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Aglietti, Guglielmo S., Quill, P., Richardson, G. and Blockley, R. (2010) Launch environment In, Blockley, Richard and Shyy, Wei (eds.) Encyclopedia of Aerospace Engineering. Oxford, GB, Wiley pp. 3425-3438.

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Putwain, Rosemary Johanna (2010) partial translation algebras for certain discrete metric spaces University of Southampton, School of Mathematics, Doctoral Thesis , 146pp.

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Yip, Chun Yin (2010) Bayesian spatio-temporal modelling for forecasting ground level ozone concentration levels University of Southampton, School of Mathematics, Doctoral Thesis , 176pp.

Yousef, Ali Saleh Ali (2010) Robustness of Triple Sampling Inference Procedures to Underlying Distributions University of Southampton, School of Mathematics, Doctoral Thesis , 233pp.

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