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Brambilla, G. (2011) Optical Fibre Microwires: Some "Practical" Devices At IEEE Photonics Conference (PHO). 09 Oct 2011 - 13 Oct 2201 . , 1 pp.

Roushan, G., Manville, G. and Bititci, U (2011) THE EVOLVING ROLE OF INFORMATION SPECIALIST IN BPR: A MULTIPLE CASE STUDY ANALYSIS Production Planning and Control

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Campbell, Julie, (2011) The legacy of Samuel Beckett in Paul Auster's work Bela, Teresa and Mazur, Zygmunt (eds.) In Ambiguity and the Search for Meaning: English and American Studies at the Beginning of the 21st Century. Jagiellonian University Press. 13 pp, pp. 325-338.

Izzo, Francesco (2011) Of texts and documents: the Italian version's of Ferdinand Hérold's Zampa Pre-print

Izzo, Francesco (2011) Risorgimento uncensored: the Italian unification and the politics of opera Pre-print

Brito, Mario and Griffiths, Gwyn (2011) A Markov Chain state transition approach to establishing critical phases for AUV reliability IEEE Journal of Oceanic Engineering, 36, (1), pp. 139-149. (doi:10.1109/JOE.2010.2083070).

Harris, Richard and Haydn, Terry (2011) What happens to a subject in a ‘free market’ curriculum: a study of secondary school history in the United Kingdom Research Papers in Education

Stewart, Geoff and Chalkley, Martin (2011) Trade liberalisation, market structure and the incentive to merge Discussion Papers in Economics and Econometrics No 0916 (doi:10.1111/j.1467-9701.2010.01325.x).

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Harrigan, Paul, Schroeder, Andreas, Qureshi, Israr, Fang, Yulin, Ramsey, Elaine, Ibbotson, Patrick and Meister, Darren (2011) eCRM capabilities of SMEs: a model and its relationships International Journal of Electronic Commerce, 15, (2), pp. 7-46. (doi:10.2753/JEC1086-4415150201).

Harris, Lisa and Harrigan, Paul (2011) Social media in politics: the ultimate voter engagement tool or simply an echo chamber Journal of Political Marketing

Harrigan, Paul, Ramsey, E. and Ibbotson, P. (2011) Entrepreneurial marketing in SMEs: the key capabilities of e-CRM Journal of Research in Marketing and Entrepreneurship

Harrigan, Paul and Hulbert, Bev (2011) How can marketing academics serve marketing practice? The New Marketing DNA as a model for marketing education Journal of Marketing Education (doi:10.1177/0273475311420234).

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Kreppner, Janna, Rutter, Michael, Marvin, Robert, O'Connor, Thomas and Sonuga-Barke, Edmund (2011) Assessing the concept of the 'insecure-other' category in the Cassidy–Marvin scheme: changes between 4 and 6 years in the English and Romanian adoptee study Social Development, 20, (1), pp. 1-16. (doi:10.1111/j.1467-9507.2009.00569.x).

Leitao, P.J., Moreira, F. and Osborne, P.E. (2011) Effects of geographical data sampling bias on habitat models of species distributions: a case-study with steppe birds in southern Portugal International Journal of Geographical Information Science, 20, pp. 439-454.

Yin, Yuanyuan, Qin, Shengfeng and Holland, Ray (2011) Development of a design performance measurement matrix for improving collaborative design during a design process International Journal of Productivity and Performance Management, 60, (2), pp. 152-184.

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Jayasinghe, K, Soobaroyen, Teerooven and Thomas, D. (2011) Accounting as the 'language' of organizational change: the case of a heritage railway International Journal of Critical Accounting, 3, (1), pp. 26-62. (doi:10.1504/IJCA.2011.039604).

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Harrigan, Paul, Ramsey, Elaine and Ibbotson, Patrick (2011) Critical Factors Underpinning the e-CRM Activities of SMEs Journal of Marketing Management (doi:10.1080/0267257X.2010.495284).

Middleton, Peter (2011) An interview with Charles Olson and a time traveller In, Schad, John and Tearle, Oliver (eds.) Crrritic! Sighs, Cries, Lies, Insults, Outbursts, Hoaxes, Disasters, Letters of Resignation, and Various Other Noises Off in These the First and Last Days of Literary Criticism. Sussex Academic Press

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Ozdel, Melis (2011) Presumptions on the law governing the incorporation of forum selection clauses: should the putative applicable law lead the way? Journal of Business Law, 4

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