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Al-Fetlawi, Hassan Abdul-Zehra Abdul-Yima (2011) Modelling and simulation of all-vanadium redox flow batteries University of Southampton, School of Engineering Sciences, Doctoral Thesis , 193pp.

Anton, L., Li, N. and Luo, K.H. (2011) A study of scalability performance of hybrid mode computation and asynchronous MPI transpose operation in DSTAR At Cray User Group (CUG) 2011, United States. 23 - 26 May 2011.

Armstrong, Lindsay-Marie (2011) CFD modelling of the gas-solid flow dynamics and thermal conversion processes in fluidised beds University of Southampton, School of Engineering Sciences, Doctoral Thesis .

Brunchmuller, J., van Wachem, B.G.M, Gu, S. and Luo, K.H. (2011) Modelling discrete fragmentation of brittle particles Powder Technology, 208, (3), pp. 731-739. (doi:10.1016/j.powtec.2011.01.017).

Jasion, G., Shrimpton, J., Danby, M. and Takeda, K. (2011) Performance of numerical integrators on tangential motion of DEM within implicit flow solvers Computers and Chemical Engineering (doi:10.1016/j.compchemeng.2011.02.017).

Jiang, Xi, Luo, K.H., de Goey, L.P.H., Bastiaans, R.J.M. and van Oijen, J.A. (2011) Swirling and impinging effects in an annular nonpremixed jet flame Applied Scientific Research, 86, (1), pp. 63-88. (doi:10.1007/s10494-010-9287-y).

Monaco, Ernesto (2011) Microphase lattice Boltzmann simulation of microfluidics University of Southampton, School of Engineering Sciences, Doctoral Thesis , 171pp.

Osman, M.H., Shah, A.A. and Walsh, F.C. (2011) Recent progress and continuing challenges in bio-fuel cells. Part I: enzymatic cells. Biosensors & Bioelectronics, 26, (7), 3087 -3102. (doi:10.1016/j.bios.2011.01.004). (PMID:21295964).

Shah, A.A., Luo, K.H., Ralph, T.R. and Walsh, F.C. (2011) Recent trends and developments in polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell modelling Electrochimica Acta, 56, (11), pp. 3731-3757. (doi:10.1016/j.electacta.2010.10.046).

Shah, A.A., Tangirala, R., Singh, R., Wills, R.G.A. and Walsh, F.C. (2011) A dynamic unit cell model of the all-vanadium redox flow battery Journal of the Electrochemical Society, 158, (6), A671-A677. (doi:10.1149/1.3561426).

Xia, J. and Luo, K.H. (2011) Direct numerical simulation study of evaporation effects in combustion suppression by inert droplets Proceedings of the Combustion Institute, 33, (2), pp. 2581-2590. (doi:10.1016/j.proci.2010.07.009).

Xia, J., Luo, K.H. and Zhao, H. (2011) Dynamic large-eddy simulation of droplet effects on a reacting plume in counter-current configuration Combustion Science and Technology, 183, (5), pp. 487-518. (doi:10.1080/00102202.2010.534517).

Young, E., Yang, Y. and Min, H. (2011) Quench characteristics of a Cu-Stabilized 2G HTS conductor IEEE Transactions on Applied Superconductivity, 21, (3), pp. 1-4. (doi:10.1109/TASC.2010.2083615).

Young, E.A., Kulak, A. and Yang, Y. (2011) Thermal–electrical transport of high purity, melt impregnated, polycrystalline MgB2 Superconductor Science and Technology, 24, (8), 085015-[5pp]. (doi:10.1088/0953-2048/24/8/085015).

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