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Bernard, George W. and Gunn, Steven J. (eds.) (2002) Authority and Consent in Tudor England: essays presented to C.S.L. Davies, Aldershot, UK, Ashgate, 312pp.

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Brinkmann, Tobias (2002) Von der Gemeinde zur "Community": Jüdische Einwanderer in Chicago 1840-1900, Osnabrück: Germany: Göttingen: Germany, Universitätsverlag Rasch, Vandenhoeck and Ruprecht Osnabrück, 488pp.

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Levene, Dan (2002) Curse or blessing, what's in the magic bowl? The Parkes Institute 48pp. , Southampton, GB (Parkes Institute Pamphlet, 2).

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Smith, Adrian (2002) Cars, cricket, and Alf Smith: the place of works-based sports and social clubs in the life of mid-twentieth century Coventry International Journal of the History of Sport, 19, (1), pp. 137-150.

Stoyle, Mark (2002) West Britons: Cornish identities and the early modern British state, Exeter, GB, University of Exeter Press, 288pp.

Talbot, Ian (2002) General Pervez Musharraf: saviour or destroyer of Pakistan's democracy? Contemporary South Asia, 11, (3), pp. 311-328. (doi:10.1080/0958493032000057726).

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