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Muskens, O.L., Gómez Rivas, J., Van Dijk, E.M.H.P. and Klunder, D.J.W. (Inventors) (2009) (WO/2009/022246) Sensor array for SPR-based detection WO 2009022246 20090219.

Accomando, Elena, De Curtis, Stefania, Dominici, Daniele and Fedeli, Luca (2009) Drell-Yan production at the LHC in a four site Higgsless model Physical Review D, 79, (5), 055020-[20 pages]. (doi:10.1103/PhysRevD.79.055020).

Allanach, B.C., Balázs, C., Bélanger, G., Bernhardt, M., Boudjema, F., Choudhury, D., Desch, K., Ellwanger, U., Gambino, P., Godbole, R., Goto, T., Guasch, J., Guchait, M., Hahn, T., Heinemeyer, S., Hugonie, C., Hurth, T., Kraml, S., Kreiss, S., Lykken, J., Moortgat, F., Moretti, S., Peñaranda, S., Plehn, T., Porod, W., Pukhov, A., Richardson, P., Schumacher, M., Silvestrini, L., Skands, P., Slavich, P., Spira, M., Weiglein, G. and Wienemann, P. (2009) SUSY Les Houches Accord 2 Computer Physics Communications, 180, (1), pp. 8-25. (doi:10.1016/j.cpc.2008.08.004).

Alvares, Raul, Evans, Nick, Gebauer, Astrid and Weatherill, George James (2009) Holographic integral equations and walking technicolour Physical Review D (doi:10.1103/PhysRevD.81.025013).

Arévalo, P., Uttley, Philip, Lira, P., Breedt, Elme, McHardy, Ian M. and Churazov, E. (2009) Correlation and time delays of the X-ray and optical emission of the Seyfert Galaxy NGC 3783 Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 397, (4), pp. 2004-2014. (doi:10.1111/j.1365-2966.2009.15110.x).

Boudjemaa, Salima (2009) Physics beyond the standard model: moduli stabilisation and neutrino physics University of Southampton, School of Physics and Astronomy, Doctoral Thesis , 163pp.

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Breedt, Elme Brredt (2009) The relationship between the x-ray and optical variability in Seyfert Galaxies University of Southampton, School of Physics and Astronomy, Doctoral Thesis , 185pp.

Chang, Liao, Rainford, Brian D., Stewart, J. Ross, Ritter, Clemens, Roberts, Andrew P., Tang, Yan and Chen, Qianwang (2009) Magnetic structure of greigite (Fe3S4) probed by neutron powder diffraction and polarized neutron diffraction Journal of Geophysical Research, 114, B07101. (doi:10.1029/2008JB006260).

Cherrett, Tom, Gates, James C., John, Pearl, Holdaway-Salmon, Laura, Price, Joseph, Wills, Gary B. and Dror, Itiel E. (2009) Making laser safety training more cognitively effective: making training videos interactive and adaptive At International Laser Safety Conference (ILSC 2009). 23 - 26 Mar 2009.

Coe, M.J., McBride, V.A. and Corbet, R.H.D. (2009) Exploring accretion theory with X-ray binaries in the small magellanic cloud Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 401, (1), pp. 252-256. (doi:10.1111/j.1365-2966.2009.15631.x).

Counihan, Martin (2009) An Etruscan solution to a Celtic problem At "Edward Lhuyd" International Conference on Language, Literature, Antiquities and Science. 30 Jun - 03 Jul 2009. 7 pp.

Counihan, Martin (2009) Lifelong learning and outreach in the non-vocational domain: learning from the case of science At ESREA European Research Conference on the Wider Benefits of Learning: Understanding and Monitoring the Consequences of Adult Learning. 01 Sep 2001. 7 pp.

Cui, L., Mahajan, S., Cole, R.M., Soares, B.F., Bartlett, P.N., Baumberg, J.J., Hayward, I.P., Ren, B., Russell, A.E. and Tian, Z.Q. (2009) UV SERS at well ordered Pd sphere segment void (SSV) nanostructures Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics, 11, (7), pp. 1023-1026. (doi:10.1039/b817803h). (PMID:19543598).

Diedenhofen, Silke L., Vecchi, Gabriele, Algra, Rienk E., Hartsuiker, Alex, Muskens, Otto L., Immink, George, Bakkers, Erik P. A. M., Vos, Willem L. and Rivas, Jaime Gómez (2009) Broad-band and omnidirectional antireflection coatings based on semiconductor nanorods Advanced Materials, 21, (9), pp. 973-978. (doi:10.1002/adma.200802767).

Elsmere, Stephen Paul (2009) Semiconductor seeded fibre amplified sources of ultra short pulses University of Southampton, School of Physics and Astronomy, Doctoral Thesis , 156pp.

Evans, Nick and Threlfall, Ed (2009) Chemical Potential in the Gravity Dual of a 2+1 Dimensional System Physical Review D, 79, (6) (doi:10.1103/PhysRevD.79.066008).

Fabian, A.C., Zoghbi, A., Ross, R.R., Uttley, P., Gallo, L.C., Brandt, W.N., Blustin, A.J., Boller, T., Caballero-Garcia, M.D., Larsson, J., Miller, J.M., Miniutti, G., Ponti, G., Reis, R.C., Reynolds, C.S., Tanaka, Y. and Young, A.J. (2009) Broad line emission from iron K- and L-shell transitions in the active galaxy 1H 0707-495 Nature, 459, (7246), pp. 540-542. (doi:10.1038/nature08007).

Fangohr, H., Bordignon, G., Franchin, M., Knittel, A., de Groot, P.A.J. and Fischbacher, T. (2009) A new approach to (quasi) periodic boundary conditions in micromagnetics: the macro geometry Journal of Applied Physics, 105, pp. 1-3. (doi:10.1063/1.3068637).

Fedotov, V.A., Papasimakis, N., Bitzer, A., Walther, M. and Zheludev, N.I. (2009) Metamaterial analogue of the Mossbauer effect At European Conference on Lasers and Electro-Optics and the XIth European Quantum Electronics Conference (CLEO/Europe-EQEC ), Germany. 14 - 19 Jun 2009.

Fischbacher, Thomas, Franchin, Matteo, Bordignon, Giuliano, Knittel, Andreas and Fangohr, Hans (2009) Parallel execution and scriptability in micromagnetic simulations Journal of Applied Physics, 105, (07D527) (doi:10.1063/1.3073937).

Franchin, Matteo (2009) Multiphysics simulations of magnetic nanostructures University of Southampton, School of Physics and Astronomy, Doctoral Thesis .

Giannini, Vincenzo, Sánchez-Gil, José A., Muskens, Otto L. and Rivas, Jaime Gómez (2009) Electrodynamic calculations of spontaneous emission coupled to metal nanostructures of arbitrary shape: nanoantenna-enhanced fluorescence Journal of the Optical Society of America B, 26, (8), pp. 1569-1577. (doi:10.1364/JOSAB.26.001569).

Glampedakis, K., Andersson, N. and Jones, D.I. (2009) Do superfluid instabilities prevent neutron star precession? Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 394, (4), pp. 1908-1924. (doi:10.1111/j.1365-2966.2008.13995.x).

Henderson, Gideon, Collins, Matt, Hall, Ian, Lockwood, Mike, Pälike, Heiko, Rickaby, Ros, Schmidt, Gavin, Turney, Chris and Wolff, Eric (2009) Improving Future Climate Prediction using Palaeoclimate Data (an outcome of The Leverhulme Climate Symposium 2008 - Earth's Climate: Past, Present and Future) The Leverhulme Trust 28pp. , Oxford, UK

Hornberger, Klaus, Gerlich, Stefan, Ulbricht, Hendrik, Hackermüller, Lucia, Nimmrichter, Stefan, Goldt, Ilya V., Boltalina, Olga and Arndt, Markus (2009) Theory and experimental verification of Kapitza–Dirac–Talbot–Lau interferometry New Journal of Physics, 11, (4), p. 43032. (doi:10.1088/1367-2630/11/4/043032).

Howl, Richard (2009) E6 inspired supersymmetric models University of Southampton, School of Physics and Astronomy, Doctoral Thesis , 161pp.

Jokiaho, Olli-Pekka (2009) Spectral modelling of molecular nitrogen in Aurora University of Southampton, School of Physics and Astronomy, Doctoral Thesis , 142pp.

Juffmann, Thomas, Truppe, Stefan, Geyer, Philipp, Major, András G., Deachapunya, Sarayut, Ulbricht, Hendrik and Arndt, Markus (2009) Wave and particle in molecular interference lithography Physical Review Letters, 103, (26), p.263601. (doi:10.1103/PhysRevLett.103.263601).

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Knittel, A., Franchin, M., Bordignon, G., Fischbacher, T., Bending, S. and Fangohr, H. (2009) Compression of boundary element matrix in micromagnetic simulations Journal of Applied Physics, 105, (07D542), pp. 1-3. (doi:10.1063/1.3072032).

Lagonigro, L., Hasell, T., Rohrmoser, S., Howdle, S.M., Sazio, P.J.A., Lagoudakis, P.G. and Peacock, A.C. (2009) Silver nanoparticle impregnated polycarbonate substrates for plasmonic applications At IEEE/LEOS 2009 Winter Topicals. 12 - 14 Jan 2009. 2 pp. (doi:10.1109/LEOSWT.2009.4771648).

Lagoudakis, K.G., Ostatnický, T., Kavokin, A.V., Rubo, Y.G., André, R. and Deveaud-Plédra, B. (2009) Observation of half-quantum vortices in an exciton-polariton condensate Science, 326, (5955), pp. 974-976. (doi:10.1126/science.1177980).

Marksteiner, Markus, Divochiy, Alexander, Sclafani, Michele, Haslinger, Philipp, Ulbricht, Hendrik, Korneev, Alexander, Semenov, Alexander, Gol’tsman, Gregory and Arndt, Markus (2009) A superconducting NbN detector for neutral nanoparticles Nanotechnology, 20, (45), p. 455501. (doi:10.1088/0957-4484/20/45/455501).

Marksteiner, Markus, Haslinger, Philipp, Sclafani, Michele, Ulbricht, Hendrik and Arndt, Markus (2009) UV and VUV ionization of organic molecules, clusters, and complexes The Journal of Physical Chemistry A, 113, (37), pp. 9952-9957. (doi:10.1021/jp905039f).

Muskens, O.L. and Lagendijk, A. (2009) Method for broadband spectroscopy of light transport through opaque scattering media Optics Letters, 34, (4), pp. 395-397. (doi:10.1364/OL.34.000395).

Muskens, Otto L., Diedenhofen, Silke L., Kaas, Bernard C., Algra, Rienk E., Bakkers, Erik P.A.M., Rivas, Jaime Gomez and Lagendijk, Ad (2009) Large photonic strength of highly tunable resonant nanowire materials Nano Letters, 9, (3), pp. 930-934. (doi:10.1021/nl802580r).

Ponti, Gabriele, Gallo, L.C., Fabian, A.C., Miniutti, G., Zoghbi, A., Uttley, Philip, Ross, R.R., Vasudevan, R.V., Tanaka, Y. and Brandt, W.N. (2009) Relativistic disc reflection in the extreme NLS1 IRAS13224-3809 arXiv

Quarterman, Adrian H., Wilcox, Keith G., Apostolopoulos, Vasilis, Mihoubi, Zakaria, Elsmere, Stephen P., Farrer, Ian, Ritchie, David A. and Tropper, Anne (2009) A passively mode-locked external-cavity semiconductor laser emitting 60-fs pulses Nature Photonics, 3, (10), pp. 729-731. (doi:10.1038/NPHOTON.2009.216).

Reynolds, C.S., Fabian, A.C., Brenneman, L.W., Miniutti, G., Uttley, Philip and Gallo, L.C. (2009) Constraints on the absorption-dominated model for the X-ray spectrum of MCG-6-30-15 Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society: Letters, 397, (1), L21-L25. (doi:10.1111/j.1745-3933.2009.00676.x).

Scaringi, Simone (2009) Machine learning from hard x-ray surveys: applications to magnetic cataclysmic variable studies University of Southampton, School of Physics and Astronomy, Doctoral Thesis , 166pp.

Starinets, Andrei (2009) Quasinormal spectrum and the black hole membrane paradigm Physics Letters B, 670, (4-5), pp. 442-445. (doi:10.1016/j.physletb.2008.11.028).

Ulbricht, Hendrik (2009) Interaction kinetics of atoms and molecules on carbon nanotube surfaces [in special issue: Special Issue of Surface Science dedicated to Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. mult. Gerhard Ertl, Nobel-Laureate in Chemistry 2007] Surface Science, 603, (10-12), pp. 1853-1862. (doi:10.1016/j.susc.2008.09.062).

Wang, Daowei (2009) Non-ideal exchange springs in DyFe2/YFe2 superlattices University of Southampton, School of Physics and Astronomy, Doctoral Thesis , 111pp.

Wilkinson, Tony and Uttley, Philip (2009) Accretion disc variability in the hard state of black hole X-ray binaries Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 397, (2), pp. 666-676. (doi:10.1111/j.1365-2966.2009.15008.x).

Zoghbi, A., Fabian, A.C., Uttley, Philip, Miniutti, G., Gallo, L.C., Reynolds, C.S., Miller, J.M. and Ponti, Gabriele (2009) Broad iron L line and x-ray reverberation in 1H0707-495 Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 401, (4), pp. 2419-2432. (doi:10.1111/j.1365-2966.2009.15816.x).

Zwicky, Roman and Fischbacher, Thomas (2009) On discrete minimal flavour violation Physical Review D, 80, (7), 076009-[13pp]. (doi:10.1103/PhysRevD.80.076009).

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