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Mirka, Danuta and Agawu, Kofi (eds.) (2008) Communication in eighteenth-century music, Cambridge, UK, Cambridge University Press, 360pp.


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<fragment>Cristobal de morales: magnificat, motets, & lamentations</fragment>

(2008) The forest of desires for voices and instruments

(2008) Journal of a contract killer

(2008) Music from the Chirk Castle partbooks

(2008) The Passions of Vaughan Williams. TV programme BBC4

(2008) Phinot: Missa si bona suscepimus, lamentations, magnificat, motets

(2008) Roseland for cello and piano

(2008) Spice Girls' world tour

(2008) Three Song Cycles by Trevor Hold: Pitt, Wilson-Johnson Dutton CDLX 7213 2008

(2008) Wild Child


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<fragment>The Young Idea: rhapsody for piano & orchestra</fragment>

Bretherton, David, schraefel, monica m.c., Everist, Mark, Brooks, Jeanice, Polfreman, Richard, Smith, Daniel Alexander and Lambert, Joe (2008) An introduction to musicSpace At Introduction to e-Research in Arts and Humanities. 10 Dec 2008.

Brooks, Jeanice (2008) La musique mesurée et le salon: modes d'éxécution, pratiques d'écoute In, Deramaix, Marc, Galand-Hallyn, Perrine, Vagenheim, Ginette and Vignes, Jean (eds.) Les Académies dans l'Europe Humaniste: Idéaux et Pratiques. Actes du Colloque International. Les Académies dans l'Europe Humaniste: Idéaux et Pratiques Geneva, Switzerland, Droz pp. 537-548.

Drabkin, William (2008) Schubert, Schenker and the art of setting German poetry Eighteenth Century Music, 5, (2), pp. 209-236. (doi:10.1017/S1478570608001498).

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Gilbert, Shirli (2008) Buried monuments: Yiddish songs and Holocaust memory History Workshop Journal, 66, (1), Autumn Issue, pp. 107-128. (doi:10.1093/hwj/dbn026).

Gilbert, Shirli (2008) Singing against Apartheid: ANC cultural groups and the international anti-Apartheid struggle In, Olwage, Grant (eds.) Composing Apartheid: Music for and against Apartheid. Johannesburg, ZA, Wits University Press (doi:10.1080/03057070701292848).

Irvine, Thomas (2008) Der belesene kapellmeister. Leopold Mozart und seine bibliothek Acta Mozartiana, 55, (1-2), pp. 6-15.

Irvine, Thomas (2008) Mozart, Mannheim, and performance Mozart-Jahrbuch, 2006, pp. 163-176.

Mirka, Danuta (2008) Metre, phrase structure and manipulations of musical beginnings In, Mirka, Danuta and Agawu, Kofi (eds.) Communication in Eighteenth-Century Music. Cambridge, GB, Cambridge University Press pp. 83-111.

Nicholls, David (2008) H.W.H., Cowell, and new music Newsletter: Institute for Studies in American Music, XXXVII, (2), pp. 11-14.

Norris, David Owen (2008) Haydn C major Sonata BBC Radio 3 Building a Library

Norris, David Owen (2008) Sawn in half: Mendelssohn and the divided pedal

Pinnock, Andrew (2008) Two cultures: the use and non-use of hypotheses in cultural policy research Cultural Trends, 17, (3), pp. 139-146. (doi:10.1080/09548960802361944).

Pinnock, Andrew and Wood, Bruce (2008) A mangled chime: the accidental death of the opera libretto in Civil War England Early Music, 36, (2), pp. 265-284. (doi:10.1093/em/can046).

Scheding, Florian (2008) An animated quest for freedom: Mátyás Seiber’s score for The Magic Canvas In, Bergfelder, Tim and Cargnelli, Christian (eds.) Destination London: German-Speaking Émigrés and British Cinema, 1925–1950. Oxford, GB, Berghahn (Film Europa, 6).

Stras, Laurie (2008) 'Who told you that lie?': picturing Connie Boswell In, Shifrin, Susan (eds.) Re-Framing Representations of Women: Figuring, Fashioning, Portraiting and Telling in the 'Picturing Women' Project. Aldershot, GB, Ashgate pp. 251-267.

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