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(2003) Elgar complete piano music Elgar Editions EE002 2003.

Izzo, Francesco (ed.) (2003) Sei romanze per voce E pianoforte [6 romances for voice and piano] Luigi Luzzi (1828-1876): Ave Maria; Lia!; La tradita; La derelitta; L’orfana; Carmelita, Bologna, Italy, Ut Orpheus Edizioni, 30pp.

Carboni, Fabio, de Lucca, Valeria and Agostino, Ziino (eds.) (2003) Tullio Cima, Domenico Massenzio e la musica del loro tempo. atti del convegno internazionale, L'Istituto di Bibliografia Musicale, 463pp. (Colloquia / Istituto di bibliografia musicale, 2).

(2003) The World’s First Piano Concertos , Sonnerie. Avie AV0014 2003.

Almeida, Patrícia Manuela Fernandes Sucena (2003) Commentary and portfolio. University of Southampton, School of Humanities, Doctoral Thesis , 505pp.

Almeida, Patrícia Manuela Fernandes Sucena (2003) Commentary and portfolio [Solitudo, Argumentum, Recordatio, Illuminatio, Transfiguratio, Ludus Aeternus, Mens Sana in Corpore Sano, Monstrum Horrendum]. University of Southampton, School of Humanities, Doctoral Thesis , 505pp.

Bretherton, David (2003) In search of Schubert's doppelgänger. The Musical Times, 144, (1884), pp. 45-50.

Brooks, Jeanice (2003) La lecture des airs de cour de Gabriel Bataille: la "nouvelle musique" en France autour de 1600. In, Balsamo, Jean (eds.) Lire à la Renaissance. Reims, France, Université de Reims pp. 135-146. (La Lecture Littéraire, 7).

Brooks, Jeanice (2003) O quelle armonye: dialogue singing in late renaissance France. Early Music History, 22, pp. 1-65. (doi:10.1017/S0261127903003012).

Brooks, Jeanice and Everist, Mark (2003) Giacomo Meyerbeer’s Les Huguenots: staging the history of the French Renaissance. In, Portebois, Yannick and Terpstra, Nicholas (eds.) The Renaissance in the Nineteenth Century: Le XIX e siècle renaissant. Toronto, Canada, Centre for Reformation and Renaissance Studies pp. 121-142. (Essays and Studies, 2, 2).

De Lucca, Valeria and Santucci, Valentina, (2003) Le tre messe di Tullio Cima: prime considerazioni. Carboni, Fabio, De Lucca, Valeria and Agostino, Ziino (eds.) In Tullio Cima, Domenico Massenzio e la Musica del Loro Tempo. L'Istituto di Bibliografia Musicale..

Drabkin, William (2003) Analysis and interpretation: how the recent editions of Haydn string quartets have changed our lives. In, Feder, Georg and Reicher, Walter (eds.) Haydn & das Streichquartett: Internationales Musikwissenschaftliches Symposium, 1m Rahmen des "Haydn Streichquartett Weekend" Eisenstadt, 1-5 Mai 2002. Tutzing, DE, Hans Schneider pp. 169-188. (Eisenstadter Haydn-Berichte, 2).

Drabkin, William (2003) Early Beethoven. In, Marshall, Robert (eds.) Eighteenth-Century Keyboard Music. 2nd Edition. New York, USA, Routledge pp. 359-489. (Routledge Studies in Musical Genres).

Everist, Mark (2003) Fromental Halévy: de l’opéra comique au grand opéra. In, Claudon, Frnacis, de Van, Gilles and Leich-Galland, Karl (eds.) Actes du colloque Fromental Halévy, Paris, Novembre 2000. Actes du colloque Fromental Halévy Weinsberg, DE, Musik-Edition Lucie Galland pp. 93-116. (Études sur l’Opéra Français du xix e Siècle, 5).

Everist, Mark (2003) Review. Le Théâtre de l’Opéra-Comique sous la Restauration: enquête autour d’un genre moyen. Olivier Bara. pp.630. (Musikwissenschaftliche Publikationen, 14. (Olms, Hildesheim, Zurich and New York, 2001, DM158. ISBN 3-487-11273-6.). Mozart-Jahrbuch, 84, (1), pp. 108-110. (doi:10.1093/ml/84.1.108).

Everist, Mark (2003) Review. The Diaries of Giacomo Meyerbeer, iii: 1850-1856. Ed & trans. by Robert Ignatius Letellier. pp. 481. (Fairleigh Dickinson University Press, Madison, NJ and London, 2001, £55. ISBN 0-8386-3844-9). Mozart-Jahrbuch, 84, (3), pp. 496-499. (doi:10.1093/ml/84.3.496).

Everist, Mark, (2003) Translating Weber’s Euryanthe: German Romanticism at the dawn of French grand opéra [abridged version]. Marschall, Gottfried (ed.) In Proceedings: La traduction des livrets: aspects théoriques, historiques et pragmatiques. Presses de l’Université de Paris IV., pp. 269-293.

Fisher, Andrew M.S. (2003) Composition folio: musicals vols. I-IV. University of Southampton, School of Humanities, Doctoral Thesis , 1788pp.

Head, Matthew (2003) Musicology on safari: orientalism and the spectre of postcolonial theory. Music Analysis, 22, (1-2), pp. 211-230. (doi:10.1111/j.0262-5245.2003.00180.x).

Hill, Sarah (2003) All directions were forward from there: The Grateful Dead, San Francisco, and the memory of the 60's. At 39th RMA Annual Conference 2003: Music Historiography. 12 - 14 Sep 2003.

Hill, Sarah (2003) From the new Jerusalem to the secret world: Peter Gabriel and the shifting self. At Practising Popular Music: 12th Biennial ASPM Conference. 01 Jan 2003.

Hughes, Edward Dudley (2003) Portfolio of compositions. University of Southampton, School of Humanities, Doctoral Thesis , 259pp.

Irvine, Thomas (2003) 'Diaologues and conversations', review of Simon P. Keefe, 'Mozart's piano concertos: dramatic dialogue in the age of enlightenment' and Mara Parker, 'The String Quartet 1750-1797: four types of musical conversation'. Early Music, 31, (1), pp. 131-133. (doi:10.1093/earlyj/XXXI.1.131).

Irvine, Thomas (2003) Mozarts KV 475: Fantasie als Utopie. Acta Mozartiana, 50, pp. 37-49.

Izzo, Francesco, (2003) I cantanti e la recezione de Verdi nell’Ottocento: trattati e corrispondenza. della Seta, Fabrizio, Roberta Montemorra, Marvin and Marco, Marica (eds.) In Verdi 2001: Proceedings of the International Conference, Parma, New York, New Haven, 24 January - 1 February 2001. Olschki., pp. 173-187.

Izzo, Francesco (2003) Verdi's "Un giorno di regno": two newly discovered movements and some questions of genre. Acta Musicologica, 73, (2), pp. 165-188.

Mirka, Danuta (2003) Penderecki's sonorism against serialism. In, Robinson, Ray and Chlopicka, Regina (eds.) Studies in Penderecki 2: Penderecki and the avant garde. Princeton, USA, Prestige Publications pp. 199-209.

Molitor, Claudia (2003) Portfolio of compositions and commentary. University of Southampton, School of Humanities, Doctoral Thesis , 286pp.

Norris, David Owen (2003) Chopin B minor Sonata. BBC Radio 3 Building a Library

Norris, David Owen (2003) Franck Variations Symphoniques. BBC Radio 3 Building a Library

Norris, David Owen (2003) Rachmaninoff Rhapsody on a theme of Paganini. BBC Radio 3 Building a Library

Polfreman, Richard, Loomes, Martin and Wright, Robert (2003) Physically inspired interactive music machines: making contemporary composition accessible? In Third IEEE International Conference on Advanced Learning Technologies (ICALT'03). IEEE Computer Society., pp. 224-228. (doi:10.1109/ICALT.2003.1215061).

Stras, Laurie (2003) Musical portraits of female musicians at the northern Italian courts in the 1570s. In, McIver, Katherine A. (eds.) Art and Music in the Early Modern Period: Essays in honor of Franca Trinchieri Camiz. Aldershot, UK, Ashgate pp. 145-172.

Stras, Laurie and Wood, Abigail (2003) Bridging Musicology and Ethnomusicology: a review of Music and Gender. [Music and Gender. Pirkko Moisala and Beverley Diamond, eds. University of Illinois Press. 376 pgs. Hardback ISBN 0-252-02544-X; Softbound ISBN 0-252-06865-3]. G.E.M.S. (Gender, Education, Music, and Society), 2

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