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(2005) Art Plus 06: Award scheme for art in public places.

(2005) Jari Silomaki: My unopened letters and UK weather diary.

(2005) John Gibbons Charles Tyrrell.

(2005) Law of Large Numbers (installation).

(2005) Liverpool Biennial: Le Petit Paysage.

D'Souza, Robert and Blamey, David (eds.) (2005) Living pictures: perspectives on the film poster in India, London, GB, Open Editions, 260pp.

(2005) Made in UK.

(2005) no-one's not from everywhere, (Exhibition Version).

(2005) ‘North, South, East and West, John Gibbons, New Work’: Sculpture in the Workplace.

(2005) Pencil (a drawing show).

Wyeth, Paul and Janaway, Rob (eds.) (2005) Scientific Analysis of Ancient and Historic Textiles: Informing preservation, display and interpretation, London, UK, Archetype Publications, 266pp.

(2005) Sculpture in the Close 2005.

(2005) Seamless Circle.

(2005) Tom Bendhem: Collector.

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Bruton, Jo (2005) Variety.

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Hemmings, Jessica (2005) Extreme textiles at the Cooper-Hewitt, New York (exhibition review). Selvedge

Hemmings, Jessica (2005) Playtime: Maria Blaisse. Selvedge

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Padovani, Clio (2005) Blanc de Blanc.

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Silomäki, Jari, Medley, Susie (ed.) (2005) My Weather Diary My Unopened Letters, Winchester, UK, The Winchester Gallery, 84pp.

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