Automorphism Groups of Primitive Distance-bitransitive Graphs are Almost Simple European Journal of Combinatorics, 8, (2), pp. 187-197.

Shawe-Taylor, J. (1987) Information and its Relation to Formalisms for the Complexities of the Real World Journal of Information Technology, 2, (3), pp. 151-155.

Shawe-Taylor, John (1987) The Semantics and Open Set Analysis of a First Order Programming Language Imperial College, University of London, Mathematics : Imperial College, University of London, Masters Thesis .

Steele, R (1987) Digital Cellular Mobile Radio Scene in Europe At Proceedings of ISEDECS'87, IIT. , pp. 155-157.

Steele, R (1987) Digital Microcellular Radio Systems At XXIInd General Assembly of the International Union of Radio Science.

Steele, R, Sundberg, CE and Wong, WC (1987) Log PM via QAM over Gaussian and Rayleigh Fading Channels At Proceedings of IEEE ICC'87.

Steele, R, Sundberg, CE and Wong, WC (1987) Transmission of Log-PCM via QAM over Gaussian and Rayleigh Fading Channels IEE Proceedings, 134, (6), pp. 539-556.

Sundberg, CE, Wong, WC and Steele, R (1987) Logarithmic PCM Weighted QAM Transmissions over Gaussian and Rayleigh Fading Channels IEE Proceedings, 134, (6), pp. 557-570.

Wassell, IJ, Steele, R, Bhandal, AS, Walters, P and Streeton, M (1987) Performance of a NB-TDMA mobile radio linki using DPM, Viterbi eqalisation and channel coding Default journal, 5.1-5.9.

Wong, KHH and Steele, R (1987) Transmission of Digital Speech in Highway Microcells IERE Journal, 57, (6(Supp), pp. 245-254.

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