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Boltryk, P.J., Harris, C.J. and White, N.M. (2005) An Algorithmic Approach to the Optimal Extraction of Signals from Intelligent Sensors. At 2005 NSTI Nanotechnology Conference & Trade Show. 08 - 12 May 2005.

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Coles, Simon J, Frey, Jeremy G, Hursthouse, Michael B, DeRoure, David, Mills, Hugo R, Meacham, Ken E and Surridge, Mike (2005) The role of eScience in service crystallography: the National Crystallography Service Grid facility [Poster]. At British Crystallography Association Annual Meeting 2005. 12 - 14 Apr 2005. 1 pp.

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Hallam, Jonathan and Prügel-Bennett, Adam (2005) Large Barrier Trees For Studying Search. IEEE Evolutionary Computation

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Hellesø, O.G., Grujic, K., Hole, J.P., Jaising, H. and Wilkinson, J.S. (2005) Manipulation of microparticles with integrated optics. At Conference on Integrated Optics - Devices, Materials, and Technologies IX, United States. 23 - 25 Jan 2005. (doi:10.1117/12.647325).

Hey, Jessie M. N., Hitchcock, Steve, Carr, Leslie A. and Brody, Tim (2005) PRESERV (PReservation Eprint SERVices). At JISC Joint Programmes Meeting. 07 - 08 Jul 2005. 1 pp.

Hey, Jessie M.N. (2005) Developing open access with institutional repositories in the UK. At Conference on Open Access to Knowledge. 12 - 13 May 2005.

Hey, Jessie M.N. (2005) Farewell to the TARDis: Embedding an Institutional Repository Project in the Institution. At JISC Joint Programmes Meeting. 07 - 08 Jul 2005.

Hey, Jessie M.N. (2005) Southampton’s Institutional Repository, e-Prints and the Research Context. At LASS ICT for Research Network Seminar Series, University of Southampton. 20 Jun 2005.

Hey, Jessie M.N., Brody, Tim, Hitchcock, Steve and Carr, Leslie A. (2005) PRESERV: Investigating and developing infrastructural digital preservation services for institutional repositories. At 1st International Digital Curation Conference. 29 - 30 Sep 2005.

Hey, Jessie M.N., Hitchcock, Steve, Brody, Tim and Carr, Leslie A. (2005) Digital preservation for Institutional Repositories: building on a collaborative approach. At 9th European Conference on Research and Advanced Technology for Digital Libraries (ECDL 2005). 18 - 23 Sep 2005.

Hey, Jessie M.N., Simpson, Pauline and Carr, Leslie A., (2005) The TARDis Route Map to Open Access: developing an Institutional Repository Model. Dobreva, Milena and Engelen, Jan (eds.) In ELPUB2005 From Author to Reader: Challenges for the Digital Content Chain: Proceedings of the 9th ICCC International Conference on Electronic Publishing, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Leuven-Heverlee, Belgium, 8-10 June 2005. Peeters Publishing., pp. 179-182.

Hitchcock, Steve, Brody, Tim, Hey, Jessie M.N. and Carr, Leslie (2005) Preservation for Institutional Repositories: practical and invisible. At Ensuring Long-term Preservation and Adding Value to Scientific and Technical Data (PV2005). 21 - 23 Nov 2005. 9 pp.

Illingworth, T.C. and Golosnoy, I.O. (2005) Numerical solutions of diffusion-controlled moving boundary problems which conserve solute. Journal of Computational Physics, 209, (1), pp. 207-225. (doi:10.1016/

Kiziroglou, M.E., Zhukov, A.A., Abdelsalam, M., Li, X.L., De Groot, P.A.J., Bartlett, P.N. and De Groot, C.H. (2005) Electrodeposition of Ni-Si Schottky barriers. IEEE Transactions on Magnetics, 41, (10), pp. 2639-2641. (doi:10.1109/TMAG.2005.854737).

Macdonald, A.M., Vaughan, A.S. and Wyeth, P. (2005) Application of confocal Raman spectroscopy to thin polymer layers on highly scattering substrates: a case study of synthetic adhesives on historic textiles. Journal of Raman Spectroscopy, 36, (3), pp. 185-191. (doi:10.1002/jrs.1273).

Maier, Pat, Armstrong, Ray, Hall, Wendy and Ng, Muan Hong (2005) JointZone: users' views of an adaptive online learning resource for rheumatology. Learning, Media and Technology, 30, (3), pp. 281-297. (doi:10.1080/17439880500250485).

Metcalf, C.D., Chappell, P.H., Yule, V. and Burridge, J.H. (2005) Differences in wrist movements during a clinical hand function test. At 4th IEEE EMBSS UK & RI Postgraduate Biomedical Engineering & Medical Physics Conference. 18 - 20 Jul 2005. , pp. 41-42.

Metcalf, C.D., Yule, V.T., Burridge, J.H. and Chappell, P.H. (2005) Enforcing cyclic movements of the upper limb for movement analysis systems. At Bath Hand & Wrist Biomechanics Symposium. 10 Jun 2005. 1 pp.

Montfrooij, W., Aronson, M.C., Rainford, B.D., Mydosh, J.A., Hendrikx, R., Gortenmuller, T., Murani, A.P., Haen, P. and Swainson, I. (2005) The extent of quantum critical fluctuations into the heavy-fermion phase: a neutron scattering study of Ce(Ru1-xFex)(2)Ge-2. Journal of Applied Physics, 97, (10), 10A909-[3pp]. (doi:10.1063/1.1850338).

Netti, C.M., Zoorob, M., Roberts, S., Charlton, M., Parker, G.J., Baumberg, J.J. and Lincoln, N.L. (2005) Octave wide continuum generation in high index planar waveguide by 1.5 mu m femtosecond pump. In Commercial and Biomedical Applications of Ultrafast Lasers V. The International Society for Optical Engineering., pp. 195-199. (doi:10.1117/12.589319).

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Praeger, Matthew, Brocklesby, William S., de Paula, Ana M., Frey, Jeremy, Baumberg, Jeremy J., Netti, Caterina M., Zoorob, Majd E., Perney, Nicholas M.B., Charlton, Martin D.B., Roberts, Stephen W., Wilkinson, James S., Parker, Gregory J. and Lincoln, John R. (2005) Generalised ultrafast dispersion scans of continuum generation induced by sub-50fs chirped pulses in highly nonlinear tapered planar waveguides. At SPIE 5714 : Commercial and Biomedical Applications of Ultrafast Lasers V. 24 - 27 Jan 2005. 8 pp. (doi:10.1117/12.589346).

Pursiainen, O.L.J., Baumberg, J.J., Ryan, K., Bauer, J., Winkler, H., Viel, B. and Ruhl, T. (2005) Compact strain-sensitive flexible photonic crystals for sensors. Applied Physics Letters, 87, (10), 101902-[3pp]. (doi:10.1063/1.2032590).

Robinson, Jamie M., Frey, Jeremy G., Stanford-Clark, Andy J., Reynolds, Andrew D. and Bedi, Bharat V. (2005) Chemistry by Mobile Phone (or how to justify more time at the bar). At UK e-Science All Hands Meeting 2005. 19 - 22 Sep 2005.

Simpson, Pauline and Hey, Jessie (2005) Forward in time: TARDis and the RAE. JISC Inform, No. 8, p.16.

Simpson, Pauline and Hey, Jessie M.N. (2005) Institutional e-Print repositories for research visibility. In, Drake, Miriam (eds.) Encyclopedia of Library and Information Science 2nd ed. USA, Dekker

Simpson, Pauline and Hey, Jessie M.N. (2005) TARDis: From project to embedded Institutional Repository. ASSIGNation, 1, (1), pp. 12-14.

Soares, B.F., MacDonald, K.F., Bashevoy, M., Fedotov, V.A. and Zheludev, N.I. (2005) A single nanoparticle as a femtojoule photonic switch and optical memory element. At Surface Plasmon Photonics 2, Austria. 21 - 26 May 2005.

Tian, Y., Lewin, P.L., Schroeder, G., Wilkinson, J.S. and Sutton, S.J. (2005) Partial discharge measurements on a 400kV cable joint using optical modulation techniques. At 3rd IEE International Conference on Reliability of Transmission and Distribution Networks (RTDN 2005), United Kingdom. 15 - 17 Feb 2005. , pp. 283-286. (doi:10.1049/cp:20050053).

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Uchino, T., Bourdakos, K.N., De Groot,, C.H., Ashburn, P., Kiziroglou, M.E., Dilliway, G.D. and Smith, D.C. (2005) Metal catalyst-free low-temperature carbon nanotube growth on SiGe islands. Applied Physics Letters, 86, (23), 233110-[3pp]. (doi:10.1063/1.1946191).

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Zhukov, A.A., Goncharov, A.V., De Groot,, P.A.J., Ghanem, M.A., El-Hallag, I.S., Bartlett, P.N., Boardman, R., Fangohr, H., Novosad, V. and Karapetrov, G. (2005) Oscillatory thickness dependence of the coercive field in three-dimensional anti-dot arrays from self-assembly. Journal of Applied Physics, 97, (10), 10J701 -[3pp]. (doi:10.1063/1.1847091).

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