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(2009) Apples and Oranges

(2009) BBC lifeline documentary (Somalia)


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agment>David Owen Norris plays Elgar, volume 2: Transcriptions, Falstaff, Pomp &

Wood, Bruce and Pinnock, Andrew (eds.) (2009) The Fairy Queen, London, GB, Stainer & Bell, 368pp. (Purcell Society Edition, 12).

(2009) Flying Horse - Music from the ML Lutebook

(2009) Glorious 39

(2009) Henry Purcell: Dido and Aeneas

(2009) The Impermanence of Things

(2009) Into the storm

(2009) Joshi's dance for violin and piano

(2009) Mandelstam settings

(2009) Moonshot

Fauser, Annegret and Everist, Mark (eds.) (2009) Music, theater and cultural transfer: Paris 1830-1914, Chicago, US, Chicago University Press, 456pp.

(2009) Nine Miles Down

(2009) On Memory (NMC144)

(2009) A pebble in the pond

(2009) Rocket Men

(2009) Sacred hearts + secret music

(2009) Songs of Muriel Herbert. Gilchrist, Tynan LinnCKD335 2009

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Norris, David Owen (2009) Brahms: Six pieces for piano, Op 118 BBC Radio 3 Building a Library

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