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Alegria, Carlos Feio Gama (2001) All-fibre devices for WDM optical communications. University of Southampton, Department of Electronics and Computer Science, Doctoral Thesis , 253pp.

Brambilla, Gilberto (2001) An investigation of the physical properties and fabrication techniques of novel glasses and waveguides with enhanced photosensitivity. University of Southampton, Department of Electronics and Computer Science, Doctoral Thesis .

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Veres, S.M., Baramov, L., Tutty, O.R. and Rogers, E. (2001) Iterative design for active control of fluid flow. At Proceedings of the European Control Conference 2001 (ECC'01), Portugal. 04 - 07 Sep 2001. , pp. 1434-1439.

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Willoughby, Arthur F.W., Bonar, Janet M., Dan, Aihua and McGregor, Barry M. (2001) Enhanced diffusion following point defect injection into B in SiGe and Si. Defect and Diffusion Forum, 194-199, 717 -722.

de Planque, M.R.R., Goormaghtigh, E., Greathouse, D.V., Koeppe II, R.E., Kruijtzer, J.A.W., Liskamp, R.M.J., de Kruijff, B. and Killian, J.A. (2001) Sensitivity of single membrane-spanning alpha-helical peptides to hydrophobic mismatch with a lipid bilayer: Effects on backbone structure, orientation, and extent of membrane incorporation. Biochemistry, 40, (16), pp. 5000-5010. (doi:10.1021/bi000804r).

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