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Anderson, Karen, Croft, Holly, Milton, E.J. and Kuhn, N.J. (2011) A simple spectro-goniometer for collection of multiple view angle reflectance factors. Remote Sensing Letters, 3, (2), pp. 131-140. (doi:10.1080/01431161.2010.543181).

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Choi, Kyu Young and Milton, Edward J. (2011) Airborne hyperspectral skydome: the new dimension of hyperspectral sensing. At 7th EARSeL SIG Imaging Spectroscopy Workshop, United Kingdom. 11 - 13 Apr 2011. 7 pp.

Freeborn, Patrick H., Wooster, Martin J. and Roberts, Gareth (2011) Addressing the spatiotemporal sampling design of MODIS to provide estimates of the fire radiative energy emitted from Africa. Remote Sensing of Environment, 115, (2), pp. 475-489. (doi:10.1016/j.rse.2010.09.017).

Mansour, S., Martin, D.J. and Wright, J. (2011) Problems of spatial linkage of a geo-referenced demographic and health survey (DHS) dataset to a population census: A case study of Egypt. Computers, Environment and Urban Systems (doi:10.1016/j.compenvurbsys.2011.04.001).

Milton, Edward J., Baret, Frederic, Rossello, Philippe, Anderson, Elisa and Rockall, Emma (2011) A multi-stage database of field measurements and synoptic remotely sensed data to support model validation and testing in Earth observation. Computers & Geosciences, 37, (9), pp. 1511-1514. (doi:10.1016/j.cageo.2011.02.007).

Norlund, C.C.F., Lewis, H.G., Atkinson, P.M. and Guo, J.Y. (2011) NEOMiSS: A near-Earth object decision support tool. At IAA Planetary Defense Conference, Romania. 09 - 10 May 2011. 8 pp.

Roberts, G., Wooster, M.J., Freeborn, P.H. and Xu, W. (2011) Integration of geostationary FRP and polar-orbiter burned area datasets for an enhanced biomass burning inventory. Remote Sensing of Environment, 115, (8), pp. 2047-2061. (doi:10.1016/j.rse.2011.04.006).

Wooster, M.J., Freeborn, P. H., Archibald, S., Oppenheimer, C., Roberts, G. C., Smith, T. E. L., Govender, N., Burton, M. and Palumbo, I. (2011) Field determination of biomass burning emission ratios and factors via open-path FTIR spectroscopy and fire radiative power assessment: headfire, backfire and residual smouldering combustion in African savannahs. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics Discussions, 11, (2), pp. 3529-3578. (doi:10.5194/acpd-11-3529-2011).

Wright, J.A., Okotto, J., Yang, H., Pedley, S. and Gundry, S. (2011) Understanding the inter-relationship between millennium development goal targets: a spatial analysis of pit latrine density and groundwater source contamination. At American Association of Geographers Annual Meeting, United States. 12 - 16 Apr 2011.

Wright, J.A., Yang, Hong and Walker, Kate (2011) Do international surveys and censuses exhibit ‘dry season’ bias? Population, Space and Place, 18, (1), pp. 116-126. (doi:10.1002/psp.681).

Wright, James A., Yang, Hong, Pedley, Steve and Gundry, Stephen (2011) Evaluation of different strategies for deploying the H2S test to detect microbial contamination of drinking water. At 35th WEDC International Conference: The future of water, sanitation and hygiene in developing countries, United Kingdom. 01 Jan - 08 Jul 2011.

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