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Burachik, Regina, Kocvara, Michal and Fliege, Joerg(eds.) (2010) Optimization Methods and Software. Default journal, 25, (2)

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Ortega, Guillermo, Laurel, Chris, Erb, Sven, Fliege, Joerg, Lopez, Carlos, Bueskens, Christof, Mooij, Erwin, Laurel, Fernando, Giron-Sierra, Jose M., Nunes Vicente, Luis, Ruckmann, Jan, Burchell, Mark, Gerdts, Matthias, Lavagna, Michele, Soares Gil, Paulo and Martinez, Ramon (2010) STA - the Space Trajectory Analysis Project. At 4th International Conference on Astrodynamics Tools and Techniques, Spain.

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Zhang, Dali and Xu, Huifu (2010) Two stage stochastic equilibrium problems with equilibrium constraints: modeling and numerical schemes. Optimization

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