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(1988) Anthony Whishaw: reflections after Las Meninas

(1989) John Edwards; painted sculture

(1989) Steve Poleskie; Artflyer

(1989) John Goto: Terezin

(1990) Nicholas May

(1990) Michael Kenny. Sculptures, reliefs and drawings 1982 - 1990

(1991) Glen Onwin. A chamber of the moon

(1991) Garry Fabian Millar. The gatherer

(1992) Refusing to surface - Art and the Transfiguration of the Ordinary: Guillaume Biji, Joanna Brossa, Tony Carter, Philippe Cazal, Leo Copers, Yves Klein, Thomas Grunfeld, Richard Hamilton, Betrand Lavier, Ange Lecca, Simon Linke, Caroline Russell, Haim Steinbach, Rosemarie Trockel, Peter Zimmerman

(1992) Hamad Butt. Familiars

(1992) Susan Trangmar. Suspended states

(1993) Judith Goddard. Reservoir

(1993) Kate Blacker

(1994) Photo reclamations: new art from Moscow and St Petersburg - Victoria Buivid, Ludmilla Fedorenko, Gennady Gushchin, Vladimir Kupresnov, Boris Mikhailov, Maria Serbriakova, Alexei Shulgin

(1994) Chancem choice and irony: Mac Adams, Colin Crumplin, Joel Fisher, Bernard Frize, Jonathan Lasker, Fiona Rae, David Reed, Matthew Weinstein

(1994) Helen Sear. Gone to Earth

(1994) Julian Grater. A scattering of dust

(1995) Moby Dick: Mariod Airo, Fiona Banner, Massimo Bartolini, Vittorio Corsini, Stephen Hughes, Dimitris Kozaris, Alex Landrum, Brad Lochore, Louis Nixon, Georgia Vaux, Vedova Mazzei

(1995) Searching south: Arturo Duclos and Jorge Macchi

(1995) Richard Nonas. Crude thinking, thick making

(1995) Rasheed Araeen. New works

(1996) Elsewhere: Alexander Brodsky, Ilya Utkin, Nigel Coates, Luc DeLeu, Roni Horn, Peter Weibel

(1996) Really out of order: Robyn Denny, Jane Harris, Gerard Hemsworth, Richard Kirwan, Kenneth Martin, Neil Misrahi, Jeremy Moon, Bridget Riley, Yinka Shonibare, Michael Stubbs, Daniel Sturgis, Mady Ure

(1996) Desert: Hannah Collins, Knut Maron, Sophie Risthuber, Micael Rovner, Thomas Russ, Federick Sommer, Bill Viola, Verdi Yahooda

(1997) Some kind of heaven: Rita Ackerman, Vanessa Beecroft, Ute Behrand, Sylvie Fleury, Jun Hasegawa, Mariko Mori, Elizabeth Peyton, Lisa May Post, Pipilotti Rist, Georgina Starr, Jane & Louise Wilson

(1997) Small truths - repetition and the obsessional: Philip Akkerman, Maria Lalic, Langlands & Bell, Thomas Locher, Allan McCollum, Tessa Robins, Lee Ufan, Peter Wuthrich

(1998) Critical interventions: evil. Paul Eachus, Leon Golub, Claudia Hart, Ronald Jones, Tracey Moffatt, Sharon Kivland

(1998) Geneva express: Graham Ellard and Stephen Johnstone

(1999) Lie of the land

(1999) John Wood & Paul Harrison: obstacle course and other works

(1999) Matthew Hale, Lucia Nogueria, Mark Wallinger, Gustav Metzger, Hannah Collins, Jayne Parker, Alison Wilding, Hamish Fulton, Leon Kossoff, Tina Keane, Willie Doherty, Victor Willing, Joan Key, Susan Hiller, Jane Harris, Bridget Riley, Elizabeth Rosser: Sublime: the darkness and the light

(2000) Aspects / Positions: 50 years of central European art 1949-1999

(2000) Neil Cummings and Marysia Lewandowska: Not Hansard: the Common Wealth

(2001) Silent Motion


(2001) The Communications Department

(2001) ESO… 3er Festival Internacional de Arte Sonoro

(2002) Hygiene

(2002) Land and the samling

(2002) Thinking Big: Concepts for Twenty-First Century British Sculpture

(2002) Naoya Hatakeyama: Slow glass

(2002) Potential: ongoing archive

(2003) Smog

(2003) Strangers to ourselves

(2003) The extraordinary ordinary

(2003) Intervention

(2004) Unframed

(2004) Slices and Snapshots

(2004) Near: an exhibition of new works

(2004) Through the surface: collaborating textile artists from Britain and Japan

(2004) Westonbirt International Festival of the Garden 2004

(2004) Joan Jonas - Lines in the Sand; The Shape, the Scent, the Feel of Things

(2005) John Gibbons Charles Tyrrell

(2005) Made in UK

(2005) ‘North, South, East and West, John Gibbons, New Work’: Sculpture in the Workplace

(2005) Tom Bendhem: Collector

(2005) Sculpture in the Close 2005

(2005) Law of Large Numbers (installation)

(2005) Pencil (a drawing show)

(2005) Seamless Circle

(2005) Liverpool Biennial: Le Petit Paysage

(2005) Panacea

(2005) Patrick Heron, Jonathan Lasker, Katie Pratt

(2005) There Where You Are Not

(2005) Campus

(2005) King Tat: Shaun Doyle and Mally Mallinson

(2006) Inspiration to order

(2006) Jerusalem

(2006) Machine room: a blueprint for painting

(2006) Mimoid Installation

(2006) Cold climates

(2006) Mimiod Spirograph Free Fliers (Blue)

(2006) Mimoid installation 2

(2006) The fridge show

(2006) Metropolis Rise

(2006) Metropolis Rise

(2006) Stack 2

(2006) Repairs Alterations Invisible Re-weavings

(2006) This Will Not Happen Without You: from the collective archive of The Basement Group, Projects UK and Locus+ 1977 - 2006

(2006) Paul Antick: itourist?

(2006) Slow Life

(2007) Two but not two

(2007) Fantastical Identities

(2007) Live Art on Camera

(2007) Fig: Oliver Chanarin and Adam Broomberg

(2007) KUBA: Kutlag Ataman

(2007) Border Country.

(2008) Circles (The Revolution Machine)

(2008) Jay Bolotin- The Jackleg Testament Part 1: Jack and Eve and other works

(2008) Stuart Brisley: Crossings

(2008) A beautiful Agony

(2008) I don't think I can fit this in

(2008) The Knitting Room

(2008) Juan Bolivar: Geometry Wars

(2008) Park avenue

(2008) David Ward: Slow Time (Previously unexhibited works since 1968)

(2009) ALYANS

(2009) Collage, London / New York

(2009) Desiring necessities: Susanne Burner, Marcelline Delbecq, Iain Forsyth & Jane Pollard, Cyprien Galliard, Ryan Gander, Mario Garcia Torres, Patrizio di Massimo, Joao Onofre, Olivia Plender, Jamis Shovlin, Matt Stokes, Conrad Venture

(2009) Zineb Sedira: Seafaring

(2009) Shona Illingworth: Balnakiel

(2009) Free association

(2009) TXTSPK // MW4MW

(2009) Free association

(2009) Two is one, one is none

(2009) Parergon 2

(2009) 10 Days at the Laundry: an exhibition and series of events that celebrate creativity in Winchester

(2009) The liberation of good over bad

(2010) Dark places: Beatrice DeCosta, Office of Experiments, Halford & Beard, Steve Rowell (collaboration with Arts Catalyst & SCAN)

(2010) Landscapes of the Mind

(2010) Invisible World

(2010) "Strong Voices": an exhibition curated by Stephen Cooper and Arielle Klobusicsky

(2010) Experiments

(2010) The big rip off

(2010) Laboratory

(2010) Against grids

(2010) Art Car Boot Fair

(2010) Out of Dust; More Light & Power

(2010) Dendritic Forms

(2010) Caroline Bergvall: Middling English

(2010) Arcade

(2010) Altered States: Where Science Meets Art

(2011) Charlotte Posenenske

(2011) Images of the Mind. Morevska Gallery Brno, Czech Republic

(2011) Coming of Age - The Art and Science of Aging

(2011) Cut scatter

(2011) Life Forms: GV Art and Kinetica Art Fair

(2011) Andy Warhol

(2011) Fundamentally Human: Contemporary Art and Neuroscience

(2011) Jake or Dinos Chapman: Somewhere between tennis elbow and wanker's cramp

(2011) Ruth Maclennan: Anarcadia

Gillett, J.R., Harland, E.J., Channon, A.R. and Sage, J. (eds.) (2012) The seven billionth citizen, Cairo, EG, Townhouse Gallery

Hon, Gordon (ed.) (2012) Enter Ghost, Exit Ghost, Jerusalem, IL, Palestinian Art Court, 53pp.

(2012) TITLE(date) 010 Unfulfilled Universe Untitled

(2012) Polymath

(2012) Brains: Mind As Matter

(2012) "Do You Really Want It that Much?"..."More!"

(2012) Between: Embodiment & Identity

(2012) Fantasies of escapism and containment

(2012) The seven billionth citizen: a global video project

D'Souza, Ed (ed.) (2012) Outside India: dialogues and documents of art and social change, London, GB, Weiden & Kennedy, 160pp.

(2012) Bombaze

(2013) Behind The Eyes; making pictures

(2014) Miru Miru Mega Yokunaru

(2015) Elbow & C&C Residency

(2016) Artist Boss: Anthony Caro, Ian Dawson, John Gibbons, Guy Martin and John Wallbank. Curated by Jenny Dunseath and Mark Wilsher Artist Boss: Work by Sir Anthony Caro, Ian Dawson, John Gibbons, John Wallbank, Guy Martin, , United Kingdom.

Brooks, Mary and Rumsey, Claire (2006) The Body in the Museum In, Cassman, Vicki, Odegaard, Nancy and Powell, Joseph (eds.) Human Remains: Guide for Museums and Academic Institutions. Lanham, USA, AltaMira Press pp. 261-289.

Bruton, Jo (2002) Walk Slowly Towards the Light

Bruton, Jo (2005) Variety.

Carnie, Andrew, Tarn, Herb (ed.) (2009) Brainwave: Common Senses, New York, US, Exit Art Publications, 41pp.

Cooper, Stephen (2001) Off-line.

Cooper, Stephen (2001) Stephen Cooper an Installation

Cooper, Stephen (2003) Stephen Cooper Installation.

D'Souza, R.E. (2012) Barcelona Masala, s.n.

Dawson, Ian (2006) Untitled (fixed point installation)

Dawson, Ian (2015) The Wanderer's Nightsong II

Deebi, Aissa (2002) The shock of September 11 and the mystery of the other: a documentation.

Deebi, Aissa (2004) Queens International 2004.

Dirix, Emmanuelle (2011) Unravel-knitwear in fashion At Unravel-Knitwear in Fashion, Belgium.

Faiers, Jonathan (2011) Knitting and formlessness At Symposium: Unravel: Knitwear in Fashion, Belgium.

Faiers, Jonathan (2011) Branding the global body: tartan and beyond At Trans/national Clothing Conference: Production and Consumption, United Kingdom. 01 - 04 Sep 2011.

Faiers, Jonathan (2012) "Fashion land": the construction of the fashionable space in mainstream cinema At Fashioning the City: Exploring Fashion Cultures, Structures, and Systems, United Kingdom. 19 - 21 Sep 2012. (Submitted).

Foster, Stephen (1988) Excavations, Introduction In, Excavations. Southampton, GB, John Hansard Gallery p. 5.

Foster, Stephen (1989) Preface In, Supplements: Contemporary Polish Drawing. Southampton, GB, John Hansard Gallery p. 2.

Foster, Stephen (1991) The centre of the world In, The Centre of the World: Sylvie Bélanger, Ben Hillwood-Harris, Sharon Kivland, Michael Punt, Penny Yasour. Southampton, GB, John Hansard Gallery p. 5.

Foster, Stephen (1993) The seventh wave In, The Seventh Wave. Southampton, GB, John Hansard Gallery pp. 5-7.

Foster, Stephen (2010) Foreword In, Caroline Bergvall - Middling English. Southampton, GB, John Hansard Gallery pp. 6-7.

Foster, Stephen (2011) Andy Warhol Artist Rooms: on Tour with the Art Fund, Introduction In, Andy Warhol Artist Rooms: on Tour with the Art Fund. Southampton, GB, John Hansard Gallery p. 5. (Artist Rooms).

Foster, Stephen (2011) Foreword In, Terry Smith - Parallax. Southampton, GB, John Hansard Gallery p. 5.

Foster, Stephen (2011) Introduction In, Andy Warhol - Artist Rooms on tour with the Art Fund. Southampton, GB, John Hansard Gallery p. 5.

Foster, Stephen (2011) Foreword In, Charlotte Posenenske - The Same but Different. Southampton, GB, John Hansard Gallery pp. 4-5.

Foster, Stephen (2011) Foreword In, Ernst, Nina and Bode, Steven (eds.) Ruth Maclennan - Anarcadia. London, GB, Film and Video Umbrella p. 5.

Foster, Stephen (2012) Foreword In, Embodied Memories: Jennifer Anyan. Southampton, GB, John Hansard Gallery p. 2.

Foster, Stephen (2012) Foreword In, Sloan, Helen (eds.) David Cotterrell - Monsters of the Id. Southampton, GB, John Hansard Gallery pp. 4-5.

Gillett, J.R. (2010) Bashar Horoub A.M. Qattan Foundation

Gillett, J.R. and Sweetman, Paul, Gillett, J.R. (ed.) (2009) Just Anybody. Renja Leino, Winchester, GB, Fotonet / The Winchester Gallery, 40pp.

Gillett, John (2002) Loss of gravity

Gillett, John (2004) John Bull War and Peace

Gillett, John (2007) Return/Return in Conflict.

Harland, Beth (2007) Possible Worlds: new work by Beth Harland.

Harland, Elizabeth (2006) Zone 15

Hemmings, Jessica (2006) Well fashioned: eco style in the UK Selvedge, 1, (12)

Hemmings, Jessica (2006) Yohji Yamamoto: juste des vetements Selvedge, (12)

Hemmings, Jessica (2006) Show time, Paris Selvedge, (12)

Nashashibi, L.R. (2003) Humaniora.

Nashashibi, L.R. (2004) Over in.

Newington, Linda (2008) Inspiring Collectors and Collections: the Knitting Collections at Winchester School of Art At In the Loop, United Kingdom. 22 Apr 2009.

Newington, Linda (2008) Knitting past, present and future. In the Loop 2008 [poster] At Knitting Past, Present and Future. In the Loop 2008, United Kingdom. 15 - 17 Jul 2008. 1 pp.

Newington, Linda (2008) An artist book talk: Solent artists' book fair 2008

Newington, Linda (2010) Unravel: a festival of knitting

Newington, Linda (2010) Knitting origins and evolution. In the Loop 2 [poster] At Knitting Origins and Evolution. In the Loop 2, United Kingdom. 01 - 05 Sep 2010. 1 pp.

Newington, Linda (2012) The voices of knitting. In the Loop 3 [poster] At The Voices of Knitting. In the Loop 3, United Kingdom. 05 - 07 Sep 2012. 1 pp.

Padovani, Clio (2002) Jerwood Applied Arts Prize 2002: Textiles.

Padovani, Clio (2005) Blanc de Blanc.

Padovani, Clio (2006) From Lausanne to Beijing: 4th International Fiber Art Biennale (Suzhou) & International Fiber Art Symposium.

Prior, Stephen D., Barlow, Chris, Lewis, Darren and Ambrosio, Darren (2011) An accident waiting to happen

Roberts, Sara (2003) 30/30 Vision.

Roberts, Sara (2006) Catalyst.

Rolph, Danny (2005) Obstraction.

Rolph, Danny (2007) Singularity.

Stewart, Nick (2012) Which is the: 49 views At Unsettlement: Home, Migration and the Moving Image, United Kingdom.

Sweetman, Paul (2009) Just anybody? Images, ethics and recognition In, Gillett, John (eds.) Just Anybody. Renja Leino. Winchester, GB, Fotonet / The Winchester Gallery pp. 7-9.

Taylor, Brandon (2002) Quel fatigue ... quelle barbarie!: The Visitor's Torment In, Legacies of the Great Exhibition of 1851. Bayreuth, Germany, Prinz-Albert Gesellschaft, University of Bayreuth pp. 13-30.

Turk, Gavin, Curtis, Deborah and Dawson, Ian (2009) House of fairy tales At The Caravan of Fairy Tales, United Kingdom. 22 Mar 2009 - 25 Mar 2010 .

Whittaker, Paul and Padovani, Clio (2002) Other Europes, Europes others.

van Rijn, Walter (2011) The Winchester Gallery, a guide

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