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Hilker, Thomas, Hall, Forrest G., Tucker, Compton J., Coops, Nicholas C., Black, T. Andrew, Nichol, Caroline J., Sellers, Piers J., Barr, Alan, Hollinger, David Y. and Munger, J.W. (2012) Data assimilation of photosynthetic light-use efficiency using multi-angular satellite data: II Model implementation and validation. Remote Sensing of Environment, 121, 287-300. (doi:10.1016/j.rse.2012.02.008).

Rietdijk, Willeke, Grace, Marcus and Garrett, Caro (eds.) (2012) Action research for physics case studies, Southampton Education School, 106pp.

(2012) ADVANCE Industrial Training. Southampton, GB, University of Southampton

(2012) Alan Turing and the “hard” and “easy” problem of cognition: doing and feeling. [in special issue: Turing Year 2012] Turing100: Essays in Honour of Centenary Turing Year 2012, Summer Issue

Prather, Bradford E., Deptuck, Mark E., Mohrig, David, Van Hoorn, Berend and Wynn, Russell B. (eds.) (2012) Applications of the Principles of Seismic Geomorphology to Continental-slope and Base-of-slope Systems: Case studies from seafloor and near-seafloor analogues, Tulsa, US, SEPM Society for Sedimentary Geology (SEPM Special Publication, 99).

(2012) Barcelona Masala, UNSPECIFIED

Davis, August and Harris, Jonathan (eds.) (2012) Bashir Makhoul, Alhoash, Jerusalem, Palestinian Art Court

(2012) Bayesian Workshop 2012 - Application of Bayesian Methods in Structural and Vibro-acoustic Dynamics - Programme & Book of Abstracts. In, Bayesian Workshop 2012 - Application of Bayesian Methods in Structural and Vibro-acoustic Dynamics , Southampton, GB, 21 - 22 Mar 2012.

(2012) Between: Embodiment & Identity.

(2012) 'Bias in the Boardroom’ - Invited presentation at the PIRC Governance Conference London, February 2012. PIRC Governance Conference , London, GB, Feb 2012.

(2012) Bombaze.

(2012) Brains: Mind As Matter.

(2012) British sociological association auto/biography conference: Heroes, villains and fools. In, British Sociological Association Auto/Biography conference: ‘Heroes, villains and fools’, University of Reading,

Cirstea, Corina, Seisenberger, Monika and Wilkinson, Toby (eds.) (2012) CALCO Young Researchers Workshop: CALCO-jnr 2011, 29 August 2011: selected papers, Southampton, GB, University of Southampton, 68pp.

Glover, David and McCracken, Scott (eds.) (2012) The Cambridge companion to popular fiction, Cambridge, GB, Cambridge University Press, 244pp.

(2012) The challenges of developing and evaluating complex care scenarios using simulation in nursing education. Journal of Research in Nursing, 17, (4), Summer Issue, 329-345. (doi:10.1177/1744987112449969).

Nicholls, David (ed.) (2012) The Charles Ives reader, Oxford, GB, Oxford University Press, 500pp.

Clarke, Peter and Methuen, Charlotte (eds.) (2012) The Church and Literature, Woodbridge, GB, Boydell, 530pp. (Studies in Church History, 48).

Sofaer, Joanna and Jefferies, Janis (eds.) (2012) CinBA: Creativity and Craft Production in Middle and Late Bronze Age Europe live project. Contemporary craft inspired by the European Bronze Age, Southampton, GB, University of Southampton, 38pp.

(2012) CLIVAR Exchanges No. 60 - Special Issue on Africa. Southampton, GB, International CLIVAR Project Office, 35pp. (CLIVAR Exchanges, No. 60 (Vol. 17, No 3) ).

(2012) CLIVAR Exchanges No.58. CLIVAR Exchanges, (58 (Vol. 17(1)), 1-55.

(2012) Computational fluid dynamics based iterative learning control of peak loads in wind turbines. In, 51st IEEE Conference on Decision and Control, Maui, United States, 10 - 13 Dec 2012. (Submitted).

Fuller, Alison and Unwin, Lorna (eds.) (2012) Contemporary Apprenticeship: International Perspectives on an Evolving Model of Learning, London, GB, Routledge, 278pp.

Hall, Kathryn S.K. and Graham, Cynthia A. (eds.) (2012) The cultural context of sexual pleasure and problems: psychotherapy with diverse clients, New York, US, Routledge, 402pp.

Longair, Sarah and McAleer, John (eds.) (2012) Curating empire: museums and the British imperial experience, Manchester, GB, Manchester University Press, 256pp. (Studies in Imperialism).

(2012) Datasets and protocol for the CLIVAR WGOMD Coordinated Ocean-sea ice Reference Experiments (COREs). Southampton, GB, International CLIVAR Project Office, 23pp. (ICPO Publication Series, 184).

Azuara-Blanco, Augusto, Hossain, Parwez and Lois, Noemi (eds.) (2012) Diagnostic technologies in ophthalmology, Oak Park, US, Bentham Science Publishers, 281pp.

(2012) Dido.

Molesworth, Mike and Denegri-Knott, Janice (eds.) (2012) Digital virtual consumption, New York, US, Routledge (Routledge Studies in Innovation, Organization and Technology).

Fox, Keith R. and Brown, Tom (eds.) (2012) DNA conjugates and sensors, London, GB, Royal Society of Chemistry, 316pp. (Biomolecular Science Series).

(2012) "Do You Really Want It that Much?"..."More!".

Irps, Thomas and Prior, Stephen D. (Inventors) (2012) A dual-function landing gear and rotor protector for a UAV. 1015922.6.

Draffan, E.A. (ed.) (2012) Dyslexia and useful technology, Bracknell, GB, British Dyslexia Association, 135pp.

Viens, A.M. and Selgelid, M.J. (eds.) (2012) Emergency ethics, Farnham, GB, Ashgate, 586pp. (Library of Essays on Emergency Ethics, Law and Policy, 1).

Back Danielsson, Ing-Marie, Fahlander, Fredrik and Sjöstrand, Ylva (eds.) (2012) Encountering imagery: materialities, perceptions, relations, Stockholm, SE, Stockholm University, 291pp. (Stockholm Studies in Archaeology, 57).

King, Andy and Simpkin, David (eds.) (2012) England and Scotland at War, c.1296-c.1513, Leiden, NL, Brill, 448pp. (History of War, 78).

Hon, Gordon (ed.) (2012) Enter Ghost, Exit Ghost, Jerusalem, IL, Palestinian Art Court, 53pp.

(2012) Enter Ghost, Exit Ghost. Yang Gallery, 798 Arts District, Beijing, China.

(2012) Enter Ghost, Exit Ghost. Yang Gallery, 798 Arts District, Beijing, China.

(2012) Evaluating the national “Action Research for Physics” programme - follow up of impact on post-16 physics uptake. In, UK Science Education Research Conference – Researchers Sharing with Researchers, York, GB, 02 - 04 Jul 2012.

(2012) Fantasies of escapism and containment. Winchester Gallery, Winchester, GB.

(2012) "Fashion land": the construction of the fashionable space in mainstream cinema. Fashioning the City: Exploring Fashion Cultures, Structures, and Systems, London, GB, 19 - 21 Sep 2012. (Submitted).

Dirix, Emmanuelle and Fiell, Charlotte (eds.) (2012) Fashion sourcebook 1930s, London, GB, Fiell , 576pp.

Hall, Jim, Henriques, Justin, Hickford, Adrian and Nicholls, Robert (eds.) (2012) A fast track analysis of strategies for infrastructure provision in Great Britain: executive summary. Oxford, GB, Environmental Change Institute, University of Oxford, 226pp.

(2012) Flight.

(2012) Free-standing nanoscale gold pyramidal films with milled nanopores. In, American Vacuum Society: 59th International AVS Symposium, Tampa, US, 28 Oct - 02 Nov 2012.

Armstrong, Chris and Mason, Andrew (eds.) (2012) The futures of democratic citizenship, London, GB, Routledge

Ridgwell, A., Freeman, C. and Lampitt, R. (eds.) (2012) Geoengineering: taking control of our planet's climate? Papers of a Discussion Meeting. Philosophical Transactions of The Royal Society A Mathematical Physical and Engineering Sciences, 370, (1974), 4161-4421.

(2012) Guitar concerto.

Wilcock, Reuben, Metcalf, Cheryl D., Demain, Sara H. and Merrett, Geoff V. (Patent Holders) (2012) Haptic device.

Baker, Sarah Elsie and Edwards, Rosalind (eds.) (2012) How many qualitative interviews is enough? Expert voices and early career reflections on sampling and cases in qualitative research. Southampton, GB, National Centre for Research Methods, 43pp. (National Centre for Research Methods Reviews).

(2012) How the Universe Works 2.

(2012) Identifying User Roles in Twitter. In, Information Communication Technology in Development 2012, Atlanta, US,

Ewence, Hannah and Spurling, Helen (eds.) (2012) Image conscious: Jewish visuals and visualising Jews through the ages, London, GB, Routledge (Jewish Culture and History, 12.3).

Jones, Andrew Meirion, Pollard, Joshua, Gardiner, Julie and Allen, Michael (eds.) (2012) Image, memory & monumentality: archaeological engagements with the material world, Oxford, GB, Oxbow Books / Prehistoric Society, 366pp. (Prehistoric Society Research Papers, 5).

(2012) Inclusive research and inclusive education: unnecessarily unconnected? The Philosophy of Inclusive Education Day Conference, Stirling, GB, 05 Nov 2012.

Nazzini, Renato and Blanke, Gordon (eds.) (2012) International competition litigation, London, GB, Kluwer Law International

Edwards, Rosalind, Ali, Suki, Caballero, Chamion and Song, Miri (eds.) (2012) International perspectives on racial and ethnic mixedness and mixing, London, United Kingdom, Routledge, 194pp. (Relationships and Resources).

Hayward, M.A. and Ward , P. (eds.) (2012) The inventory of King Henry VIII: Volume 2 textiles and dress, Turnhout, BE, Harvey Miller for the Society of Antiquaries of London, 366pp. (The Inventory of King Henry VIII, 2).

(2012) Jean Mouton: Missa tu es Petrus & other works: including the complete eight-part motets.

Codó, Eva, Patino-Santos, Adriana and Unamuno, Virginia (eds.) (2012) La sociolingüística con perspectiva etnográfica en el mundo hispano: Nuevos contextos, nuevas aproximaciones, Amsterdam, NL, John Benjamins (Spanish in Context, 9 2).

Footitt, Hilary and Kelly, Michael (eds.) (2012) Languages and the Military: Alliances, Occupation and Peace Building, Basingstoke, GB, Palgrave Macmillan, 249pp. (Palgrave Studies in Languages at War).

Lorenzon, Filippo and Coles, Richard (eds.) (2012) The law of yachts and yachting, Zug, CH, Informa (Maritime Transport Library).

(2012) Letter Pieces 2-8.

Solan, Martin, Aspden, Rebecca J. and Paterson, David M. (eds.) (2012) Marine Biodiversity and Ecosystem Functioning: Frameworks, methodologies, and integration , Oxford University Press, 280pp.

(2012) Moby-Dick Big Read.

Billsberry, Jon, Charlesworth, Julie and Leonard, Pauline (eds.) (2012) Moving images: effective teaching with film and television in management, Charlotte, US, Information Age Publishing, 274pp.

(2012) Mozart. Lucio Scilla.

(2012) Mozart: Apollo et Hyacinthus.

Boismier, William A., Gamble, Clive and Coward, Fiona (eds.) (2012) Neanderthals among mammoths: excavations at Lynford Quarry, Norfolk UK, Swindon, Borough of, GB, English Heritage Monographs, 529pp.

Ma'ayan, Avi and MacArthur, Ben D. (eds.) (2012) New frontiers of network analysis in systems biology, Dordrecht, NL, Springer, 199pp.

Rainsbury, Dick and Willett, Alexis (eds.), Writing Group, BAPRAS (2012) Oncoplastic breast reconstruction: guidelines for best practice, London, GB, British Association of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons, 68pp.

(2012) Outside India. W+K Exp Gallery, Delhi, IN.

D'Souza, Ed (ed.) (2012) Outside India: dialogues and documents of art and social change, London, GB, Weiden & Kennedy, 160pp.

Hunt, Verity, Garrison, Laurie and Erle, Sibylle (eds.) (2012) Panoramas 1787-1900: texts and contexts, London, GB, Pickering & Chatto

Rios Torres, Ramon (ed.) (2012) The Pauson-Khand reaction: scope, variations and applications, Hoboken, US, Wiley, 328pp.

Zheludev, Nikolay, Padilla, Willie J. and Brener, Igal (eds.) (2012) Photonic materials on demand. [in special issue: Switchable and Reconfigurable Metamaterials] Journal of Optics, 14, (11), 110201-110201. (doi:10.1088/0240-8978/14/11/110201).

(2012) Pir2/rnf144b regulates epithelial homeostasis by mediating degradation of p21and p63. Oncogene, 32, 4758-4765. (doi:10.1038/onc.2012.497). (PMID:23128396).

Conlin, Jonathan (ed.) (2012) The pleasure garden, from Vauxhall to Coney Island, Philadelphia, US, University of Pennsylvania (Penn Studies in Landscape Architecture).

(2012) Polymath.

Clarke, Peter D. and Duggan, Anne J. (eds.) (2012) Pope Alexander III (1159-81): the art of survival, Farnham, GB, Ashgate, 452pp. (Church, Faith and Culture in the Medieval West).

Wenban-Smith, F.F., Stafford, E. and Bates, M.R. (eds.) (2012) Prehistoric Ebbsfleet: excavations and research in advance of High Speed 1 and STDR 4. Oxford, GB, Oxford Archaeology (Oxford/Wessex Archaeology CTRL series, Monograph 6).

Luo, Zhenhua and Su, Ji (Patent Holders) (2012) Pressure power generation module. CN202435307.

Borzumati, Francesca, Comelli, Denis, Corcella, Gennaro, De Curtis, Stefania, Moretti, Stefano, Pancheri, Giulia and Panella, Orlando (eds.) (2012) Proceedings of LC11 Workshop on Understanding QCD at linear colliders in searching for old and new physics: Trento, Italy, September 12-16, 2011, Frascati, IT, LNF-SIS Publications, 392pp. (Frascati Physics Series, LIV).

Matthews, Roger, Curtis, John, Seymour, Michael, Fletcher, Alexandra, Gascoigne, Alison, Glatz, Claudia, Simpson, St. John, Taylor, Helen, Tubb, Jonathan and Chapman, Rupert (eds.) (2012) Proceedings of the 7th International Congress of the Archaeology of the Ancient Near East (7th ICAANE), 12 April - 16 April 2010, British Museum and UCL, London. [Vol.1] Mega-cities & Mega-sites. The archeology of consumption & disposal. landscape, transport & communication, Wiesbaden, DE, Harrasowitz, 738pp. (Proceedings of the International Congress on the Archaeology of the Ancient Near East, 7).

Matthews, Roger, Curtis, John, Seymour, Michael, Fletcher, Alexandra, Gascoigne, Alison, Glatz, Claudia, Simpson, St. John, Taylor, Helen, Tubb, Jonathan and Chapman, Rupert (eds.) (2012) Proceedings of the 7th International Congress of the Archaeology of the Ancient Near East (7th ICAANE), 12 April - 16 April 2010, British Museum and UCL, London. [Vol.2] Ancient & modern issues in cultural heritage. Colour & light in architecture, art & material culture. Islamic archeology, Wiesbaden, DE, Harrasowitz, 727pp. (Proceedings of the International Congress on the Archaeology of the Ancient Near East, 7).

Matthews, Roger, Curtis, John, Seymour, Michael, Fletcher, Alexandra, Gascoigne, Alison, Glatz, Claudia, Simpson, St. John, Taylor, Helen, Tubb, Jonathan and Chapman, Rupert (eds.) (2012) Proceedings of the 7th International Congress of the Archaeology of the Ancient Near East (7th ICAANE), 12 April - 16 April 2010, British Museum and UCL, London. [Vol.3] Fieldwork & recent research. Posters, Wiesbaden, DE, Harrasowitz, 717pp. (Proceedings of the International Congress on the Archaeology of the Ancient Near East, 7).

(2012) Reliquie di Roma II: Caro Sposo.

Howard, Matthew, Brennan, Timothy, Dalm, Brian, Utz, Marcel, Gillies, George, Scott, Steven, Nelson, Randall S. and Shurig, Robert (Patent Holders) (2012) Remotely controlled and/or laterally supported devices for direct spinal cord stimulation. PCT/US2011/060462.

(2012) Report of the 15th session of the CLIVAR/WCRP Working Group on Coupled Modelling (WGCM), 19-21 October 2011, NCAR, Boulder, CO, USA. Southampton, GB, International CLIVAR Project Office, 39pp. (ICPO Publication Series, 74).

(2012) Report of the 7th Meeting of CLIVAR/CliC/SCAR Southern Ocean Region Implementation Panel, 19-21 October 2011, Bolder USA. Southampton, GB, International CLIVAR Project Office, 18pp. (ICPO Publication Series, 180).

(2012) Richard Beaudoin: Microtimings.

Jowitt, Claire, Jowitt, Claire and Carey, Daniel (eds.) (2012) Richard Hakluyt and travel writing in early modern Europe, Farnham, GB, Ashgate and the Hakluyt Society, 398pp. (Hakluyt Society, Extra Series, 47 ).

Riggirozzi, Pia and Tussie, Diana (eds.) (2012) The Rise of Post-Hegemonic Regionalism: the case of Latin America, Springer, 189pp. (United Nations University Series on Regionalism, 4).

Janaway, Christopher (ed.) (2012) Schopenhauer: On the Fourfold Root of the Principle of Sufficient Reason and other writings, Oxford, GB, Cambridge University Press, 328pp. (Cambridge Edition of the Works of Schopenhauer, 4).

Giordano, John, Coggon, John and Cappato, Marco (eds.) (2012) Scientific freedom: an anthology on freedom of scientific research, London, GB, Bloomsbury

(2012) See Britain Through my Eyes.

Gillett, J.R., Harland, E.J., Channon, A.R. and Sage, J. (eds.) (2012) The seven billionth citizen, Cairo, EG, Townhouse Gallery

(2012) The seven billionth citizen: a global video project. Townhouse, Cairo, EG. Herbert Reed Gallery, Canterbury, GB. Solent Showcase, Southampton, GB.

Tahar, S.T. and Thomsen, O.T. (Patent Holders) (2012) Shear and tension or compression biaxial material testing fixture. PA 2011 00050.

(2012) Skeletal Regeneration: application of nanotopography and biomaterials for skeletal stem cell based bone repair. Inflammation and Regeneration, 32, (3), 72-89.

Hicks, Leonie and Brenner, Elma (eds.) (2012) Society and culture in medieval Rouen, 911-1300, Turnhout, BE, Brepols

(2012) SymLogiDIN_Voice.

(2012) Testing for lack of fit in blocked and split-plot response surface designs. Pre-Print, 1-19. (Submitted).

Manville, Graham and Greatbanks, Richard (eds.) (2012) Third sector performance: management and finance in not-for profit and social enterprises, Farnham, GB, Gower, 200pp.

(2012) TITLE(date) 010 Unfulfilled Universe Untitled.

Back Danielsson, Ing-Marie and Thedéen, Susanne (eds.) (2012) To tender gender: the pasts and futures of gender research in archaeology, Stockholm, SE, Stockholm University, 160pp. (Stockholm Studies in Archaeology, 58).

Vermuelen, Frank, Burgers, Gert-Jan , Keay, Simon and Corsi, Cristina (eds.) (2012) Urban landscape survey in Italy and the Mediterranean, Oxford, GB, Oxbow (Archaeological Monographs of the British School at Rome ).

Dow, Gillian and Hanson, Clare (eds.) (2012) Uses of Austen: Jane's Afterlives, Basingstoke, GB, Palgrave Macmillan, 256pp.

Femia, Joseph V. and Marshall, Alasdair J. (eds.) (2012) Vilfredo Pareto: beyond disciplinary boundaries, Farnham, GB, Ashgate Publishing, 201pp.

(2012) Viola sonatas: Idylls & Bacchanals.

Cochrane, Andrew and Jones, Andrew Merion (eds.) (2012) Visualising the Neolithic, Oxford, GB, Oxbow, 304pp. (Neolithic Studies Group Seminar Series, 13).

(2012) WCRP Global Drought Information System (GDIS) Workshop, 11-13 April 2012 ESA/ESRIN, Frascati, Italy. Southampton, GB, International CLIVAR Project Office, 17pp. (ICPO Publication Series, 179).

Monnin, Alexandre, Halpin, Harry and Carr, Les (eds.) (2012) Web and Philosophy, Why and What For ?, CEUR (CEUR Workshop Proceedings, 859).

Harris, Bernard (ed.) (2012) Welfare and old age in Europe and North America: the development of social insurance, London, GB, Pickering and Chatto (Perspectives in Economic and Social History, 21).

Kushner, Antony and Ewence, Hannah (eds.) (2012) Whatever happened to British Jewish studies?, London, GB, Vallentine Mitchell, 416pp. (Parkes-Wiener Series on Jewish Studies).

(2012) 'Where are the parents?' Parental responsibility in the 1960s and 2010s. Centre for Criminology and Sociology Seminar, London, GB, 31 Oct 2012. Centre for Criminology and Sociology.

(2012) Workshop Report: Using paleo-climate model/data comparisons to constrain future projections. 1-3 March 2012, Honolulu, Hawaii. Southampton, GB, International CLIVAR Project Office, 10pp. (ICPO Publication Series, 181).

Chan, Stephen and Primorac, Ranka (eds.) (2012) Zimbabwe since the Unity Government, London, GB, Routledge, 130pp.

Buckiova, Daniela, Ranjan, Sanjeev, Newman, Tracey A., Johnston, Alexander H., Sood, Rohit, Kinnunen, Paavo K.J., Popelář, Jiří, Chumak, Tetyana and Syka, Josef (2012) Minimally invasive drug delivery to the cochlea through application of nanoparticles to the round window membrane. Nanomedicine, 7, (9), 1339-1354. (doi:10.2217/nnm.12.5). (PMID:22475648).

Consortium, Fermi LAT, Coe, M.J., di Mille, F., Edwards, P.G., Filopovic, M., Payne, J.L., Stevens, J. and Torres, M. (2012) Periodic emission from the gamma-ray binary 1FGL J1018.6-5856. Science , 335, (6065), 189-193. (doi:10.1126/science.1213974).

Verbraken, T., Verbeke, W. and Baesens, B. (2012) Profit optimizing customer churn prediction with Bayesian network classifiers. Intelligent Data Analysis

Aarvold, A., Smith, J. O., Tayton, E.R., Jones, A.M.H., Dawson, J.I., Lanham, S., Briscoe, A., Dunlop, D.G. and Oreffo, R.O.C. (2012) From bench to clinic and back: skeletal stem cells and impaction bone grafting for regeneration of bone defects. Journal of Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine (doi:10.1002/term.1577). (PMID:23038218).

Aarvold, Alexander, Smith, James O., Tayton, Edward R, Edwards, Caroline J., Fowler, Darren J., Gent, Edward D. and Oreffo, Richard O.C. (2012) The role of osteoblast cells in the pathogenesis of unicameral bone cysts. Journal of Children's Orthopaedics, 6, (4), 339-346. (doi:10.1007/s11832-012-0419-x). (PMID:23904902).

Ab Rahim, M., Waters, T.P. and Rustighi, E. (2012) Preliminary design of a test rig for combining passive nonlinear isolation with active control. In, 5th European Conference on Structural Control, Genoa, Italy, 18 - 20 Jun 2012.

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