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Baker, P., Coggon, D., Reading, I., Barrett, D.S., McLaren, M. and Cooper, C. (2002) Sports injury, occupational physical activity joint laxity and meniscal damage. Journal of Rheumatology, 29, (3), pp. 557-563.

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Müller, Bert, Thurner, Philipp, Beckmann, Felix, Weitkamp, Timm, Rau, Christoph, Bernhardt, Ricardo, Karamuk, Erdal, Eckert, Ludwig, Brandt, J., Buchloh, Stefan, Wintermantel, Erich, Scharnweber, Dieter and Worch, Hartmut, (2002) Nondestructive three-dimensional evaluation of biocompatible materials by microtomography using synchrotron radiation. Bonse, Ulrich (ed.) In Developments in X-Ray Tomography III. International Society for Optical Engineering. 11 pp, pp. 178-188. (doi:10.1117/12.452843).

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Zhang, X., Hayward, D.O. and Mingos, D.M.P. (2002) Oscillatory behaviour during the partial oxidation of methane over nickel foils. Catalysis Letters, 83, (3-4), pp. 149-155. (doi:10.1023/A:1021069510797).

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